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Cellular Tech

Qormi, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Hamrun, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories

When you go with us at Cellphone hamrun, you will find a friendly, knowledgeable and willing staff with a comprehensive scope of mobile phones and electronic devices and accessories.

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Phonebox (Malta) Ltd

San Gwann, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Mobile Phones & Accessories

Do you want the latest mobile phones and accessories? We at Phone-box offer a wide range of mobile phones and accessories for you to choose from. Contact us and we will provide you a good service. We offer our clients the best.

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Direct Vision

Zejtun, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Mobile Phones & Accessories

At EYAD PHONE, you will find a large choice of smartphone and accessories. You will be surprised to see our very competitive prices charged on all major brands of mobiles. Plus, we also have the expertise to repair phones in short times.

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Digiline Electronics

Mosta, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Talocan Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories

Total Mobile

Zebbug, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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B’Kara, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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B’Kara, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Mobile Phones & Accessories

apple, samsung, huawaie, lenovo, lg, sony xperia, nokia, google pixel, blue, xiaomi, pixel, iphone, google mobile

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Audio Images

B’Bugia, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories

Looking for a mobile phone? We provide the latest mobile phone technology and accessories around to meet your needs. Stay connected always. We ensure that you are mobile with your mobile phone wherever you go. Contact us.

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Mosta, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Me Mobile

B’Kara, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Telecom Electronics Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories
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B’Kara, Malta | Mobile Phones & Accessories

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Mobile Phones & Accessories in Malta and Gozo

Revolutionising the way we communicate and socialise with others, organise and entertain ourselves, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. In need of a new smartphone or perhaps some form of accessory to protect it? Then get in touch with one of these mobile phones and accessories stores located in Malta and Gozo.

What type of mobile phones can be found in stores?

A multi-functional device designed to perform many of the functions carried out by a typical computer, smartphones have become highly popular, often replacing the typical landline phone and at times, even a computer itself. In addition, they are known for their touchscreen interface, internet access and an operating system that helps it run a number of downloadable apps. Having said that, stores also stock simpler versions, such as phones that just provide voice calling and messaging functionality, some basic multimedia with limited Internet capabilities.

Operating system

There are three main operating systems used in smartphones, iOS, Android and Windows. iOS is used in all Apple iPhones and every year the company releases a new phone, as well as a major update of the system for both new and older devices. Apple's operating system is easy to use and has the same user experience irrespective of the phone model. It's also considered to be the safest system and least vulnerable to attacks.

On the other hand, Android is a system designed by Google and it's used by major smartphone manufacturers. As a result, this operating system can be found in phones such as Samsung, Huawei, LG and HTC phones, to name a few, however, it differs on each device. This means that although the basic Android functions are very similar between different mobile model yet each manufacturer tends to personalise it to his own products.

Designed by Microsoft, Windows is found in all Microsoft smartphones, as well as other phones such as those by HP and Alcatel. All phones with a Windows operating system are fully compatible with Window laptops, which allows for easy access to all necessary documents. However, the number of apps available for Windows are much more limited when compared to Android and iOS. And speaking about apps, here are a few that make life in Malta so much easier.

2G, 3G & 4G

Locally, the currently available network generations are those of 2G, 3G and 4G. 2G phones are used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages and calls but are not made for fast Internet access which is crucial for all smartphones since most of their features can only be accessed via the Internet. The fastest connection available is called 4G and most of the new smartphones are equipped with this feature. A slightly slower yet sufficient Internet connection is the 3G network, which is still wildly popular. For further details on pricing and the various network options available, have a look at these telephone operators in Malta and Gozo listed on Yellow.

Special features

Smartphones can also have particular features that satisfy different needs. For instance, one of them can be durability. So-called rugged smartphones are made for more demanding conditions so they can withstand falls and any water immersions. Their battery can have better performance and can be charged faster. One more popular feature can be a good camera so much so that the photos generated can be of superior quality so much so that they can compete with professional shots. Phones can also be adapted to seniors' needs that feature large buttons and a more simplified interface.

Which are the most popular brands in Malta?

The most popular phone brands in Malta are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Nokia, LG and Blackberry. However, there are also other brands available. Phones can be bought both new and second-hand depending on your preferences, what you're looking to achieve and of course, your budget. If you decide to purchase your phone from a store operated by one of the telephone companies, your smartphone may be at a discounted price and at times even free of charge if you opt for a mobile plan. These are typically pay monthly plans that offer a variety of incentives depending on the monthly fee.

Phone cases, power banks and more accessories available

Apart from mobile phones, most companies sell a variety of accessories. Looking to protect your smartphone? Stores are fully-equipped with a variety of cases and glass screen protectors that will ensure that nothing will happen to your phone. Smartphones can also be shockproof, waterproof or may have space for you to store your credit and business cards. Would you rather never be left with a flat battery? Make sure you have a constant energy source by purchasing a power bank or a phone charger. These are also available in a wireless version which can be suitable for cars. In addition, you can also find accessories such as headphones, selfie sticks, memory cards and portable speakers, amongst other things.

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