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7 Amazing Air Purifying Plants And Where To Get Them

by Chiara Micallef

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Whether you want to remove impurities from your home, or you are worried about toxins or other harmful germs that might be found lingering in the atmosphere, getting an air-purifying plant might just do the trick. 

If you are on the lookout for air-cleaning plants that will improve your home's air quality, check out this list of amazing indoor plants that will not only cleanse your home's air, but they will also add a touch of colour to your house. 

1. Pothos 

This easy to grow indoor plant will help you fight off impurities in no time. You can find these beautiful cascading plants at leading stores around Malta such as Sherries Estates in Burmarrad and Greenscapes in Attard.

2. Chinese Evergreen 

as it has well-drained soil. This plant comes in many different shades and varieties, which makes it a lovely addition to any room in your house. You can get your own Chinese evergreen at Piscopo Gardens.

3. Dwarf Date Palm

These plants make a striking addition to any living room for a number of reasons. First of all, they are super easy to grow. Secondly, they also thrive well in partial shade.  If you're lucky, your date palm can grow anywhere between six to ten feet. You can find a choice of dwarf date palms at Derek Garden Centre.

4. Spider Plant

These resilient plants are ideal for gardening newbies. Not only do they battle toxins such as carbon monoxide and xylene, but they are also non-toxic to animals. These plants thrive in a range of conditions and will present you with tiny spawns that you can grow in separate pots. You can find spider plants at Jardinland in San Pawl il-Bahar or Parisio Nursery & Garden Centre in Lija

5. Rubber Plant

This evergreen is well-loved in Malta due to its hardy nature. It is known to purify any room's air by removing a range of toxins – including benzene and formaldehyde. You can grow rubber plants in any room that has ample bright light. Rubber plants can be found at a number of local nurseries, including Greenscapes in Attard

6. Weeping Fig

This indoor plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and is known to thrive in direct sunlight. You can water it just once weekly, making it a low maintenance addition to your home. Get your own weeping fig at F. Zammit Garden Centre and Calamatta Landscapes

7. Aloe Vera 

This healing plant will happily flourish on any sunny windowsill. This is a favourite among many, as it does not only purify your home's air,  but it also has a range of healing properties. The aloe plant is known to soothe burns too, making it a great plant to keep in your kitchen. You can get your hands on an aloe vera plant at F M Agius Nurseries in Birkirkara

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