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Clogged drains! Again? Here are 5 things causing it

by DB Installation Services Ltd

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Clogged drains are certainly a common plumbing problem a household encounter. Having been in this business for more than 20 years, the professional plumbers at DB Installation Services Ltd have faced various situations. Whether small or large complications, the causes of clogged drains are very often the result of the everyday activities at home.

If you're dealing with clogged drains, yet another time, with just a few more attention you can avoid plumbing problems. Here are the 5 most common things that result in clogged drains.

1. Hair

Human hair and also animal fur or other similar stuff is a big contributor to clogged drains. Whether it's following a bath, or after you have washed your dog in the shower, all the brushed off hair goes down the drain. You obviously find it easy to wash away all the accumulated hair with some water and have once again a clean bath or shower. But, what you might not know is that hair can knot up and as it combines with other substances in the drains, such as soap, you end up with a blockage. Hence, you must ensure to collect hair before it goes down the drain or else install hair catchers.

2. Soap

As much as you enjoy smelling laundry fresh out of the washing machine, the drain pipes do not enjoy dealing with soap. It contains grease and fat, which when combined with water, hair or other, a hard residue is created. This hard residue, also known as soap scum, makes the drain pipes thinner and therefore make it more difficult for water to pass through. Clogged drains caused by soap are not only common with the washing machine's drains but also in bathroom drains - when you use traditional soap bars or thick shower gels. It's only with professional pressure cleaning of drain pipes that you can then eliminate all the soap buildup.

3. Food leftovers

This is the main cause of clogged drains in kitchen sinks. You might think that food leftovers are tiny pieces that are easily broken down once you have disposed of them in the drains. But, food leftovers must never go down the drain. Food waste, such as tea leaves or coffee grounds, are among the worst for drain pipes since they do not break down. Other types of food leftovers and food waste to be cautious about not throwing away in the drains include grease and oil. These harden in the pipes and lead to a blockage inevitably. If you want to avoid any hassle, throw any food leftovers in the organic waste bin. 

4. Toilet paper

Although toilet paper has a tendency to dissolve when flushed in the toilet, there is still room for a clogged toilet. Especially, if you're using quilted toilet paper or large amounts. Sometimes, with the use of a plunger you can free the blockage but if the toilet remains filled with water, you'll need the intervention of a professional plumber. If you really want to avoid problems however, it's best to keep a small bin next to the toilet and dispose of toilet paper in it. This also applies when using sanitary towels, cotton swabs or tampons. These grow in size when absorbing fluids, so they will definitely create a blockage.

5. Leaves 

If you have external drains on the roof, backyard or balcony, you need to watch out for them. These can easily get clogged with leaves and plants. Especially, if they are surrounded by trees or plants. Rain or wind can move leaves towards the external drains and block the way for water to go through. Thus, it's important to make sure the surroundings of the external drains is always clear with regular sweeping for example. Like this, you ensure nothing is obstructing the drains. 

With so many things causing clogged drains, the best way is to prevent them from happening. You don't need much! Just little attention when doing your daily chores around the house can avoid complex situations where you'd need a plumber's assistance. In that case, at DB Installation Services Ltd we're always ready to come solve your problem.

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