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Monopole Ltd

Sliema, Malta | Wigs & Hairpieces

Do you want to be a fashion icon? We offer a variety of hair wigs and pieces to choose from. You can rely on us always to provide a great product offering and service. We value your well-being and hair style. Contact us.

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Hair Extensions by Maris

B’Kara, Malta | Wigs & Hairpieces
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Mercy Hair World

Msida, Malta | Wigs & Hairpieces
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New Hair Zones

Lija, Malta | Wigs & Hairpieces
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The Fixx Hair & Nails

Gzira, Malta | Wigs & Hairpieces

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Wigs and Hairpieces in Malta & Gozo

An indispensable element that directly affects the way you feel and look, a head fully covered with healthy hair is all you need at times to lift your self-esteem and improve your quality of life. So if you're suffering from hair loss either due to a specific condition such as alopecia or medical treatment like chemotherapy, a good quality wig and hairpiece can improve your appearance and add versatility to your style.

What services are offered by wigs and hairpieces suppliers in Malta and Gozo?

The local wig and hairpiece industry is increasingly gaining momentum with a number of suppliers available, catering for both female and male clients. Wigs and hairpieces are on hand in both their synthetic and human hair variety, in all colours and textures. Other popular products sold are hair extensions, toupees and numerous hair accessories, which consist of clip-in ponytails, hair toppers and hair buns, bangs and fringes, as well as bandanas and hats. All products can be purchased off-the-rack or you may pre-order your custom-made products.

However, selecting a wig or hairpiece is easier said than done and for this reason suppliers offer expert consultation. If you feel you need guidance, you may go ahead and book an appointment with a wig expert who will listen to your hair concerns and will offer you the ideal solution.

One more service offered by some suppliers is hair loss treatment. Depending on the experts employed, these may consist of medical hair loss products like shampoos, sprays and foams, specialised treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a non-surgical treatment whereby blood is extracted from the patient, shaken to separate the plasma and then injected back in the scalp, as well as laser hair growth (LLLT) which makes use of laser at a specific wavelength to stimulate hair growth.

What are the differences between wigs, hairpieces and toupees?

Wigs: ideal for an instant makeover and total coverage, wigs are one of the oldest methods of replacing lost hair, with evidence suggesting that wearing wigs dates back to several centuries.

Hairpieces: designed to offer a variety of coverage depending on your needs, a hairpiece includes a number of items such as hair extensions, head wraps, bangs, extensions and other hairpieces. These can also be customised to either cover an entire scalp or fill in any thinning parts, while they can be crafted to be durable enough that you do not need to take it off when sleeping or showering.

Toupees: these are usually associated with men, however, there are toupees designed for women that help cover any visible partial baldness, most especially that found on the top part of the crown. Kept in place with either a two-sided tape or a specialised liquid glue, it blends with any existing hair that you might have on the side and back of your head.

Should you select human hair or synthetic hair wigs?

Typically, wigs and hairpieces are produced from either synthetic or human fibres. Understanding the differences between the two will greatly help you narrow down your choice and select the perfect wig for you. Both have their advantages and limitations, however, what will probably condition your final choice is your budget, time and needs.

Below are some of the pros and cons of each one:

Human hair wigs

Harvested from human hair so it feels and looks just like your own hair, this type of wig can last a year or more with proper care and maintenance, whereas it offers ample styling versatility. This means that it can be straightened or permed and even coloured to your liking. Ideally, you should go to a professional to have your hair dyed, yet, if you'd like to give it a shot at home, here are 10 steps to dyeing your hair at home. However, there are a few cons, such as the fact that it is one of the more expensive alternatives. What's more, these wigs require more effort and skill to style, while they tend to be more fragile so harsh brushing or using heated styling tools on a regular basis will adversely affect it and may fade the colour. Lastly, a human hair wig will react to the weather, so just like your hair may become frizzy when humidity strikes, so can your wig.

Synthetic wigs

Although synthetic wigs may not feel and look like your normal hair, there are some high-quality options that look as close to the real thing as possible. Low maintenance and offering a wide colour selection, these do tend to be more affordable and they are very easy to care for. This is due to the fact that they never need to be styled thanks to their style retention properties. All you need to do is simply wash and dry and the hairpiece will go back to its initial style. On the flip side, certain cheap alternatives may have too much of a shine which makes them look unnatural.

Heat resistant wigs

As technology in this industry has evolved, heat resistant wigs have emerged, becoming ever so popular. Made to resist heat from styling tools, these wigs can be restyled as you please, while thanks to its retention properties, it will go back to its most recent heat-styled look once it has been washed and dried without you needing to do something in particular. Yet, a major con to keep in mind with these wigs is that they only have a lifespan of a few months, while they cannot be coloured so you must ensure that you select the appropriate wig that will match your preferred look.

Other things to consider when purchasing a hairpiece

As mentioned earlier on, the fibre a wig is made out of will act as a crucial factor when it comes to your selection, however, there are other things you need to take into account too. For starters, knowing your budget will increasingly narrow down your choice. In addition, if you're suffering from hair loss, determining whether your hair will grow back or not may help you decide whether you should opt for a hairpiece that is more long-lasting like the human hair variety or one that you can use for a few months. Lastly, do you enjoy changing your look frequently? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you must opt for a wig that can be styled from day to day without adding any stress to the fibres.  

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