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Tyre Dealers in Malta & Gozo for your car's tyres

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Forklift Garage

Qormi, Malta | Tyre Dealers
We Deliver

We are your ideal choice for quality forklift tyres complete with type servicing by our skilled mechanics. Our comprehensive services include everything from tyre sales and repairs to efficient wheel balancing services and so much more.

  •   Heavy-duty forklift tyres
  •   Forklift tyre replacement
  •   Wheel alignment
  •   World-renowned brands
  •   Variety of tyre sizes
  •   Reliable mechanics

John Bull Garage

Mosta, Malta | Tyre Dealers
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

When it comes to our cars sometimes our tyres will not last for a long period of time and that is why we have our services. Helping out the clients who are in need of a tyre, whatever the car we might help out!

Jame Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Tyre Dealers

We stock new and second-hand tyres from a number of brands in different sizes. We also offer an electric wheel balancing service, tyre repairs, greasing service and valve replacement not to mention one-day sourcing of tyres if they're not stocked.

Closed Now
1 Reviews

GTS Tyre Centre

Fgura, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Tyre servicing is a very important task for your automobile tyres. Safety on the roads is an essential duty for all drivers which should be taken seriously. We are fully stocked with high-quality tyres and we offer all services a tyre or wheel need.

Motorbike Link

Mosta, Malta | Tyre Dealers

For the best adventures with your motorcycle or scooter ensure you have the right set of tyres. Visit our shop today to view the wide choice of Continental tyres we bring you for all weather conditions, ensuring optimized road grip & handling.

A A Tyre Services

Sta Venera, Malta | Tyre Dealers
We Deliver

Drop by A A Tyre Service to view the whole collection of high-quality tyres from major international brands like Michelin, Continental & more. Suitable for cars & light vehicles, our staff can help you find the perfect set. We also do tyre repairs!

Metro Tyres

Mosta, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Do you want to drive on the road epically? We offer a wide range of tyres for you to choose from, so contact us and we will provide you the tyres that you need. We offer different types of tyres and offer diverse types of tyres for different cars.

88 Automotive

88 Automotive

Ghaxaq, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Apollo Tyre & Battery Centre

Naxxar, Malta | Tyre Dealers
Custon Car Centre

Custon Car Centre

Fgura, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Fastlane Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Tyre Dealers
L K Ltd

L K Ltd

Zebbug, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Midway Tyre Services (Tal-Kamu)

Zebbug, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Prestige Express

Luqa, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Standard (Continental Tyres)

Sta Venera, Malta | Tyre Dealers
Ta' Borgu Tyre Service

Ta' Borgu Tyre Service

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Tyre Dealers

Tar-Rebek Tyre Services

Marsa, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Tony's Approved Auto Sales

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Tyre Dealers


Gharghur, Malta | Tyre Dealers
Vince Garage

Vince Garage

Qormi, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Did you mean a company called Tyre Dealers?

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Tyre Dealers in Malta and Gozo

Looking for a new set of tyres for your car? Check out the range of dealers listed on Yellow and choose from the vast spectrum of tyres which come in all shapes, sizes and treads. Any vehicle you own, be it a compact car or a motorcycle, a minivan or a truck, you will find suitable new and second-hand tyres for each make and model.

Why change tyres?

Being the sole components which are in contact with the underlying road, tyres are one of the most essential features which determine your car's performance. Having said that, they are not there to last a lifetime. Tread will wear out throughout the years, which will, in turn, reduce road grip, making your vehicle less efficient and more dangerous to drive, especially on slippery roads. Hence, they must be changed every couple of years in order to enhance efficiency and safety throughout all journeys. High-quality reputable ones will ensure you don't endanger your life, your passengers' lives and those of pedestrians or other car passengers. Thus, it's crucial that quality is never compromised when fitting new tyres.

When should you replace tyres?

Although no specific expiry date is printed on tyres, they are not meant to remain unchanged for a lot of years. They don't have a fixed lifespan as their longevity depends on how much time you spend driving, the type of road surfaces you drive on, your driving style, road temperature, brand and type of vehicle. If your daily routes include bumpy roads littered with potholes, you experience hot temperatures in summer, and you carry out a lot of sudden braking, your tyres will wear out quicker.

Worn down tyres can jeopardise your safety on the road so it's important to inspect them on a regular basis. Factors you need to look out for include tread depth, which shouldn't be below 1.6mm, uneven wear patterns, cracks in the sidewall, bulges, and blisters. Your mechanic would generally give you an indication on when they would need to be replaced. You should preferably replace them before the winter season kicks in to ensure better grip in wet conditions.

Types of Tyres

Tyres come in various forms and tread patterns with a diversity of specifications. The specifications which vary are generally related to size, traction and seasonality. No matter what your vehicle is, you'll find suitable 4x4 tyres, bicycle, car, caravan, motorcycle tyres, and other commercial, industrial, agricultural and other heavy vehicle tyres. Different types include low profile, racing, run flat, wide, tubeless, vintage, winter, all terrain, reinforced and touring tyres. The most renowned brands include Michelin tyres, Nexen, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop and Pirelli tyres. Feeling lost? These dealers will have the technical expertise to guide you in choosing the best products for your vehicle.

What should you take into consideration when choosing tyres for your vehicle?

Despite coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, each vehicle has its own tyre specifications which are set by the manufacturing company. The original ones are designed to heighten the performance of your vehicle and fitting different ones would affect its handling and may even cause damage, thus affecting efficiency and safety. Thus, although it would be ideal to replace your car tyres with an original set, you may choose to save on this costly investment and visit local dealers. They will determine the right products for your model and will suggest the best ones for your needs.

Here are some of the factors which you need to take into consideration:

Tyre Size

Choosing the correctly sized tyres for your vehicle is crucial as wrong sized ones will cause damage to your car and dwindle its performance. The true size would be marked on a label on the edge of the driver's door, or else on the sidewall of your tyres. You'll find a code with a concoction of letters and numbers describing the type of vehicle (passenger or light truck), tyre width in millimetres, height of sidewall in percentage, rim diameter, load index and speed rating. Having these exact specifications will ensure your new set will be identical to the manufacturer's recommended sizes.

Purpose of Tyres

What will you be using your car for? Off-roading will require 4x4 tyres, while high-performance ones would be more appropriate if you like racing. Standard ones would be more than enough if you'll be driving on city roads. If you'll be loading your vehicle with a lot of heavy items, you need to make sure your new ones can handle the required load.

New vs Used Tyres

Opting for new or second hand tyres depends on your budget. New ones usually come with a warranty, have a 100% tread and no damage. Used ones may only be slightly worn, so they're still a good option if you're on a tight budget, and you'll be helping the environment since you'll be re-using products which would otherwise be discarded.

Number of tyres

It could be that only one tyre's tread depth is worn out, but replacing just one is not recommended. They are usually changed in pairs or the whole set is replaced, in order to maintain vehicle stability and control while driving.

Budget for tyres

Price shouldn't be the top priority when shopping for new tyres. Opting for cheap ones is not a wise decision as they wouldn't have a good grip, tread will wear out quicker, and they would be less economical. More expensive ones would be more efficient and durable. Do look around and compare prices from various dealers. Dealers would generally offer a variety of premium, mid-range and budget tyres.

Tyre seasonality

You may be required to change your tyres according to season, especially if you travel abroad with your car. Icy road surfaces require winter tyres, while extreme heat in certain countries may require summer ones. All season tyres would be appropriate for Malta's weather, due to the lack of extremities.

Tyre Noise

Tyre noise varies according to tread designs. It's best to read reviews on this matter as there is no way you can know beforehand.

Type of Vehicle

Be it a domestic, commercial or industrial vehicle, different tyres exist to cater for any make and model. You may also want to achieve specific looks; low profile tyres would be ideal for a sports car, while bigger ones would give it a rugged look. However, make sure you always balance looks with performance.

Tyre brand

Always choose high-quality renowned brands as safety should always remain the top priority. Additionally, a set of tyres should preferably be of the same brand so they would have the exact tread patterns.

Caring for your tyres

Tyres need constant upkeep if you want them to last you longer and if you wish to retain your vehicle's performance. You need to check their pressure regularly and ensure they're not under-inflated and even overinflated. Proper inflation will reduce fuel consumption, making your vehicle more economical. In case you observe any uneven wear, you can choose to rotate them or swap rear ones with the front or vice versa. However, when tread depth is less than 1.6mm, make sure you have them replaced. Taking your tyres for regular servicing will also enhance their lifespan. Make sure you don't forget to check on your spare tyre and ensure it isn't deflated.

Other Tyre Services

Apart from selling new and used tyres, these dealers may offer other related products such as alloy wheels, car rims, and customised rims. Additionally, these dealers may offer related services, including tyre fitting, refill, puncture repair, servicing and wheel alignment and balancing. Click here for companies specialising in repair. 

Discover the range of tyre shops across Malta and Gozo and enhance your vehicle's performance with high-quality tyres, while ensuring safety throughout every drive. Always make sure your car won't sustain any damage if you insert different tyres from its original ones. 


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