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Deluxe Bathrooms

Ghajnsielem-Gozo, Gozo | Tiles
We Deliver
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At our showroom you can find a wide selection of indoor & outdoor tiles manufactured by highly renowned brands. Bathroom tiles, wall tiles, kitchen & outdoor tiles, pool tiles & mosaic tiles are available at our showroom, at great prices. Visit us!

  •   Indoor & outdoor tiles
  •   Tiles in different dimensions
  •   A variety of materials & patterns
  •   The latest styles available
  •   Swimming pool tiles & mosaic
  •   Free delivery to Malta & Gozo

Tatara Bathrooms

Rabat, Malta | Tiles
  • Marketplace

Thinking of doing some home improvement or still starting from scratch? Visit our showroom now for a wide selection of high-quality tiles in various patterns, textures & colours. We provide you with professional assistance on indoor & outdoor tiles.

  •   Indoor and outdoor tiles
  •   Multiple tile dimensions
  •   Different textures and shapes
  •   Various colours available
  •   Floor and wall tiles
  •   Pool tiles and mosaic
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J C R Imports Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Tiles

If you are finishing your home and you are choosing the perfect tiles depending on the style you are going for, you should contact us today and we will provide you with a vast choice of tiles at competitive prices.

E Grech Cristal Bath Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Tiles
  • Marketplace

We have one of the largest ranges of tiles in Malta including floor and wall tiles. Our tiling products come from high-quality producers and are inclusive of many styles and looks allowing us to cater for individual requirements and budgets.

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Alex Mercieca Bathroom Centre Limited

Alex Mercieca Bathroom Centre Limited

Zejtun, Malta | Tiles
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3 Reviews
D Floorings Parquet and more..


Qormi, Malta | Tiles
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Newline Living Concept

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Tiles

PKM tiles & Baths

Naxxar, Malta | Tiles
SBM Marble & Granite

SBM Marble & Granite

Qormi, Malta | Tiles

The Tile

San Gwann, Malta | Tiles
Tile Warehouse Malta
Vassallo Tile Collection

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Tiles in Malta and Gozo

Embarking on a renovation venture? Are your building projects in the tile installation stage? On Yellow you can find a wide range of stores specialising in tiles of all shapes and sizes. Seeing as they're a long term investment, it's important to plan your tiles carefully in order to steer clear of unnecessary stress later on. Once chosen and fitted, they are there to stay, as replacing tiles is a costly and time-consuming task which would create several inconveniences. Whether they're destined for a domestic or commercial space, it's fundamental that tiles are functional, safe and also visually appealing. You need not sacrifice any of these features as the options to choose from are numerous.

Types of tiles

Tiles provide you the opportunity to add a creative side to your home decor. You'll find a range of different sized products in various materials, textures and finishes, together with a diversity of designs, colours and patterns to suit any surface. Be it a modern, contemporary, or a traditional setting, an indoor or an outdoor space, the tiles you choose will contribute to the ambience of the space.

Tile suppliers around Malta and Gozo provide a rich collection of tiles in different materials to cater for any preference. You can opt for popular natural stones such as travertine, granite, marble tiles or slate ones, porcelain or ceramic tiles, glass, quartz, wood, concrete, resin, metal, terrazzo and mosaic tiles. The material should be chosen according to the features which it's renowned for, such as its durability or water resistance. If the tile supplier is a professional, he would be able to guide you in choosing the right material for your respective surfaces. After choosing the material, you can choose from the variety of possible finishes. Tiles can be polished, tumbled, honed, with a mirror effect and glossy. Additionally, you can opt for plain tiles, subway tiles, or patterned ones.

These stores provide tiles for various functions and for distinct spaces. From floor tiles to wall tiles, you can find a range of kitchen tiles suitable for countertops, splashbacks and tabletops, bathroom tiles for shower enclosures and vanity tops, unique feature wall tiles and tiling suitable for window sills, fireplaces, staircases, skirting and monuments. Outdoor tiles can also be chosen to enhance pool decks.

Artisan tiles

Some tile stores specialise in traditional cement tiles which are synonymous with Maltese tiles. These pieces of art are hand painted with a variety of vibrant patterns and would be suitable for various rooms. They have been used for several generations in Maltese homes, and regardless of the style of your home, they will create an elegant look. Such artisan tiles might be a bit pricey given they're handcrafted. However, stores provide tiles with a similar finish at more affordable prices.

What should you consider when choosing tiles?


When it comes to choosing your tiles, looking at brochures and website galleries is not enough. You need to go and have a look around different establishments and touch tile samples. You may even be allowed to take samples home to analyse how they look in the respective space.

Function- Durability & Porosity

When choosing tiles, you need to ensure they are a practical option for the respective space you're tiling. Distinct materials have different hardness levels and not all can withstand prolonged pressure and scratches. Porosity is also an important feature which needs to be considered. Porcelain would be stronger than ceramic and floor tiles must be more durable than wall tiles as they'll be stepped upon persistently. Kitchen tops need to be scratch resistant, while bathroom tiles and splashbacks need to be water resistant in order to avoid staining. Non-slip tiles are also a must for bathrooms. Check with the supplier whether certain materials are suitable for the space you're fitting them in.

Style & Colour

Since tiles will contribute to the home decor, it's best to opt for neutral colours which will always remain in fashion. Decide on a colour and pattern scheme according to the furniture which would be installed later on in order to maintain a harmonious look. Brown, grey and white tiles are especially popular, but bold colours can still be included sublimely in their patterns to enrich the look of any space. Light colours will make the space look bigger, especially if the room doesn't absorb a lot of natural light.

If you don't find a suitable tile, some outlets may offer customisation. You may choose to add decorative patterns to a plain one to create the ideal tile for a room.

Make sure wall and floor tiles complement each other. On the other hand, contrasting styles for different rooms would be appropriate to differentiate between the distinct spaces. You may opt for stone tiles to create a bathroom which shouts luxury, while choose wooden tiles to establish a rustic living room.

Size is also an important factor to consider. Bigger tiles would make any space look bigger, so it's a wise option when your rooms lack space.


Once tiles are installed they're there to stay for a long time. However, in order to retain their aesthetic value, specific tiles may require specialised maintenance procedures, other than simply using water and floor detergent. Porcelain and ceramic would generally require no maintenance, in contrast to natural stone. Seeing as the latter is more porous, grouting needs to be done in order to fill up any voids between the tiles. The tile grout needs to be then sealed in order to maintain a waterproof surface and in an endeavour to keep the grout clean and unstained. Sealing needs to be conducted every few years, especially in the case of natural stone. For maintenance procedures, it's best to confirm processes with the store you've bought your tiles from in order to retain their original appeal as much as possible.


Tiles are usually purchased in bulk quantities since they are needed to cover large areas such as floors, walls, table surfaces, showers and much more. We recommend you plan ahead and purchase between 5-10% more tiles than you actually need in case of damage during delivery or installation and in the event of future incidents. Having extra pieces is crucial as you may find it difficult to find identical tiles later on.


Tiles vary in price according to the material and their finishing touches. It's important to set a budget so as not to go overboard. Even if you have a tight budget, it's imperative that you do not compromise quality. Natural stone tiles may be too expensive, but there are cheaper porcelain imitations which resemble marble or any other stone.

Before visiting showrooms, make sure you take the exact measurements or take the floor plans to receive exact quotes for your bathroom or any other space you're fitting tiles in. Regardless of the size and shape of the tiles, stores in Malta and Gozo usually indicate the price per metre squared, so cost will vary depending on the area you want to cover.


Apart from providing the actual tiles, some suppliers may offer other services such as consultation, delivery, cutting, laying, grouting and repair.

If they don't offer tile laying, make sure the person you entrust with this job is a professional in this sector as mistakes will be visually unappealing and hard to undo. The store may even recommend a reliable handyman.

Discover the wide range of outlets specialising in tiles around Malta and Gozo. Plan ahead to avoid stress and make your renovation projects as fun as possible with the vast selection of tiles you can choose from.


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