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How to survive a festival

by Mr Yellow

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Attending a festival can help you have the time of your life but there are many things that could go wrong that could potentially ruin the night. Although you have no say on who plays on the night or what type of people turn up to the event, there are some things you can do on your part to ensure you have the best of nights!

Dress the part

Although every festival differs from one another, they all have the same thing in common; the amount of time you'll be spending on your feet! Ditch the uncomfortable shoes and clothes and trade them out for something casual and comfortable. We do recommend keeping your hair down as you'll be doing some serious headbanging throughout the day and night!

Surround yourself with fellow music lovers

Here's the thing, your parents always bugged you about who you hung out with for a good reason. When you surround yourself with good company, you're bound to enjoy the night, regardless of how horrible the music is or the horrible food poisoning you might get the day after. When you're going to a festival, you want to go with the right squad, trust us. That way, you'll have memories to cherish!


Nourish thy musical soul

Cooking your own meal? Ain't nobody got time for that. Festivals are usually jam-packed with food kiosks, all in close proxy to the main stage. Our tip, in this case, is not to buy anything too messy. Remember, these kiosks seldom have seating areas so you'll probably get stuck with greasy hands after eating an overflowing burger if you make the wrong choice. Always go for something that's guaranteed to come with cutlery such as noodle dishes, quinoa or fritters. Of course, always make sure to choose a soul-warming drink to accompany the main dish (and always make sure to keep it close to you!)

When nature calls

Ahh...the horror of public toilets! Unfortunately, that's what you have to face at festivals. Now, there're three things you can do. You can either tune in with your bladder of steel and avoid going to the bathroom all night - that, will require you not to drink as much, though, which we know is a sacrifice for some of you. Alternatively, you could choose to do it the caveman way, and water the plants OR you can just drink your principles away and face the horror of portable toilets nonetheless. Whichever path you choose to embark on, we wish you the best of luck!

Keep your tech safe

While you're out and about, having fun, the Oliver Twists won't lack so hide your phones and hide your wallet cause they're robbing everybody out there. Our main suggestion would be to leave everything locked away in your vehicle if you have a car close by, but if you insist on keeping valuables on you, make sure to keep them in your front pockets.

Getting back home safe

The festival is over, you are exhausted after having the time of your life, you probably smell bad and you just can't wait to get home. We get it, we've been there. But here comes our most heartfelt tip; do get home safe! Think ahead and plan how you'll be getting home after the festival. Have a relative pick you up, get a ride with a friend you know, check the public transport beforehand or call a cab.

Having said that, we wish you all a night to remember! Make sure to comment below telling us about your favourite festival memories.

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