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Watch dealers in Malta & Gozo for watches that make a statement

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Victor Azzopardi Jewellers

Pieta’, Malta | Watch Dealers
We Deliver
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Visit Victor Azzopardi Jewellers and discover the luxurious range of timeless, elegant watches for him and her. Manufactured with the latest technology and innovative designs, get ready to strap on quality and durability with our watch brands.

  •   Luxury watches
  •   For him & her
  •   Innovative watch technologies
  •   Classic & sporty models
  •   Timeless watch designs
  •   Reputable international brands

GB Jewellers

B’Kara, Malta | Watch Dealers
We Deliver

Watches are more than time tellers, they're an extension of you and make the perfect gift. We are famous watch dealers with a huge selection of premium custom-made watches to suit any style, occasion or budget. Learn more!


Sliema, Malta | Watch Dealers

At our store, you can get your hands on a selection of luxury watches including Jaguar, Casio, Seiko, Lotus and Calypso watches

A Agius

A Agius

Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers

Agius Central Watch Dealer

Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers
Anthony Agius Jewellery & Watch Dealer

Anthony Agius Jewellery & Watch Dealer

Sliema, Malta | Watch Dealers


Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers
Bulova, Citizen & Roamer Watches

Bulova, Citizen & Roamer Watches

San Gwann, Malta | Watch Dealers

Caruana Mosta

Mosta, Malta | Watch Dealers
Closed Now
1 Reviews

Edwards Lowell Co Ltd

San Giljan, Malta | Watch Dealers
Fotoline Studio

Fotoline Studio

Zabbar, Malta | Watch Dealers

J Agius & Bros

Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers

John Vella

Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers

Luxury Watches

Naxxar, Malta | Watch Dealers
PANERAI Boutique

Ray's Jewellery

Fgura, Malta | Watch Dealers


San Giljan, Malta | Watch Dealers
Swiss Watch Club

Swiss Watch Club

Valletta, Malta | Watch Dealers


Hamrun, Malta | Watch Dealers


Sliema, Malta | Watch Dealers
Watch Surgeon

Did you mean a company called Watch Dealers?

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Watch Dealers in Malta and Gozo

Looking for a new timepiece for your wardrobe? Or seeking a gift for Christmas, Valentine's day or for your anniversary? Explore the number of watch shops listed on Yellow and find the best men's watches and watches for women in no time. A stylish timepiece is always a lovely addition to your jewellery collections and will always be appreciated by men, women and kids alike.

Why buy a watch?

Although mobile phones have infiltrated society and impacted everyone's individual lives, timepieces have not lost any of their charm and are still sought for. Why are people still buying them?

A watch is a practical form of jewellery as time is always handy. You don't need to stay looking for your phone or worry about having your phone's battery drained. Apart from being functional, it's a stylish add-on to your outfit and with the diversity of styles which are available in today's market, you'll find one suitable for any formal occasion or casual activity. By time you may own a collection of watches, in an endeavour to display the right finishing touch every time. Although women have several jewellery options, watches are the prime elements of male jewellery, so investing in these items is one of the few ways to reflect your personality and tastes. In the case of luxury watches, they are statement pieces; they reflect status and are a great investment as they will go up in value and can be passed on as an heirloom.

Buying Watches: What do you need to consider?

When shopping for a timepiece, its aesthetic appeal is what catches your attention first. However, check out some of the factors you need to take into consideration to ensure a responsible purchase:

Watch brands

There is a multitude of renowned brands to choose from when shopping for a timepiece. From Omega watches to Casio, Rolex, Seiko and Tissot watches, Diesel, Citizen, Guess, Fossil and Swatch watches, each brand has its own style and experiments with different features and mechanisms. Brand could either be used as a starting point or as a determining factor at the end, depending on whether you're inclined to a specific company or not.

Watch Type

Depending on what your needs and tastes are, you'll find any timepiece you have in mind. From dress watches to pocket watches, driving and dive watches, field and aviator watches, sport watches, bangers, wrap and bracelet watches, and fashion and luxury timepieces, you can find a large variety of timepieces for men and women alike. Each has its own characteristics which makes it unique from other styles; a dress watch would be more appropriate for a formal occasion, a field watch more for casual outings and a diving watch for underwater use. Timepieces can be chosen in analog, chronograph, digital and dual analog format. Unsure which one to opt for? An interchangeable watch may be your solution, giving you the possibility to change strap according to your outfit and the occasion in question.

If you're more interested in smart watches, best to visit the tech stores listed on Yellow for the latest products on the market.

Material of Watches

Watches come in various materials to accommodate all preferences and all requirements. From ceramic, carbon fibre, leather, nylon and other fabric watches, stainless steel, titanium and gold watches, rubber and plastic ones, the choice is vast.

Timing mechanisms

Mechanical watches

The most refine of watches, a lot of craftsmanship goes into producing mechanical timepieces. Wound by hand, they require no battery and their minuscule mechanisms give them character. Although full of character, these timepieces have their own cons. They are vulnerable to natural elements and need to be maintained every couple of years to remain accurate due to the intricate mechanisms. They're also more expensive than other types.

Automatic watches

These timepieces are similar to mechanical ones, with the sole difference of having automatic winding, requiring no hand winding. It is imperative they are stored in specialised winders when idle.

Quartz watches

More accurate, reliable and affordable, these products are more durable to weather elements and require less maintenance, apart from replacing the battery every couple of years. When compared to mechanical and automatic watches, they have less craftsmanship, but would be suitable for strenuous activities.

Other common mechanisms include solar and kinetic mechanisms.

Watch Colours

When choosing colour, take into consideration both the face and the watch strap. Choosing a neutral colour which would fit any outfit would be preferable but you may choose to mix and match face and strap colours.

Watch Features

Would you like all the hands to show? Do you prefer the numbers to be in Arabic or Roman format? Would a square, round or rectangular case suit your taste? It may seem obvious, but make sure the timepiece is legible enough to read the time efficiently. Apart from telling time, some also display and include other elements, such as date, moon phases, barometers, alarms and much more, depending on which features you want your watch to showcase. Some illuminate in the dark and others are water resistant.

Watch Size

Choosing the right size is crucial if you want to feel comfortable and enjoy wearing it. When possible, do try it on and make sure it's proportional to your wrist size and not too large or too small.


Branded timepieces come with a hefty price tag. Do set a budget or you'll end up spending way more than you can actually afford. There's a major difference between buying a fashion accessory and a branded watch, especially if it's a limited edition or a vintage piece. Evaluate how frequent you're going to wear it, how comfortable you'll feel wearing it and whether it's for investment purposes. Choosing a renowned brand will ensure higher quality, and thus a longer lifespan. Also, check if the brand offers warranty and after sales maintenance if the need arises.

Purpose of the Watch

Why are you buying this timepiece? Where will you be wearing it? What do you need it for? Is your main priority functionality, prestige, or brand? These are questions which need to be answered if you want to buy the right piece for your kind of lifestyle. Regardless of its purpose, do choose a watch which is functional and stylish at the same time.

Watch Accessories & Servicing

Apart from selling timepieces, some watch stores may offer watch repair, engraving, and battery and strap replacement. Parts they may offer for sale include winders, batteries and different textured and coloured straps.

How can you maintain your watch?

To avoid damaging it, refrain from wearing bracelets on the same wrist as the watch. Keep it away from extreme temperatures, extreme sports, chemical products, magnetic forces and water. Clean and maintain it regularly and visit an authorised dealer when you need to replace any parts.


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