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GTS - Global Translation Solutions

Translators, Valletta - Malta

GTS - Global Translation Solutions

Translators, Valletta, Malta
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In today’s world a significant amount of business is done online, which means that website translation is invaluable. Statistically this has been shown to be the case if one considers that customers are four times more likely to purchase an item from a website which is addressed them in their native language. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s important to note, because it shows that a failure to properly translate a website can prove to be a huge problem for a company’s revenue. Industries have crossed countless hurdles in recent years, but language is still one barrier which has the potential to create problems for businesses.  

We at Global Translation Solutions Limited (GTS) are a leading provider of professional translation services, in addition to proofreading and various other language services for businesses and individuals internationally. As an agency which values professionalism, accuracy and a consistent, culturally appropriate means of communicating in written form, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of translation services regionally and internationally.

Our services are highly accurate, and entirely dependant on cultural understanding and client needs and requirements. At a fundamental level we believe that translation services should still be conducted entirely by human agents, as this is the only guarantee of a concise and high quality translation. This is why we continue to select our linguists on the basis of every individual contract, with applicable experience to the particular translation to be performed. All of our translators have been educated in the native language of the document they are translating, further demonstrating their ability to perform the requirements of the job with the utmost degree of experience and professionalism. We can expertly translate, proofread and interpret documents in Maltese, as well as all of the major European languages, Mandarin, Russian, and more. 

The majority of our work deals with common translation assignments within major industries. This includes translation of i-gaming industry documents, terms and conditions, corporate documents and licenses, translations of websites, legal translations, translations of user manuals for pharmaceutical and medical devices, clinical protocols, and consent forms. We additionally have extensive experience translating patent and intellectual property documents, financial statements, audits and reports. Contact us today for a quote for an accurate, quick translation of your documents.

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GTS - Global Translation Solutions
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Fast service

13 Nov 2019

Fast, quality service and very friendly staff. Best translation company to use in Malta.