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6 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Pool Contractor To Build Your Dream Pool

by Gozo Pools Ltd

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Swimming pools are a luxury to behold. They offer you the possibility of having a private sanctuary in your own home that will provide you with an adequate area where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work. Moreover, having your swimming pool also means that you will be able to enjoy a lovely swim without having to visit a beach riddled with people.

If you are looking to get the swimming pool of your dreams in your own home, here are six reasons why you need professional pool contractors like us to do the job, by us at Gozo Pools Ltd. 

1. We are reliable 

We at Gozo Pools Ltd are one of the first pool contractor companies established in Malta. We are at the forefront on the island when it comes to presenting customers with reliable products, affordable services and professional solutions. Not only do we present customers with a high caliber service, but we also promise you a selection of high-quality products, repairs and maintenance services. 

2. Renowned Products 

We present our clients with a vast array of carefully selected products for your pool, sauna or spa. At our store, you can find a range of cleaning solutions including algaecides, pool cleaners and flocculents. Our brands include Cruiser, 4Seasons4Spas, Clear 'n' Clear, Jolly Gel and Aquavia. 

3. Professional Fittings

We offer our clients a choice of professionally installed fittings. From regular custom-created swimming pools for the home, to swimming pool tiles, spa fittings and saunas, we can help you create the spa area of your dreams within your house or establishment. We can present you with a range of infrared sauna cabins designed to provide you with the ultimate experience in unwinding and relaxation. 

4. After-Sales Services 

We provide you with a selection of after-sales services that are focused on presenting you with the ultimate experience when it comes to owning your own pool or spa. We provide our clients with regular maintenance and upkeep services on any brand that we offer. Moreover, we provide you with swimming pool and spa room related turnkey projects, interior resurfacing and even landscaping services. Other services that we offer include renovation and remodeling of swimming pools and spa rooms and maintenance agreements. 

5. Flexibility and Advice 

If you are still unsure about the type, style, size or functionality of the swimming pool you want in your home, we can help you out with our consultation services. Through our consultations, you can decide on the tile colour, designs and chemical usage. Moreover, thanks to our flexible services, you will be able to pick and choose different equipment, tiles, light therapy, high-pressure massage systems, drainage and relaxing foot or neck massagers. Moreover, we offer 10 years warranty against leaks on pool liners.

6. Myriad of Solutions

We at Gozo Pools Ltd hold the latest technological systems and developments in the pool and spa industry, ideal for both indoor and outdoor, domestic and commercial pools. At our store you can find a range of Aqualife Professional premium products, including circular drainage supplies. We also offer our clients pool cleaners, chemicals and above-ground pool solutions.

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