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Thinking of hiring an electrical contractor? Here's what to ask

by DB Installation Services Ltd

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Getting hold of the right electrical contractor tends to revolve more around safety rather than cost. This is because dealing with electricity installations or faults in your house or other premises can lead to complex hazards. Leaving all electricity works in the professional hands of licensed electricians to make sure everything functions 100% is always the safest option.

Take a look at some of the important questions you need to ask before hiring an electrical contractor. Whether it's about electrical repairs or electrical installations from scratch, take a look at some basic, yet essential questions to ensure high-quality work!

1. Do you have a licence?

You might think that knowing the right wires to connect is enough to become an authorised electrical contractor. In reality, it's a big responsibility operating as an electrician because it's no easy task. A good electrical contractor is the one who doesn't only install but can also provide you with reliable advice regarding the design of the electrical system in your property. Installing a single-phase electrical system is for example different from installing a three-phase electrical system. Thus, ensuring you're hiring a licensed electrical contractor will guarantee that everything is done according to requirements set by local authorities.

2. Do you have an insurance cover?

In any type of electrical work there is no room for mistakes. However, if something goes wrong, you could literally end up with a dangerous electrical system installed or in extreme cases, a burned down building. Therefore, when thinking of hiring an electrical contractor, wanting to know whether or not the company is insured, is certainly legitimate. It's not like when negotiating on a price of some sort of product. An electrical contractor has to be insured - don't hesitate to ask for details about the company's insurance coverage when thinking of hiring it for your project.

3. What types of electrical works do you do most?

Like in any other job, an electrical contractor has their specialised area of expertise. Hence, asking about general electrical works carried out to get an idea of their experience will give you the peace of mind you're looking for. There might be an electrician who only does electrical works on shell places rather than on already existing electrical systems. It's very important to ask about such things because even the completion of the project might take a longer course, especially if you need to carry out work on old, existing systems.  

4. Do you provide price quotations?

Although the principles of how electrical systems work might not differ, the price does vary! If you're interested in hiring an electrical contractor ask if they can come on-site to inspect the place and discuss with you what needs to be done. On-site consultations are also beneficial for an electrician to provide you with practical advice on what and what not to do, particularly if you might have had an idea already in mind. A trustworthy electrician will provide you with a personalised advice according to your requirements and give you a detailed quote of the costs needed to cover the job. Like this, you can know if it's within your budget too.

5. Do you have 24hr emergency services?

This is definitely an important question to ask. You never know when and how an electrical fault might occur. Be it because the system got hit by lightning, misuse, corrosion or other factors, you want to have someone to rely on when you know you cannot control a sudden emergency. Check with the company whether or not they offer 24hr emergency services and whether there are additional costs involved if you make use of it. Having this clear in mind can certainly be of relief in case you need professional help in not so popular hours or days.

DB Installation Services Ltd is just the team of electrical contractors you need for a range of electrical works. Whether it's about ELV installations, electrical alterations, faults, maintenance or other, you can rely on a fully qualified and licensed team of electrical contractors 24/7.

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