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Overcome mental health disorders with the help of a psychologist in Malta & Gozo.

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Paul Sciberras MSc

Swieqi, Malta | Psychologists

As a clinical psychologist, psychological therapist and counselor, Paul Sciberras M.Sc. specialises in prevention, diagnosis & treatment of mental & psychological problems throughout Malta. House calls, EMDR & EFT therapies are also provided.

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Bernard Caruana MA, BA(Hons), SThB, YogaDip, StRelDip

Luqa, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Psychologists

Bernard Caruana has over twenty years of experience and is a leader in clinical psychology in Malta. He also sees clients privately in Luqa, Balzan and Tigne Point. Whether children or adults Bernard can help with whatever is troubling your mind.

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Stephanie Ciantar Cassar MCouns(Melit) BPsy(Hons)

Sta Venera, Malta | Psychologists

Need to boost your mental health? Break the stigma and seek help. I can help children and adults with any mental and emotional disorders, with self development and with any relationship issues. Call me now to embark on a psychological transformation.

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Jason Copperstone C Psychol, AFBPsS, RPsy

Sliema, Malta | Psychologists

Do not wait for problems to get any worse when it comes to your mental health. I will offer my help whether it is for counselling, psycho therapeutic interventions, relationship issues, personal development or even spirituality.

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MAIA Psychology Centre

Mosta, Malta | Psychologists

We at MAIA Psychology Centre offer our clients a range of services related to psychology such as psychological assessment tests, personality assessments, psychological assessment for adoptive purposes and educational psychology services.

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The Family Practice

Attard, Malta | Psychologists

If you are seeking a group of reputable and serious psychologists, contact us at The Family Practice where you can set your very own appointment today. We strive towards helping you approach life in a better manner and tackle problems accordingly.

Nabrouska Cassar

Zebbug, Malta | Psychologists

With Dr Nabrouska Cassar you can become better at dealing with tough situations in life. She's a fully qualified psychologist that can equip you with the tools needed to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve your relationships and have healthy boundarie

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Bloom Psychology Clinic

Msida, Malta | Psychologists

We are are private health clinic which specialises in tailor-made psychological and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, children and adolescents, as well as groups and organisations. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Crisis Resolution Malta

B’Kara, Malta | Psychologists

Don’t try to solve your problems alone. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our trained psychologists for an assessment of your mental health and appropriate treatment plan.

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TMS Malta & Gozo

B’Kara, Malta | Psychologists
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Stephanie Bartolo Dr

Gzira, Malta | Psychologists
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Valentina Bezzina Dr D Couns Psy B Psy(Hons)

Naxxar, Malta | Psychologists

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Psychologists in Malta and Gozo

Despite living in the 21st century, psychologists are still clouded in an aura of taboo since they are most of the time associated with mental illnesses which many people find difficult to accept. However, their work is so much more extensive since their practice also enables them to diagnose and treat emotional disorders. The work of psychologists revolves around the psychological state of the mind which in turn determines our behaviour.

What does their work entail? Psychologists first conduct a psychological assessment to determine the kind of therapy the individual needs. Personality assessments will reflect how a person reacts and deals with distress so it will provide the psychologist with a foundation on what to base the diagnosis. The treatment they use is psychotherapy, which essentially means dealing with psychological issues or any emotional traumas through dialogue and other types of communication.

The main difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that psychiatrists can treat their patients with medications since they're technically medical doctors, while psychologists use cognitive behavioural therapy and any other psychotherapeutic techniques to help individuals overcome their respective disorders through talk. Which therapy is used depends on the individual's personality and his psychological state of mind. They focus on building a relationship with their clients to assess and treat accordingly.

The healing process differs from one person to another. A child, for instance, may find it challenging to communicate verbally so he may be encouraged to use imagery to facilitate understanding. Psychotherapy is not a one-time treatment but a whole process which may take weeks, or even months and years since it requires a whole mind shift. Sessions would normally take place on a weekly basis, but intervals between one session and the next would be longer, especially in the last stages of the process.

Where would you find a psychologist? He may choose to work in different environments: he may either sit in a private clinic or general hospital, work in a pharmacy or own his personal private practice. Here are the main services psychologists offer:

Mental therapy

Psychologists specialise in various sectors of the human mind: they can deal with cases of depression and anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress, addictions, eating disorders, social anxiety, traumatic disorders and can also help with anger management.

Family Therapy

These practitioners do not just deal with individual mental health but also the mental dynamics between a couple or between parents and children. A family may choose to attend sessions together and also on an individual basis. Child psychologists help children who are going through an ordeal, such as abuse or parental separation.

Personal Development

This is also an integral part of a psychologist's job. He will guide you on how to achieve your personal goals and ambitions, develop your life and social skills, make use of your talents and work on your weaknesses, to grow into a responsible adult who can make good decisions in life.

All the issues mentioned above need to be tackled from the root, i.e. from the human mind. So do it right, whether you're an adult, a teenager or a child, overcome the taboo and contact one of the psychologists around Malta and Gozo if you think you're suffering from a mental or emotional disorder. Talking about it is the first step forward and a clinical psychologist will guide you in boosting your mental health. Just as you give importance to your physical wellbeing, your mental wellbeing shouldn't be given the cold shoulder. A psychologist is qualified to treat any psychological affliction you have in a personalised and effective manner.

Online counselling will help in urgent matters, but face to face communication enables you to build a more personal relationship with the psychologist and by time you'll feel more comfortable to open up about any issue that is troubling your mind. Rest assured, anything you share will remain confidential between the practitioner and yourself. Have a look at these tips on how to boost your mental wellbeing.

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