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6 questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a new sofa

by Fairdeal Furniture

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Our home is our haven, it is the only place that provides us with comfort and the relaxation that everyone needs. One of the pieces of furniture that we use constantly and needs to be very comfortable, is the sofa. Everyone loves to plop down on a comfortable sofa at the end of the day and that is why you need to ask yourself a few questions before you make this important purchase.

Will it serve the purpose I'm purchasing it for?

Of course, a sofa is most of all an investment. This is quite a large piece of furniture and so you need to ask yourself, how much you will be using it and if it will be ideal to purchase the particular sofa according to the amount of time that you will be using it. Some people will only use the sofa to watch a movie at the end of the day, some want it to add to the aesthetic appeal and not for actual usage, while others know that they will be using it for afternoon naps, to accommodate visitors, and to spend endless hours, eating, reading and watching TV on. Therefore, in this case, comfort will trump the aesthetic appeal of the sofa. 

Will it fit the space available?

It is very easy to get caught up in the dream and the beautiful sofas before you when you go into a showroom, however, one of the main things that you need to think about is the fit. You need to take the measurements of the space that you have, see to it that it is far enough away from the wall where the television will be and that you have enough leg room if you are purchasing a sofa that is in the shape of a peninsula or perhaps if it reclines. 



Is it comfortable enough for the people that will be using it?

Homes and the people inside them of course vary, some may live alone and therefore only need a small sofa, others might have a bigger family and in order for everyone to have a place in the living room, the sofa needs to be a bit bigger. If many people will be using it, it needs to be comfortable and durable so as to make sure you do not find yourself back in the shop after a few years, purchasing another one. Make sure that before you purchase it, you try it out and check how it fits your body. See how the cushions feel against your back and if you are looking for something ideal for lots of TV time, a deeper, more cushioned sofa is the better option. However, make sure that it is not difficult for you to reach for that delicious snack on the coffee table.

Which fabric is best?

Again this decision will vary from household to household. It depends on whether you have animals, whether the space gets heated in the summer, whether you have kids that might ruin leather, or might spill and stain on other types of fabrics. Make sure that the kind of fabric that you choose goes well with your lifestyle. In Malta it can get pretty hot in the summer, so you should steer clear of leather if you do not have an A/C system. However, if you have pets you should not opt for woven fabrics, velvet ones are ideal in this case. 

Does the sofa go well with the rest of the room?

Aesthetics are important when you are purchasing furniture. You need to see to it that the design, as well as colour of your sofa, goes well with the rest of the decor in your home and that it adheres perfectly with your personal style. More often than not, the sofa is the one thing in the middle, tying the room together, so you need to plan well before the purchase.



Will you be needing an extra bed or storage?

It is one thing if your sofa needs to be a statement piece, a whole other if you need versatility most of all. There are many fabulous sofas that can double as storage units as well as sofa beds for whenever you need it. Make sure to think really hard about that fact, it is one thing you may regret not thinking about when you need it the most. 

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