How to pick the perfect gym for you

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We know that some of you have been looking for a gym to sign up to, to get rid of that bulge you’ve raised during the Christmas season. Avoid spending money on a gym that won’t guarantee results and consider these 6 factors before choosing a gym!


Although Malta is mighty small, let’s face it, all you need is one reason to NOT go to the gym, and very often “It’s too far” is one of them. Make sure you choose a gym close by to you so you’ll have no excuse not to attend it. There’s nothing better than walking straight into your own shower after an hour-long intensive work out.

Opening hours

This factor might sound silly to some, but it is vital for those who work long or strange hours. If you’re a busy person, signing up to a 24-hour gym, or one that opens very early and closes late at night, might be the way to go! These gyms allow you to fit in your workouts in your empty time slots. No more saying ‘I don’t have time’!


Let’s face it, we can’t all afford high-end gyms, especially students. Working out is a lifestyle so you need to make sure you can finance it constantly. Look for gyms that fit into your budget or if you’re a student, take advantage of the student discounts offered by some gyms.


Some of us require cardio machines in order to shed the fat, others look to strength workouts in order to bulk up. Some people also prefer their gym to have pool and spa facilities. Before signing up to a gym, make sure to check their brochures or websites in order to guarantee they have the facilities you need to be your best self. It will also help visit the gym you are interested in, in order to get a clearer idea of what the place has to offer and looks like in real life.

Personal trainers

Whereas some us can easily hop onto a treadmill and manage their intervals independently, gym rookies may require some additional help. If you believe you need a personal trainer to help you manage your workouts, make sure to look for a gym which offers such options. Alternatively, you can find one on Yellow.


Here’s the thing, a gym is a place where you expose your problem areas for the world to see. In order to shed the self-consciousness and allow yourself to push yourself to your best capabilities, you need to be in a place you consider a safe zone. Look at gyms your friends attend or invite a buddy to workout with you in order to feel more confident and increase the likelihood of attending the gym.

We hope these tips will help you make the best decision for what your body needs! Happy sweating, fellow gym-ers!

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