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Smart Office Supplies Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Office Supplies

Visit us at Smart Office supplies and we will make sure that if we don’t have what you are looking for we will happily order it for you. We stock office chairs, wall clocks, desk lamps and much more to make your office hours much easier.

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Associated Marketing Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Office Supplies

Want office supplies? We at Associated Marketing offer Diplomat Products, Filing and Binding, Desktop, Office Machines, Writing Instruments and Crafts. We provide you the tools to empower your office and succeed. Contact us.

AB Projects Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Office Supplies

At AB Projects Ltd in Santa Venera, we offer our clients a range of supplies including desktop accessories, computer cables, filing products, ink cartridges, key boxes, lamination machines, guillotines, label printers and name badges.

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Ramilene Office Supplies Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Office Supplies

Ramilene Office Supplies Ltd is providing customers many different types of office supplies such as printers, paper shredders, office chairs, office equipment, ink cartridges, ink toners and not to forget stationery such as pens, files and more.

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Giov Muscat & Co Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Office Supplies

Having a company that can supply office supplies is always good to have and one of which you can trust is better. We have a large number of different stationaries which can be found so head down to our store and find what you are looking for!

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Kompakt Trading Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Office Supplies

Kompakt Trading Ltd offers a large variety of products. The office supplies category includes a wide range of brands and items such as rulers, pens, and staplers available at competitive prices. Visit our shop today in Qormi.

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C S D Office Trade

B’Kara, Malta | Office Supplies
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ASKA Trading Enterprises

Qormi, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

Golden Gate Co Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

Merit Trading

Qormi, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

Office Solutions

B’Kara, Malta | Office Supplies
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Msida, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

Paperfriends Trading

B’Kara, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

RGS Supplies Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Office Supplies
  • Closed Now

Sidonia Enterprises Ltd

Pieta’, Malta | Office Supplies

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Office Supplies in Malta and Gozo

Setting up a business? Creating a home office? Discover the vast range of office suppliers on Yellow and start equipping your space with the right equipment, accessories and furniture to generate a productive workspace. The various companies which specialise in importing office supplies would be able to cater for all your work requirements and your employees' needs under one roof. No matter what the size of your order is, these firms can supply students and corporate establishments alike.

Why is choosing office supplies an important task?

Along with the actual space, the appropriate office supplies will contribute to the smooth running of your business and your employees' productivity. Providing them with the right tools to execute their work will result in getting things done quicker and more efficiently. Working in a practical and comfortable workspace will result in better performance throughout the day.

What do you need to consider when buying office supplies?

Buying office supplies requires some serious thinking if you don't wish to end up with large quantities of unnecessary supplies. Take into consideration the number of employees and any expansion which is in the pipeline, the space available to store the supplies and the type of work which your employees will be required to execute. If you wish to create a cool ambience in your workspace, check out these innovative gadgets which will transform a barren work environment into a fun and interactive space. If you wish to contribute to the environment, you may choose to purchase only recyclable products.

How to save money when buying office supplies

Although office supplies may seem like a minimal expense for a company, it's crucial that they are planned for in each financial strategy. In contrast to office furniture, which is just a one-time expense, these supplies need to be replenished on a regular basis when stock starts depleting, so it is a continual expense which will add up over time if you don't order wisely.

Bulk Ordering of supplies

This is an ideal alternative if you have ample storage space where reserved supplies can fit comfortably. If storage space is not a luxury you have, this is not the way forward. You'll end up with boxes and cartons scattered on the floor and on desks, and the cluttered space will put a damp on your employees' performance.

Order office supplies online

In this time and age, several suppliers manage online platforms where anyone can order any required supplies from the comfort of their home or office, reducing transportation costs. It's effective as it would be hard to forget essential items as they will all be grouped according to their category on one screen. Ordering online is also feasible as you'll be able to compare products from different brands and find the cheapest option.

Only buy must have office supplies

It's easy to get carried away when buying office supplies as you'll feel nothing will go to waste. However, this is not the case. Unnecessary supplies will waste precious space as they'll remain unused. Evaluate your needs as a company and confirm what items are needed to carry out the required work effectively. Check out the must haves you definitely need here.

Quality of office stationery

Opting for branded supplies may not be a requisite. General stationery will serve you well, just as much as branded items would, as long as they're still of good quality.

Compare Prices of different office supplies

Do compare prices of different suppliers as prices will vary. Check out special discounts and packages which may be offered from time to time. Inquire whether corporate agreements can be formulated to benefit from further discounts. Don't forget to check out shipping and delivery costs, if any.

Replenish office supplies before they run out

Make sure you'll always keep the most sought after supplies in stock to avoid buying single items from stationers in emergency cases. These will be more expensive than buying in bulk from office distributors.

Entrust an administrator to manage office supplies

Having one employee taking care of supplying all colleagues with the necessary accessories and managing the stock inventory will help the firm reduce expenses.

Reuse and recycle office stationery

If you reuse or recycle items which are not in use anymore by a particular employee, you'll be saving money, while at the same time contributing to the environment. Try to encourage your staff to save paper and ink when possible. Print only when absolutely necessary, and print double sided and in black and white.

The office essentials for your business

What office supplies can importers and distributors provide?

Office Stationery

Common items sought after include all sorts of pens, pencils, markers and other writing instruments, graphic, craft and art supplies, such as drawing and geometry sets, crayons, chalks and cutting knives, and other products such as clips, rulers, sharpeners, tapes, scissors, correctors, glue, board erasers, staples and staplers and rubber bands.

Popular paper products include envelopes, labels, certificate paper, sticky notes, gloss and photocopy paper, notebooks, diaries and planners. Filing and storage solutions include box files, arch lever files, clipboards, document folders and expanding files. Any board you need, be it a cork-board, flip chart or a whiteboard, an office supplier can provide it.

Back to school? Restock your exercise books, refills, project and science books, scrapbooks and sketch pads from an office supply outlet.

Computer products

Office suppliers may stock ink, toners, cartridges, printer ribbons and other consumables, together with common items such as mouse mats, CD pockets and monitor risers.

Desktop accessories

Need supplies to declutter your desk and transform it into an orderly space? Check out the range of letter sorters, index boxes, desk organisers, note holders and magazine holders.

Office ergonomics

You may find a range of foot rests, and back and wrist supports for those long days at the office.

Office furniture

Common office furniture which you may find include desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, office drawers, umbrella holders and coat hangers. More office furniture suppliers can be found here and don't forget to check our top tips for the optimal office ergonomics

Office equipment

A variety of office equipment and machines are supplied by some distributors. These include paper shredders, binding and laminating machines, printers, guillotines and desk lamps. Click here to explore businesses which specialise in office equipment.

Other supplies used in offices

In addition to all these products, some suppliers strive to offer a comprehensive service to your business and hence provide cleaning, catering, and health and safety products, such as air fresheners, cash boxes, first aid kits and waste bins.

How can you organise office supplies?

So, you've bought the necessary supplies. What's the next step? You need to organise your supplies to keep track of them and avoid cluttering your office floors and tabletops. Their purpose is to make your work life easier and not to create disorder in your workspace.

  • Make a detailed list of all products bought for the office.
  • Choose a suitable storage space which can contain all supplies. Evaluate whether a cabinet would cater for all supplies or whether you need a whole room dedicated to storage.
  • Organise the space according to product type. Group products logically so you'll locate the required items in the shortest time possible without messing up other products.
  • Determine best storage systems: shelving systems, boxes etc.. and make sure you label them.
  • Carry out a routine inventory check every couple of weeks to keep the storage area organised and well stocked

When it comes to desk organisation, we suggest you leave your desk minimal for maximum productivity and invest in smart storage systems for on top and under your desk. Remove office equipment you no longer need and free up precious space.

If you're organising your home office, check out these DIY ideas which you can implement to organise your office supplies.

Empower your office now and order any supplies you need from one of the companies listed on Yellow. The right supplies will make your workspace more efficient and comfortable to work in.

Think office supplies cannot be used creatively? Click here and explore some innovative ways to tidy up your home.

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