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World Marketing

Sta Venera, Malta | Domestic Appliances

Are you searching for various domestic appliances for your home? Our products need no introduction as they have a strong reputation for high performance and affordability. Visit our page for more information about our kitchen and cleaning appliances.

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Mark Cassar

B’Kara, Malta | Domestic Appliances

Mark Cassar will provide you with quality appliances that are durable and made to last. Who better to choose when it comes to appliances then someone who actually knows how to fix them. Contact Mark now for more information.

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A A Darmanin

B’Bugia, Malta | Domestic Appliances

We at A A Darmanin are here to ensure that your appliances are in the best condition possible. Don't rush to the store to buy a new fridge, call us! We offer quick, efficient on the spot repairs of all models of fridges.

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Giurdanella Arredamenti

B’Kara, Malta | Domestic Appliances

When visiting us you will be able to browse from a variety of furniture for homes, restaurants and shops. We have loose furniture, living and dining rooms, sofas, bedrooms, kitchens and we also supply quality appliances. Contact us today!

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Ta' Gulinu

Rabat, Malta | Domestic Appliances

When a domestic appliance stops working it is hard not using it as you would have managed to get used to the fact of using it if you are in urgent need of finding a replacement take a look at our store we have many appliances and more products!

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Rotunda Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Tablets & More

Qormi, Malta | Domestic Appliances

Visit any of our outlets situated in Zejtun, Qormi and San Pawl for a vast variety of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and so much more. We provide value for your money and high quality with all of our products.

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Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Domestic Appliances
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Cooker Services & Domestic Appliances

Zebbug, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Bakers Point

Siggiewi, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Balay Beko Home Centre

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Borg Repairs & Spares

San Gwann, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Cath's Home

Gzira, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Centro Casalinga

Sta Venera, Malta | Domestic Appliances
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Cini Holdings Co Ltd

Xaghra-Gozo Gozo | Domestic Appliances
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Home Appliances and Domestic Electronic Stores in Malta and Gozo

Furnishing your new home with the latest innovative appliances on the market? Or has an appliance just failed you and you're looking for a replacement? Malta and Gozo boast a wide range of appliance stores which cater for both households and commercial establishments. You'll find all the latest technologies and all you need to facilitate your chores and make your life easier.

Cooking appliances

The ideal kitchen should have all the necessary appliances to carry out all the required cooking to prepare your favourite dishes as efficiently as possible. Household shops offer a large variety of cookers in various forms and sizes. You can find electric and gas cookers, freestanding and built-in ones, and you can choose from the variety of electric, gas, ceramic or induction hobs, according to your preferences.

The oven is another critical necessity while cooking. You can choose from the selection of convection ovens, electric and gas ones. Microwave ovens are especially popular in this time and age where every minute counts. The busy life we lead pushes us to opt for appliances which can manage fast and efficient cooking, so make sure you leave enough countertop surface for a freestanding microwave or an empty overhead cupboard for a built-in one. Specialised pizza ovens are especially renowned in restaurants and pizzerias. Before making a decision, determine how much you will use it and which solution is the most cost-effective for you.

Cooker hoods are crucial if you want an extractor to remove the smell of food lurking in the kitchen. You can select from curved, angled, fully integrated, ceiling and island extractors with extra lighting included.

Refrigerators & other cooling appliances

Having proper refrigerating appliances is crucial to enjoy fresh food for as long as possible. Fridges and freezers can be built-in or freestanding, combined side by side and with single or double doors. If you're short of space, opting for a fridge freezer would save some precious space and there are various sizes to choose from, depending on your family requirements. You can also find mini fridges, which can come in handy for picnics or short trips. Wine coolers for all wine enthusiasts can also be found. If your budget isn't too tight, you can choose fridges and freezers with special features such as ice and water dispensers.


A dishwasher would be a valuable addition to your kitchen. A well-functioning dishwasher can save you water and time and you can select different temperatures and washing durations for more effective usage. You can also opt for a freestanding dishwasher or a built-in one.

Laundry appliances

Maintaining your clothes in good condition requires the right washing powder or liquid, and also the right washing machine and dryer. When choosing the washing machine for your home, you need to decide between built-in and freestanding ones, top load washing machines or front load ones, automatic machines and twin tubs. You also need to choose the best load capacity to fulfil all your washing needs in the shortest time possible. You'll find various energy efficient ones available to help you save water and time, and reduce your energy bills. Special features to take care of delicate and coloured clothing are also available in certain machines.

Along with washing machines, you'll also find a vast range of dryers, such as spin dryers, condenser and vented tumble dryers, and combined washer dryers.

What should you take in consideration when shopping for new home appliances?

Appliance Functionality

Home appliances should be products which simplify housework and cater for all your cooking, cooling and washing needs. Consider all your house requirements. If you're a large family, buying a chest freezer would be a beneficial investment. If you're a small family, an 8kg washing machine will surely be sufficient to tackle all your laundry needs. Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Buying a microwave will save you precious cooking time in the evening. Are you a wine aficionado? Investing in a wine cooler will leave you with more space in the refrigerator for other food items and drinks. If your home doesn't have a large outdoor area, it would be a good idea to purchase a tumble dryer to avoid hanging clothes in corridors or bedrooms. If your kitchen space is restricted, is it wise to opt for an American style fridge freezer? I think not. Hence, determining your priorities should be your first task in creating an efficient space.

Consider your needs and space available. Domestic appliances come in various shapes and sizes so conduct the proper research. It is imperative that the white goods you choose are placed in a position where they can be used safely and without any hindrances. Will your refrigerator doors open properly or will they clash with your kitchen cabinets? Make sure you have the necessary sockets inserted before installing appliances.

The Style of the Appliances

Kitchen appliances are not solely functional products. They must blend in with the style of the kitchen and simultaneously satisfy your tastes. If you're into the contemporary style, opting for built in appliances over freestanding ones would enhance the sleek look of your kitchen.

Your Budget

When looking around for the right appliances, you'll encounter a vast range of renowned brands, such as Bosch, Beko, Samsung, Whirlpool and much more at both wholesale and retail prices. Set a budget because prices vary greatly according to brand, size, energy rating and smart functions. Regardless of your budget, you'll surely find functional and stylish appliances to cater for all your needs. Always opt for high quality and renowned products to ensure a longer lifespan.

Appliance efficiency ratings

Household appliances come in various energy efficiency ratings. If you wish to contribute to the environment while minimising electricity bills at the same time, you can opt for eco-friendly products.

Appliance Guarantee

Warranty for appliances will vary depending on the brand, but the guarantee generally lasts 5 years, including parts and servicing.

Appliance Availability

If you're tight on time and need an appliance in the shortest time possible, do check availability as some stores may not keep a large variety of products in stock and order in bulk.

Other home appliances & accessories

Apart from white goods, most home appliance stores also provide smaller electrical appliances and kitchenware such as all types of vacuum cleaners including bagless vacuums, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, heaters, fans and air conditioners, coffee machines, kettles, food processors and much more. Some may also stock appliance parts and accessories such as knobs, buttons, screens, trays and racks, pots and pans, as well as kitchen utensils. Others may even sell products like tv boxes and portable audio devices.  

Services offered by Appliance stores

When going around looking for the right appliances for your home, do ask whether delivery and installation are included in the price or whether you'd need to pay an additional fee for these services.

Need advice? The appliance specialists at these companies would have detailed knowledge on the products they provide and will advise you on the appliances most appropriate for your household. They may also provide you with package deals if you need to purchase more than one appliance. Part exchange may also be offered.

Is your appliance suffering from a malfunction? Certain companies may employ in house technicians who offer repair and long-term servicing in an endeavour to offer a comprehensive service.

Explore the range of establishments in Malta and Gozo offering a vast selection of kitchen and laundry appliances. Create a more comfortable and functional home where you can get things done faster and pave your way toward a fully equipped and efficient kitchen.

And why not put your brand new home appliances to the test by trying these 5 refreshing summer drinks with a Maltese twist.

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