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5 Tips To Help You Decorate Your Home Using Plants

by Chiara Micallef

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Three pots with plants

When it comes to interior decor ideas, plants are not given half the credit that they deserve. They do not only instantly beautify any room they are placed in, but they also help us feel happier and more productive. Using plants in interior design may seem like a bit of a challenge at first, especially if your interior is one that focuses on presenting a simple and clean design. However, there are numerous ways with which you can create a holistic atmosphere by balancing out your room's aesthetics using greenery. 

1. Lighting and maintenance 

It's important to place plants in a space within your home where they will be happy. This means that you need to consider natural lighting, sunlight and even whether or not your plant is placed in a difficult-to-reach place. Remember that plants also need to be watered and occasionally pruned, so it is best to fund a suitable space for them within your home. For more tips on choosing the right plant for your lifestyle, read this low-maintenance plant guide

2. Textured plants are your new BFF

Textured plants like the alocasia or the mother-in-law's tongue can be used to create a lovely contrast within your home, while still adhering to pretty much any design palette you have in mind. The orientation of the plant itself can also create a range of indirect shadows or colours in your home. Alocasias thrive in indirect sunlight, which means that you will be able to admire their beautiful corrugated leaves 

3. Corner plants are a secret weapon 

If you have a corner in your home that feels empty or incomplete, rather thank chucking in furniture, get yourself a gracious and tall floor plant. These beautiful additions can add a sense of freshness to your room's decor. However be mindful – floor plants should never exceed the rest of your furniture's height. A six or seven-foot plant is usually enough for residential spaces with regular ceilings. However, if you live in a small apartment with limited space, getting a two or three-foot tall plant is a better option.

4. Consider using blooms 

For less maintenance, you can opt for blooms. They take very little space, add a pop of colour and can be added to a range of vases. Some people may prefer to purchase their blooms, while others find it better to have a larger plant placed in their yard, such as a rosebush, and use it for indoor blooms. 

5. Irregularly shaped pots and plants 

The more varying your pots are in size, the better, this is especially true if you choose to decorate certain rooms using cacti and succulents. These pretty plants are ideal for anyone who has pets that will try to take a nibble from regular plant leaves. Cacti come in many shapes and sizes, making them an interesting choice for anyone who is looking to take a modern approach when it comes to decor. This is mostly due to their symmetrical or linear shapes.

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