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Apps that make life in Malta so much easier

by Yellow

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Sometimes it feels like life is on fast-forward. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to tick everything off that never-ending to-do list. And it doesn’t help when your memory forgets to remind you to book that restaurant for your mother’s birthday dinner or your upcoming date night.

The cause of these common-day problems is, no doubt, the rise of technology. It has pretty much infiltrated into every aspect of our lives,demanding every last drop of our time and attention!

So what do we do? We fight fire with fire. Or technology with technology, in this case. Many apps are being developed to help us do things quicker, from booking a hair appointment to paying our taxes. Here are some of the apps and web apps (which you don’t actually download) that will make your life in Malta much easier.


When it comes to getting from A to B, it’s not always as easy as ABC. These apps make it easier to get to your destination.

Tallinja - pick the right route 


This app provides access to real-time information on buses and their arrival at each bus stop. Users can browse an interactive bus stop map with information on all bus stops in Malta and Gozo. They can access a route map with information about the frequency of each route, and save bus stops as favourites to find them instantly. Customers owning a Tallinja card can also top it up or check their credit through the app.

Taxi apps - call a cab 


If public transport does not work for you, there are many taxi service apps being developed to speed up the call-to-destination process. Two of the existing apps are Taxify and Ecabs. Both work by sending over a cab that’s closest to your location. They also allow for various payment options.


Sometimes we struggle to figure out what to do and where to go in our free time. These apps help with such decisions. 

Kultura Malta - know what’s happening 


This app is the official cultural calendar of events organised by public entities around Malta and Gozo. The calendar is always kept up to date, and users can browse through the activities using a series of filters including date range and category. Detailed information is available about each event, including the organiser, dates, ticket prices, venue and target audience.

WhichBeach - find the best beach


Ever turned up at your favourite beach to find strong winds and rough seas instead of the calm Utopia you envisioned? WhichBeach recommends the best beaches to go to in real time. It takes into consideration the current wind speed direction and other weather conditions. It also factors in water cleanliness, possibility of jellyfish, and how sheltered the beach is. Finally it provides the type of beach (sandy, pebbles, or rocky) and directions to help you get there.

Free Hour - make the most of a free lesson