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Top 5 Benefits Of Getting Tilt & Turn PVC Apertures In Your Home

by Styles Apertures Ltd

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Tilt and turn PVC windows are a popular choice in many European countries. They offer users a number of benefits, and not only in terms of functionality. These window models are almost like a 3-in-1 when it comes to windows, as they can wing inward, open upward or even be tilted slightly. These windows offer a number of benefits to their users. Here are the top five benefits of getting tilt and turn PVC apertures in your home. 

1. You can opt for larger sizes

Tilt and turn windows offer homeowners larger options. This will present you with not only a more aesthetically pleasing solution, but also heaps of natural light all-year round. Tilt and turn windows are versatile and present you with insulating benefits for your home. Their appearance permits for larger sizes as they do not have and hinges or slashes showing, which brings us to our next point. 

2. Minimal design

Tilt and turn windows come with hidden hinges. This presents you with a clean, effortless and minimalistic look within your home. Their sleekness offers you the illusion of having a fixed window. Another added benefit to their minimalist design is that there is no hardware obstructing the eye when looking at your windows. These windows also have hidden sashes, meaning that you can work around architectural lines within your home to work in harmony with your home's aesthetic. 

3. Present you with better air seals

Tilt and turn windows are known for their performance in terms of tight sealing solutions. These windows present you with better air seals when compared to double hung, single hung or sliding PVC windows. This is due to the fact that these other models are more prone to water and air leakage. 


4. Safer functions

In order to open and close in a variety of ways, tilt and turn windows need to be made using internally robust materials. This means that you are presented with added security within your home, as it is extremely difficult to force or pull open tilt and turn windows from the outside. Even if the windows are left open, intruders can rarely get through, as these windows do not open fully and easily. 

5. Better ventilation in your home

One of the most preferred benefits of tilt and turn windows is their ability to let in heaps of air. This is due to their function which enables hot air to leave your home during hot summer months. This is due to the fact that hot air floats higher – tilt and turn models create a path for this hot air to get out in turn for strong breezes and ample air movement. 



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