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Glass contractors in Malta & Gozo for all your glass product needs

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Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Glass Contractors
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We are Malta's market-leading glass company. From cutting, polishing, beveling and engraving to etching and laminating, when it comes to glass, there's nothing we can't do!

  •   Insulating glass with integrated blinds
  •   Luxurious glass balustrades
  •   Polishing & bevelling of glass
  •   Glass shower enclosures
  •   Made-to-Measure glass creations
  •   Glass wall units

K L Glass

Luqa, Malta | Glass Contractors
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Would you like stunning glass? We at KL Glass offer a wide range of services for you to develop stunning glass for your home or office. We offer various types of glasses from stained glass to bullet proof glass. Contact us.

  •   Glass doors & windows
  •   Glass partitions for office
  •   Glass kitchen splashbacks
  •   Made-to-measure glass products
  •   Walk-in shower glass doors
  •   Commercial & stained glass

Float Glass Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Glass Contractors
We Deliver
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If you are looking for a glass contractor, we at Float Glass Ltd in Marsa are the right people. We present you with a choice of glass supplies including windows, doors, skylights, staircases and storefronts. Contact us today for more info.

F Zammit Glass Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Glass Contractors
We Deliver

Need glass contractors? We at F Zammit Glass Ltd offer a wide range of glasses. Clear float glass, laminated float glass, tinted float glass, non-reflective glass, frosted glass, satin finish float glass, & also tools for glass cutters.

Caprice Ltd

Zebbug, Malta | Glass Contractors
J 3 Aluminium & Iron Works

J 3 Aluminium & Iron Works

Qormi, Malta | Glass Contractors
J B Glass Work

J B Glass Work

Zurrieq, Malta | Glass Contractors
Leonard Attard

Leonard Attard

San Giljan, Malta | Glass Contractors

Mirya Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Glass Contractors
Closed Now
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Tabone Glass Ltd

Kercem-Gozo, Gozo | Glass Contractors
Vestro Cut

Vestro Cut

Zejtun, Malta | Glass Contractors

XG Glass Ltd

Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo | Glass Contractors

Did you mean a company called Glass Contractors?

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Glass Contractors in Malta and Gozo

Functional, decorative or made to the highest technical specifications, glass is an essential component of all domestic and commercial structures. Looking for tempered glass? Or perhaps you need some glass for a shower enclosure? Discover glass contractors across the island listed on Yellow and explore the range of glass options available.

Local Service Providers

There are various glass contractors locally that are able to cater to diverse needs. Prices vary according to the item required but many offer free quotes and estimates that may also include on-site visits.

Local providers offer a broad array of services that range from simple glass cutting services to made-to-measure items which include glass panes for apertures, dining and coffee tables, tabletops, room dividers, shower doors or glass shower enclosures, mirrors, sliding glass doors and modern staircases. Apart from new products, one can also request repair services for scratches and cracks.

These contractors are usually well-equipped to transport and install finished products (particularly those that are bulkier), however, it is advisable to check beforehand if the chosen provider shall be able to take care of the delivery.

Glass Varieties and Products

Glass production is a sector that showcases technological innovation and many products are constantly being developed to meet the needs of residential activities as well as more complex, large-scale projects. For this reason, it is possible to identify specific glass types that are best suited for individual requirements. The most widely available glass varieties include:

  • Tempered Glass: Tempered or toughened glass is a type of high-security glass that has been treated chemically or thermally to be stronger than normal glass. If broken, tempered glass crumbles into small pieces that are less likely to cause injuries than sharp shards. For this reason, tempered glass is often used for car rear windows, public spaces, furniture and appliances.
  • Laminated Glass: Similarly to tempered glass, laminated glass is also a very secure form of glass that does not shatter when broken thanks to an interlayer that holds the glass sheets together. This makes it well-suited for car windshields, skylights, glass furniture, shelves and places frequented by a large number of people.
  • Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting or acid etching to create an opaque effect that still allows light to pass through. This type of glass is most commonly used for shower enclosures, windows and doors in bathrooms and restrooms.
  • Bevelled Glass: Bevelled glass is made by making angled surface cuts in thick glass sheets which create a decorative effect that is sometimes mixed with other glass finishes for a unique design.
  • Double Glazed Glass: Double glazed or insulating glass features two or more glass sheets that are divided by a gas or vacuum filled space. This improves the energy efficiency of the room and helps to reduce electricity costs. As a result, double glazed glass is nowadays the preferred choice for the large majority of PVC and aluminium apertures installed in homes and commercial buildings.
  • Self-Cleaning Glass: It may sound too good to be true but self-cleaning glass really does exist! This type of glass is covered with a special coating that naturally keeps it free from dirt and rainwater marks. Although a small amount of maintenance may be required in more extreme weather conditions, self-cleaning glass can definitely be described as a time and cost saver, particularly for buildings with expansive glass surfaces or for hard-to-reach glass installations.

Glass in Interior Design

Apart from fulfilling an important functional need, glass has also become a key decorative element in contemporary interior design since it is perfect to create sleek interiors.

For instance, the inclusion of glass stairs and glass railings gives a more airy feel that makes any space appear brighter and larger. Glass partitions are also ideal for large offices and open plan commercial settings since distinct rooms can be created without reducing light or the expansive feeling of the space. Floor to ceiling windows make a stunning statement feature for rooms with views, while interior glass doors and glass blocks are perfect for rooms that are not naturally well-lit. A custom-made mirror can also add the perfect finishing touch to bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

So, if you are planning your new home, refurbishing your house or working on an interior design project, why not think outside the box and use glass creatively?

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