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The top supermarkets, grocery and discount stores in Malta & Gozo

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Tower Supermarket Complex Ltd

Sliema, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

Sliema's best supermarket - butcher, bakery, fruits & veg, delicatessen, beauty products and household goods. Loyalty Card, Free Parking and Free Delivery.

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5 Reviews
  • Closed Now

Park Towers Supermarkets

San Giljan, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Supermarkets & Discount Stores
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2 Reviews
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Chain Supermarket

Fgura, Malta ( +3 more locations ) | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

At Chain Supermarket in Fgura you can take advantage of a vast range of discounts, special offers and loyalty points which can be redeemed in a variety of prizes. We also offer our clients free parking and free delivery over when spending over €75.

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  • Closed Now

Pembroke Crai

Pembroke, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

Bags to bulky to carry? No worries! Free delivery is offered when spending more than ?15. We stock only the best-brands and quality-products.WE ALSO HAVE AVAILABLE AN ATM MACHINE. WE ALSO OFFER FREE DELIVERIES IN SURROUNDING AREAS |

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Lasco Supermarket

Zejtun, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores
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Piscopo's Cash & Carry

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

At Piscopo’s Cash & Carry, our mission is to provide our customers with good quality products at the best possible prices, with a high level of customer service. A large variety of products are available. Visit us today.

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  • Closed Now

Arkadia Foodstore

Victoria-Gozo Gozo ( +1 more locations ) | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

The larger supermarket in Gozo is Arkadia Foodstore. A shop where you can find a large variety of products at reasonable prices. Arkadia is well-organised in order to help clients to find what they want. Come today to discover it.

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Brema Supermarket

Mosta, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores
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Smart Supermarket

B’Kara, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

From food drinks & desserts to cookware & tableware, clothes & underwear, items for parties, water filters & travel accessories, at Smart you find all this & more. We also have beauty products, car care items, cleaning products,outdoor essentials etc

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4 Reviews
  • Closed Now

Lora's Supermarket

Munxar-Gozo Gozo | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

We offer a vast selection of grocery, fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen food. Our fresh meat section has a wide assortment. We open from Monday to Saturday from six a.m. till seven p.m., on Sunday from eight a.m. till one p.m. Visit us today!

  • Closed Now

J J Supermarket Ltd

Siggiewi, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

JJ Supermarket is a one stop shop! We are fully stocked with all you'll need! Be it pasta, frozen goods, alcohol or detergents, we've got you covered. We also have a loyalty card which can be redeemed for gifts!

  • Closed Now

Iceland Supermarket

B’Kara, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Supermarkets & Discount Stores
  • Closed Now

UR Choice Supermarket

Qala-Gozo Gozo | Supermarkets & Discount Stores


Zurrieq, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores
  • Open Now

Naxxar, Malta | Supermarkets & Discount Stores

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Top Supermarkets, Grocery and Discount Stores in Malta & Gozo

In need of food, groceries and other household products? Look no further. With the help of Yellow, you can discover a long list of local supermarkets and discount stores that act as a one-stop shop for all our needs. From food to beauty and household products, many of these items are offered at discounted prices, all under one roof.

Supermarkets, discount stores and grocers

Supermarkets and discount stores on the island vary in size. Villages and smaller towns usually have a grocery shop that typically sells fresh and dried food products, fruit and vegetables, baked goods, dairy products and at times, frozen meat and fish products. Many also have a small selection of household items like detergents and toiletries. On the other hand, larger supermarkets offer all of the above and much more. However, what sets these establishments apart from the typical village grocer is the variety of products on offer and their ability to sell these at much more affordable prices. A few select establishments are even larger in scale, so much so that they are combined with an adjacent department store. As a result, other services may include cafes and restaurants, various retail outlets, clothing stores and ATMs. Others may even have childcare facilities whereby you can leave your kids to play and enjoy themselves under the supervision of qualified individuals, while you shop for your groceries and other needs in peace.

What products can you find at supermarkets in Malta?

Both supermarkets and discount stores feature a vast selection of products. These range from fresh items like meat, fish, seafood, poultry, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, salads, dips and other chilled items to baked goods like bread, cakes, pies and other forms of pastry, and frozen food. Do you have too much bread? Here are 5 simple leftover bread recipes you can try. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are widely available, while canned and packaged foods occupy a large section of shelf space. What's more, non-food items also feature prominently and may include, but are not limited to, kitchenware, household cleaners, pet supplies, beauty and make-up products, small home appliances and seasonal items.

Most establishments also have a diversity of foreign products. These mainly consist of specialities like delicatessen and all sorts of packaged products. In addition, as more and more people are increasingly becoming health-conscious, most supermarkets have aisles that feature health products such as organic and free-from food items.

Is shopping online and delivery available?

Our hectic lifestyle leaves little time for doing mundane yet necessary things like shopping for groceries and other daily needs. As more and more people are looking for fast, easy and convenient ways of shopping, many are turning online. As a result, a number of supermarkets and discount stores are now providing clients with this service. Predominantly available by larger outlets, all you need to do is simply go on the website of your preferred supermarket and create an account. After doing so, you can begin adding items to your cart. Next, you'll need to pay and select whether you wish the products to be delivered to you or you'd rather collect them in store. Smaller discount stores may not have online shopping available, however, they may offer the option for you to send an email with your list and they'll prepare everything for you.

Furthermore, a number of supermarkets across Malta and Gozo can deliver your shopping right to you. Typically this service is free of charge, however, some outlets provide complimentary deliver once a specific amount has been spent. Delivery is usually available for any locality either at particular days and times or delivery will take place within a specified number of working days. Usually, if you have opted to have your items delivered to you, the store will contact you to confirm the location, date and time. However, do note that if you do not show up to accept the delivery, you might be charged an additional but minimal fee.

Another option is to shop online but collect your shopping from the store. This service can be particularly helpful if you need to purchase a limited amount of items but do not wish to pay the additional delivery fee or if it's more convenient for you to simply pop in the store and collect your shopping.

What are the opening hours?

All supermarkets and discount stores operate from Monday to Friday, usually from 6.00 or 7.00am till 7.00pm, however, larger supermarkets and hypermarkets tend to stay open till much later. All outlets open on Saturdays, whereas big chains are usually open on public holidays, as well as on Sundays. You can check all opening hours on Yellow.

Promotions, Coupons and Loyalty Cards

Daily, weekly or monthly promotions are a norm for most supermarkets. Many promotions are advertised on printed newsletters, on their websites or on their social media profiles. What's more, most stores have loyalty cards, which you can sign up for and which will allow you to collect points and exchange them for prizes. Alternatively, you may get additional discounts for certain products. Promotions and points can still be redeemed even if you prefer shopping online.

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