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Desana Marbles

Dingli, Malta | Marble & Granite
  • Marketplace

For all of your marble and granite needs, contact us at Desana Marbles! We have been custom-manufacturing marble and granite surfaces for homes and commercial buildings for over 25 years.

  •   Stairs, staircases & flooring
  •   Monuments, statues & ornaments
  •   Custom-made manufacturing
  •   Smooth & rough textures available
  •   For homes & commercial spaces
  •   Highly durable & weather resistant
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Marble Innovation Ltd

Paola, Malta | Marble & Granite
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We offer comprehensive & custom marble/granite manufacturing surfaces for commercial buildings & places of residence. Our workshop is equipped to deal with a range of project sizes & settings. Check out our online visualizer on

  •   Premium quality kitchen tops
  •   Approved fabricator of Ceaserstone
  •   Manufacturers & Installers
  •   Marble, Quarts & Granite
  •   Quartzite & Onyx
  •   For facades & other surfaces

Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services

B’Kara, Malta | Marble & Granite

Whether it's marble or granite, Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services takes care of designing, ordering & installing tombstones and memorial plaques. Whatever style, size or shape you wish we can create it. Consult with our dedicated team whenever you need!

  •   Tailor-designed tombstones
  •   Installations of tombstones
  •   Marble or granite tombstones
  •   Any shape or size
  •   Complete funeral arrangements
  •   Professional advice

RGP Marble Works

Zebbug, Malta | Marble & Granite
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We provide a wide range of marble and granite works. Order your facade, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or tombstone from us. We carry out domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Get your project completed quickly and accurate by professionals.

  •   Luxurious natural stone works
  •   Finest marble & granite imported
  •   Kitchen tops, stairs & bathrooms
  •   Specialising in tombstones
  •   Domestic, Commercial & Industrial installations
  •   Samples & quotations provided

C & M Attard Marble & Granite Works

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Quality is not compromised by affordability
Granite - Marble - Quartz
Quartz Kitchen Tops * Monuments * Fireplaces
Facades * Floors * Staircases * Engraving
Over 45 years experience

Halmann Vella Ltd

Lija, Malta | Marble & Granite
We Deliver

Sustainable luxury! This is what we provide for homes and public spaces through our selection of marble, granite and other natural materials on display at our showroom.

Bugeja Marbles

B’Kara, Malta | Marble & Granite
We Deliver

Bugeja Marbles is a place where you can buy marbles and granites of different thicknesses and a large choice of styles to place in your home being in the kitchen, tiles or more your will surely be amazed with what they offer.

J & J Gauci Granite Ltd

Mgarr, Malta | Marble & Granite

Whatever the purpose behind your need for granite or marble, we can provide you with the best on the market. We also offer various monument accessories such as bronze letters, frames, crucifixes, candle holders & more. We source items on order.

Meli Bugeja Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite

Let us help you give endless beauty to your hallways, floors, kitchens, front patios & swimming pools or to protect your facades from elements. We offer the finest marble & granite cuts with a range of colours & textures for the best value for money.

Bonello Marble Engraving & Sculptures

Xaghra-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite

Dedicated artists who provide works in marble and granite, specialising in religious sculptures, memorial slabs and engraving. We ensure that your loved ones are honoured with timeless pieces with a professional finish and quality material.

Tarsons Ltd

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite

It is often difficult to know which material is the most suitable for your needs. Start with visiting Tarsons Ltd and discover a wide range of marble and granite available in many patterns and colors. Contact us for further information.

A Difesa Seamless

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite

Agius Marble Works Ltd

Mqabba, Malta | Marble & Granite

Beautiful Marbles

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite

Brian Farrugia Marble Works

Gudja, Malta | Marble & Granite

C Galea Marble & Granite Works

Mosta, Malta | Marble & Granite

Camilleri Marble Works Ltd

Gudja, Malta | Marble & Granite

Cini Marbles

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite

Cosy Solid Surface

Bahar Ic-Caghaq, Malta | Marble & Granite
CP Marbles

CP Marbles

Zurrieq, Malta | Marble & Granite
Edcam Marble & Granite Works

Edcam Marble & Granite Works

Mosta, Malta | Marble & Granite
Fenex Marbles

Fenex Marbles

Gudja, Malta | Marble & Granite

Francesco Fenech Ltd

Lija, Malta | Marble & Granite

Fred Marble & Granite Works

Zebbug-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite

Godwin Marble Works

Gzira, Malta | Marble & Granite
Gozo Concrete Products Ltd

Gozo Concrete Products Ltd

Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite

Il-Palazz Marble Works

Mosta, Malta | Marble & Granite

Julian's Marble & Granite Works

Xaghra-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite

Lawrence Fenech Ltd

Lija, Malta | Marble & Granite

R Pisani Art Marble

B’Kara, Malta | Marble & Granite

Rabat Marbles

Rabat, Malta | Marble & Granite
Sare' Marbles & Granite Works Ltd

Sare' Marbles & Granite Works Ltd

Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo | Marble & Granite
Schembri Barbros Ltd

Schembri Barbros Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Marble & Granite

Seamless Solid Surfaces

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite
Spiteri Marble Works

Spiteri Marble Works

Qormi, Malta | Marble & Granite

Tiles & Marble

Attard, Malta | Marble & Granite

V & F Galea Marbles

Paola, Malta | Marble & Granite

Vassallo Marble Works

Ghaxaq, Malta | Marble & Granite

Did you mean a company called Marble Granite?

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Marble & Granite in Malta and Gozo

Thinking of adding some finishing touches to your home? Are you inclined toward using natural stone as a surfacing material? Is a marble bathroom in your home refurbishment plan? Marble and granite are two of the most popular stones used for private households, commercial places, public spaces and for interior and exterior settings. Stone suppliers also work in collaboration with construction and woodwork contractors.

Why use marble or granite?

A diversity of natural and synthetic materials can be found in today’s market and shopping around looking for the right material may be overwhelming. Travertine, quartz, limestone, slate, onyx, sandstone and much more are gaining popularity, but marble and granite still remain favourites. Why? These two particular stones blend both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Having a tough texture, they are known to be durable and can resist any type of abrasion. Additionally, they emanate luxury, sophistication and elegance and add a stylish finishing touch to your space, making it look more high-end. Their classical look adds an exquisite touch to both rustic and modern spaces and can be used to decorate various rooms and surfaces. Whatever your tastes and your needs, marble and granite come in different sizes, colours and patterns, making them versatile stones. Although they are expensive and require regular maintenance if you want to retain their elegance, they are well worth the work and well worth their value.

Where can marble and granite be used?

Marble and granite are prominently used for kitchen tops, splash-backs and integrated sinks, bathroom shower cubicles, baths and vanity tops. They’re used for feature walls, fireplace surrounds, furniture, window sills, skirting, and for indoor and outdoor stairs. Marble flooring is also popular for both interior and exterior spaces, such as swimming pool areas. In addition, marble is a favourite material used for commercial facades and lifts, public monuments, artistic columns and public fountains, tombstones, and for public paving.

What should you consider when choosing marble or granite?

So you’ve set your mind on marble or granite. Now you need to consider the space you want surfaced, and the visual effect you want to achieve through stone size, colour, shape and finishing elements.

Stone Location

The place which you want to have marble or granite applied is a primary determining factor as these two stones have different porosity, softness and durability features.

Granite is a favoured option over marble for kitchen surfaces as it’s more durable and resistant to dirt, chemicals, liquids, food, heat and other elements which may stain and discolour your stone. Hence, it’s widely used for kitchen countertops, bar tops, dining tables and splash-backs which are prone to smudges, spatters and spills. Being resistant to abrasion and easy to clean, granite is a functional option for bustling rooms where you’ll be spending most time doing daily activities before and after work.

On the other hand, marble is extensively used for feature walls, bathroom shower walls, vanity tops and as a flooring option. Seeing as it’s more porous than granite, it’s positioned in places with lower risks of staining. If sealed, marble will not absorb any chemicals, making it a good candidate for other surfaces.

When it comes to applying stone in an outdoor area, such as monuments and paving, make sure the material and finish used are durable, slip resistant and highly resistant to acids, due to the continuous exposure to weather elements. Granite is a prominent option in this case.

Stone Size & Shape

Choosing the right stone size is crucial to creating the ambience you have in mind. Marble slabs would be a good option for large surfaces, such as bathroom suites, while marble tiles would suit more restricted spaces such as splash-backs. You can choose to either apply marble on straight or curved surfaces.

Stone Colour

Marble and granite come in both light and dark colours and the shade you choose should blend well with the rest of the furniture. White marble and granite are especially popular due to the sleek and elegant look which they emanate.

Finishing styles

When choosing marble and granite, you may select different surface finishes, such as polished, honed, brushed and tumbled finishes, according to the ambience you want to achieve. Edge profiles can also be tailored according to your tastes.

Before applying any finishes, consider various factors: Is the marble or granite for indoor or outdoor use? Will it be susceptible to weather elements? Will it be positioned in a wet or dry area? Will it be exposed to heat, acids, liquids or food? If used for flooring, it needs to be slip resistant.

Services offered by marble and granite suppliers

Apart from supplying marble and granite, a number of suppliers may offer on-site quotations, stone cutting, manufacturing, installation, engraving, finishing, restoration and conservation.

How can you take care of marble and granite?

If you want to retain the aesthetic beauty of marble and granite, you need to carry out regular maintenance and treatment to prevent damage. The finishing style will determine how much maintenance is required; polished granite would need more maintenance than honed granite and marble would need more preservation due to its porous nature.

Here are some general tips to help you take care of marble and granite tops and floors:

  • Seal natural stone to avoid stains and discolouration and make sure you re-seal it every couple of years to protect it throughout its lifespan. Stone sealers can easily be found at paint shops.
  • Blot spills immediately and don’t rub smudges as you may spread the stain, rather than clean it.
  • Clean on a regular basis in order to retain original texture and colour.
  • Use cutting boards for meal preparations, coasters for glasses, put mats under hot dishes and placemats to avoid direct contact with the stone.
  • Don’t use general cleaning products, but products designed specifically for stone cleaning.

Explore the vast selection of marble contractors listed on Yellow and look around various suppliers to feel the diversity of textures they offer. Hence, you can ensure you’re making the right choice. If your stone supplier doesn’t offer installation, discover the number of marble layers on Yellow. 

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