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Maltese winter activities perfect for any kind of weather

by Yellow

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During the summer months we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to recreational things to do - the beach, evening walks, al fresco drinks with friends. But when winter sets in many of us struggle to figure out what to do in our spare time.

There’s lots of things to do. Some activities might require you to step beyond your comfort zone and open yourself up to new experiences - in the form of exploring new parts of the islands and learning new things. Here are a few ideas.



Malta is blessed with mild winters. Of course it does get cold and it does rain (and hail occasionally), but the sun usually claims its rightful place within a few days. This is why winter is the perfect time of year to explore the ‘great outdoors’. To enjoy walks off the beaten track and get active.


Take a hike 

Winter is the time of year when the Maltese islands come to life. As the landscape turns green, indigenous plants and shrubs coat the countryside - creating scenes worth seeing. And the best way to experience them is to immerse yourself in them - on foot. 

There are various walks and trails to enjoy. So take your pick… Or you could have a picnic in one of the gorgeous picnic spots around the island. And, weather permitting, why not organise a weekend camping trip to truly become one with nature?


Explore ‘new’ villages 

Ever been to a village for the first time and thought to yourself: “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never been here before”? Malta is small, yet many of us end up not experiencing the unique charm of some of its villages. The winter months offer the perfect time to get to know these underrated places


Visit Valletta

Malta’s capital city is worth visiting all year round. But in winter it takes on a special kind of cultural charm. Amongst the various events and exhibitions going on, the much sought-after Valletta International Baroque Festival runs throughout January. Then, towards the end of February, the capital turns colourful during the Carnival celebrations


Get moving 

Ah, the joys of doing exercise in the sun while actually enjoying the warmth of the sun! There are many fun sports to try out during winter. You can have a go at horse riding or cycling and take in the views around you. Venture into the sea with sports such as windsurfing, surfing and diving. Or get adrenaline pumping through your veins with abseiling and rock climbing. 


Check out museums and heritage sites

Malta is known for its rich and colourful history. But how much of this history do we actually know? How about learning more about the Maltese islands? You could use your weekends to explore the many museums scattered around the islands.



There are times when venturing outdoors is not possible due to heavy rain or strong winds. This is when you might want to opt for more indoorsy events at home. You could stay in with family or invite friends over and transform your home into an exciting space to try out new things and have fun. 


Cooking time 

If you enjoy good food, why not learn how to make it? Turn your kitchen into a food lab and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. From sizzling soups to complex dishes and baked goodies - unleash your culinary creativity. Then get your friends to taste your new creations and enjoy a cosy dinner at home. 


Get puzzled 

Rekindle a childhood passion by putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Rope friends into the challenge over a couple of weekends. You could add some background entertainment, such as a movie or TV series, and serve your fellow puzzle builders some warm mulled wine or hot chocolate to keep their fingers nimble. 


Movie night

We all love to cuddle up and watch a movie on a cold winter day. You could head out to the cinema or turn your living room into movie central. Keep in mind that watching a movie does not have to only involve watching a movie. Inject some fun into the experience. Get your friends to dress up for the occasion by selecting a theme depending on the movie and treat yourselves to a tasty takeaway pizza.

Bonus tip: If you are a book lover why not set up your own winter bookclub? Enjoy reading with friends and discussing your favourite author’s work. 


Make it personal

Now’s the time to start working on that personal project you’ve being putting off forever. Whether this includes restoring an old piece of furniture, learning how to knit or starting your personal blog, take advantage of your quiet social calendar to pick up the momentum and feel fulfilled.

Winter activities may take more planning. But with a little bit of effort you can turn an otherwise boring afternoon into a memory-making experience. 


So make sure you’re fully equipped - whether this involves getting the right sports equipment for your outdoors adventure or the catering equipment you need for your next kitchen creation. You’ll find everything listed on Yellow!

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