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Looking For Retro Window Fittings? Here's Why PVC Louvers Are The Perfect Choice For You

by Styles Apertures Ltd

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PVC louvers windows are becoming increasingly popular in Malta for a number of reasons. These windows are pleasant aesthetically, but they also offer a great range of advantages to anyone who opts to choose them for their home. Even though they are made from flat sloping pieces of PVC, they are great when it comes to allowing light and air to enter your home, while still managing to keep the rain from entering. They are great for anyone who is looking to get ventilation without sacrificing privacy, as thanks to their shutters, people from the outside will have restricted views to the inside of your home. These shuttered windows are not only fantastic in terms of advantages they offer, but they are also aesthetically timeless. Here are a number of reasons why these windows are the perfect choice for you. 

1. They keep the rain out 

As we have already stated, PVC louver windows are great at letting light and ventilation in, while keeping rainwater out. This is due to the fact that their shutters are slanted at an angle. This will present you with the ability to keep your windows open come rain or shine. You will never have to worry about finding your home messy after a day at work due to rainwater coming in. Some louver windows also come with adjustable shutters, which can be tilted, opened and closed in accordance with your preferences. 

2. They come with adjustable blades 

This is a great advantage for anyone who likes to control how much air or light comes into your home. The shutters on louvers windows can be shut completely, presenting you with a black-out effect in your home. You can close them off in the evening as well to prevent people on the outside from seeing the lights on in your home. This option is also great for anyone who wants to get less airflow in the cold winter months. 


3. Easy to maintain 

Louver windows are not only great when it comes to controlling your home's airflow, but they are also relatively low maintenance. They are really easy to clean both from the inside and the outside. The fact that they are made using PVC also helps, as this low maintenance material presents you with the ability of just wiping them clean while you are on the go. Using a damp cloth is sufficient enough to keep your windows free from dust and debris. 

4. They are energy efficient 

PVC louver windows are a great alternative to fans, especially in bathrooms. This is due to the fact that they allow the air to flow continuously and steam to escape any room without difficulty. This will provide you with less humidity issues in your home, more ventilation and better cooling properties. Having these windows in your home means that you will minimise the heat from entering your house in summer and the warm air from escaping in winter. This will lessen your need for artificial cooling and heating – saving you both energy and money in the long run. 

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