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Time for a new sofa? Here are the top 6 choices at Fairdeal Furniture this month

by Fairdeal Furniture

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Sofas can make or break your living room. However, the number of sofas available on the market will present you with too many options to choose from, something which might turn your home decor adventure into a daunting experience. We at Fairdeal Furniture completely understand this, and that is why at our store you can find a diverse choice of sofas that are versatile in looks and functionality. Here are the top six sofas which you can find at our store. 

1. Timeless corner sofa 

This classic model will look good with a number of different decor styles thanks to its timeless look. The Corner Sofa C52 is a corner sofa that comes with an optional chaise lounge side and adjustable headrests. This model also comes with electrical recliners and various combination of colours and materials. A true sight to behold for anyone who is looking to present their living room with a timeless feel. 


2. Compact fabric option 

If your living room is on the smaller side, you can opt for one of these sleek two-seater fabric models. This comfortable number comes with a stellar support system. The warm material will not cause discomfort to users in summer, and it withstands wear and tear better thanks to its sleek and resistant fabric finish. This is the YB728 model available at our showroom. 

3. Fixed sofas

This fixed sofa model is on the smaller side, making it suitable for most rooms. Thanks to its minimalistic design, it allows you more freedom when it comes to decorating the rest of your living room. This elegant and sophisticated choice is a favourite for smaller homes, such as apartments or penthouses. 


4. L-shaped wonder 

The F17 sofa model is an L-shaped model that comes with a number of combinations. It doubles up as extra storage space as well, thanks to its nifty storage arm. This L-shaped wonder comes with a sliding seat, motorised chaise lounge and an electric recliner, designed for maximum comfort and added back support. Add a contemporary touch to your room with this wondrous choice. 

5. Combination sofas 

If you would like to mix and match your sofa sizes instead of having just one, the E88 model is the perfect choice for you. This sofa comes with three different seating options – you can choose between an armchair, a two-seater or a three-seater. This model is also available with manual or electrical recliner options, depending on your needs. 

6. Versatile sofa bed 

This cushy model doubles up as a bed thanks to its multi-functional uses. It saves space while still offering you all the comfort needed for a good nights' sleep. Whether you are looking to have some extra space for a guest or you want a solution if you have difficulty walking up the stairs, the Antares model is a practical and stylish choice for you. 

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