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Air Conditioners in Malta & Gozo: Stores and Suppliers

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Qormi, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Air Conditioners
  • Marketplace

At our showroom one can find all possible air conditioners. We cater for residential and commercial premises. Visit us today to discuss which air conditioner suits your needs and the size of your room. Our sales persons are ready to assist you.

  •   Sinclair air conditioners
  •   Domestic & Commercial air conditioners
  •   Eco Smart Systems
  •   Wi-Fi module
  •   Portable air conditioners
  •   System design & installation

KBL Services

Naxxar, Malta | Air Conditioners
  • Marketplace

If you require highly reliable and efficient air conditioner services, KBL Services is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for more information!

  •   Air-condition installation
  •   Filter maintenance
  •   Filter replacement
  •   Industrial HVAC installation
  •   Ventilation and extraction
  •   A/C maintenance and repair

Air Solutions Limited

Zurrieq, Malta | Air Conditioners

Whether installing an air conditioner from scratch or wishing to upgrade it, we give you the right air conditioning systems for home or workspace. We specialise in selling, installing, maintaining & repairing HVAC systems for complete indoor comfort.


Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo ( +1 more locations ) | Air Conditioners
  • Marketplace

At our showroom you can find all possible air conditioners. We cater for residential and commercial premises. Visit us today to discuss with our experienced salespersons which air conditioner suits your needs and the size of your room.

Arjakon Co Ltd

Msida, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver

At Arjakon Co Ltd we try our very best to provide the clients with not only the best of our products Fujiair, Electra and Airwell but we are guaranteed to also send the best staff members to check out and install your air conditioner.

Cassar Airconditioning Systems Ltd (CAS)

Sta Venera, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver

We are fully equipped to assist clients' H.V.A.C. needs, we keep stock of spare parts for all products on sale for peace of mind and also provide maintenance agreements on a vast number of different products.

Kencar Co Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

When it comes to having an air conditioner in your own home it is always great to have, if you are feeling hot or feeling cold you can set the temperature just how you would like it to. Take a look at what we would have to offer.

Cooltek Services

Tarxien, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Looking for an air conditioner? At Cooltek Services we offer a wide choice of air conditioners from well-renowned brands like GREE. For residential, industrial & commercial use, and also for auto & marine. Talk to us now!

S A Services

Swieqi, Malta | Air Conditioners

We are a leading provider of sales, repairs, installation & maintenance of air conditioning systems for both residential & light commercial use. Contact us today for a quote on an installation & to hear more about our products.


Qormi, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you need a new air conditioner take a look at the most premium quality brands Daikin which are sold from our company M.A.A. It has a lot of benefits that the clients can enjoy it and set it up depending on the environment that they are in.

Shead Air Conditioning

San Gwann, Malta | Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is so beautiful to own no matter the time, day or weather, it can be used to help you keep warm or cool. If you are in need of finding one all you need to do is head down to Shead Air Conditioning and find one today!

Vairni Services Ltd

Fgura, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver

We have many different services of which the clients working with us are able to choose from. Turnkey projects: design service, structural works, tile laying and more,  mechanical and air conditioning services as well as electrical services.

Joseph Cutajar Services

San Gwann, Malta | Air Conditioners

For professional air conditioning installations, repairs, and maintenance, turn to Joseph Cutajar Services today. Through our reliable solutions, our team helps you keep your AC in top shape all year round. Contact us!


Zabbar, Malta | Air Conditioners

If you are searching for high-quality air-conditioners, Airmaster is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today!

Modern Refrigeration Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver

Require air conditioning services? We at Modern Refrigeration and Air conditioning offer products, installation and repair services for Marine air conditioning, auto air conditioning, marine refrigeration, refrigerated trucks and Ice Machines.

9twenty Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Air Conditioners

A Gauci Installations

Mosta, Malta | Air Conditioners

A to Z Electronics

B’Kara, Malta | Air Conditioners
Closed Now
1 Reviews

Able Co Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Air Conditioners

Air - Tro Services

Ghaxaq, Malta | Air Conditioners

Albert Spiteri

Siggiewi, Malta | Air Conditioners


Sliema, Malta | Air Conditioners

Futura Home Appliances

San Gwann, Malta | Air Conditioners

JC Installations

B’Kara, Malta | Air Conditioners

Johann Meli Airconditioners

Naxxar, Malta | Air Conditioners
Joseph Tabone

Joseph Tabone

Fontana-Gozo, Gozo | Air Conditioners

JPC Air-Conditioning

Rabat, Malta | Air Conditioners
Kenneth Micallef Coolbox

Kenneth Micallef Coolbox

Pieta’, Malta | Air Conditioners

Kenneth Sound & Vision Centre

Gzira, Malta | Air Conditioners
Lia Enterprises Ltd

Lia Enterprises Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Air Conditioners
Mark Anthony Barbara

Mark Anthony Barbara

Tarxien, Malta | Air Conditioners
Open Now
1 Reviews

Smart Effects Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Air Conditioners

Vassallo Maintenance Solutions

Qormi, Malta | Air Conditioners
Whitefrost Co Ltd

Whitefrost Co Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Air Conditioners

Did you mean a company called Air Conditioners?

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Air Conditioners in Malta and Gozo

Are you moving house and you need to install new air conditioners for your living space? Is your current unit in need of a replacement? Discover air conditioner suppliers around Malta and Gozo on Yellow and compare prices and products online or in person.

Why Buy an Air Conditioner?

With our Mediterranean climate (temperatures over 30 degrees in summer and under 10 degrees in winter), temperatures inside are unbearable without a proper AC system. A good quality air conditioner enables you to regulate temperatures, thus creating a more relaxed and comfortable living and working environment apart from a better performance. In this day and age, these heating and cooling systems have become more affordable, and energy-efficient options are available for everyone's pocket.

Which Air Conditioner Types Are Offered by Suppliers in Malta?

Apart from different brands, air conditioners come in different forms. You can choose from cassette air conditioners, concealed, ducted, inverter air conditioners, mini, single and multi split, portable ACs, reverse cycle air conditioners and much more. Whether you're looking for a ceiling or wall mounted AC, floor, indoor, outdoor, or window air conditioner, you can find a vast selection of domestic, commercial, industrial and HVAC systems. AC suppliers will be able to guide you in choosing the best product for your space and your needs.

Detailed specifications that include information about the power supply, minimum and maximum temperature and efficiency are generally included on business websites to facilitate the buying process.

Air Conditioners: A Buying Guide

When looking around for an air conditioner, you need to take into consideration several factors to make sure you buy the right product for your space:

Size of Air Conditioner Unit

The unit size (BTU) you choose is a very important factor when choosing an air conditioner. The size of the room is the primary determining factor. If its cooling capacity is too low, it will take too long to regulate the temperature, while if it's too high, it will not be as effective, as it wouldn't have time to reduce moisture in the air. The BTU you opt for needs to be in proportion to the room size. A vast open plan for instance, would require a larger capacity AC and may even need more than one air conditioner for optimum effectiveness. Check out the BTU calculator here.

Apart from the length and width of the room, the BTU you choose depends also on the height of the ceiling, aperture size and orientation, number of people occupying the room, insulation materials such as blinds and curtains, climate, and the room where it's going to be placed.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an air conditioner which is energy-efficient is both advantageous to the environment and to your pocket as you'll be reducing pollution and paying less bills. The higher the EER rating (BTU rating over wattage), the more efficient the AC will be.

To accelerate the cooling process, it's recommended you use a ceiling or floor fan in conjunction with an AC.

Type of AC

The type of AC you choose depends on your needs, your space and your budget. If you want to install an AC system for a whole house, you may opt for ducted air conditioner, while a wall AC would be suitable for a small room. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are ideal options for office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other commercial or industrial spaces. If you want to be able to heat and cool rooms, you need to settle on a reverse cycle air conditioning unit.

The space you have available is also a determining factor. A portable air conditioner would, for instance, need some floor space.

AC Filter Location

Make sure the location of the AC filter is accessible as you'll need to carry out regular cleaning for optimum performance at all times.

Air Conditioner Price

Air conditioners come in various prices. Cost depends on the brand, type of AC, BTU, warranty, features and services offered, so check all factors accordingly.

Air Conditioner Features

ACs differ greatly in the features they showcase. Some may come with a timer, can be controlled via a remote control, may have human sensors, adjustable louvres and different fan speeds. Want to return to a cool and refreshing home? A smart air conditioner is the way to go, as you'll be able to control the AC via wifi. Silent air conditioners are especially opted for in bedrooms when having a noisy AC is not possible. Depending on what your priorities are, you can choose to have a diversity of features.

When Should You Buy an Air Conditioner?

The best time to buy an air conditioner depends on your budget. If you buy it before extreme temperatures kick in, it will be ready to be used when needed most, but installers will be very busy. However, if you buy it after peak season, you may find them cheaper.

Where Should You Install an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners would ideally be installed in the spaces where you'll be spending most time in, especially open plan areas and bedrooms. Make sure you do not install them near other heat sources and preferably in shaded positions.

How Do You Choose an Air Conditioner Supplier?

The supplier you choose to buy the air conditioner from depends on the brand you're inclined toward, apart from the warranty, and after sales service. Check reviews and ask for references to ensure you're entrusting the right company.

Air Conditioning Services

Why is your air conditioner not cooling? Why is it leaking water? Apart from selling air conditioners, a number of these suppliers also offer consultation, installation, maintenance, and air conditioner repairs by certified technicians, in an endeavour to provide a comprehensive service.

Along with ACs, businesses usually also offer another popular product: dehumidifiers. These devices are usually portable and easy to move around so you can make the most of them wherever needed, especially as the local humidity level is quite high. Dehumidifiers will help your laundry dry faster, lower the risk of diseases such as asthma, and help you sleep better.  

Looking to make your home more comfortable during the hotter and colder months? Check out our tips for a cooler home in summer and a cosy space in winter


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