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14 Gift ideas for your loved ones

by Mr Yellow

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It's that time of the year again. The bells are ringing, the shops are playing Christmas carols and the streets are filling with people shopping for gifts. Although jewellery and perfume are your typical go-to gift, it might be time to switch it up and opt for something more personal. Here are 14 ideas you could opt for.

For the teens

Gift card

Although sometimes getting someone a gift card may feel cold, in certain circumstance, they're the best option you could opt for. Get your teenage family member a Spotify, PlayStation, Netflix membership card. Trust us, they'll be far happier with something that they really need but can't yet afford by themselves.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs have become a trend in recent years. There are galaxy bombs, scented bombs… You name it, it probably exists! Although they may look dispensable to you, they're the thing on most teens' wish list.

Concert tickets

We all have favourite bands. Some of us will never get to meet their idols and others will be lucky enough to have a family member who loves them enough to buy them concert tickets. Hint hint. That's right, if you want to be the cool aunt or make your significant other very happy this coming Christmas, we recommend you get searching, as tickets sell out fast!

Smartphone projector

The new craze nowadays is taking short Snapchat videos or enjoying the results of Vine's golden years. Let your loved ones enjoy the fruits of their labour by gifting them a smartphone projector. These handy inventions let you screen your videos onto a wall for mass viewing - just what they need to share their crazy pictures and videos with friends.


If you truly love someone, feed their intellect. If you're tight on money this year, go for a good book! We've also laid out a list of books you should be reading this season - so if you're out of ideas of which books to get for your significant other, check it out!

For that emotional factor

DIY yarn creations

What's better than giving someone a gift you spent time and put effort into making? If you have problems deciding what you should make or are unsure of where to start from, check out these DIY yarn creations you could try out!

Family tree certificate

If you know someone who is keen of their heritage but unaware of their origins, why not illustrate their family tree for them? You might have to pay a visit to the Public Registry or the church archives (depending on how far back you want to date the family tree) but the end result will be a one of a kind gift!

ANYTHING Personalised

Here's the thing. Personalised items cannot be replaced or replicated, therefore no matter how small or cheap the item you opt for is, the receivers will be sure to love it. Get them a locket enclosing your picture or an embroidered pillowcase. The emotional touch to this gift will be a winner!

For the fit-sters

Gym membership

No. You will not be implying your loved one has been putting on some handles if you get them a gym membership. Let's face it, gyms are a luxury and not everyone is ready to cash out the membership fees for themselves. If you know your loved one has been thinking about getting a gym membership but has never gotten to it, BEAT THEM TO IT!

Fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelets are ingenious creations for people who want to lose weight. These little inventions help you keep track of how many calories you've burnt throughout the days. So if you know some people who have been looking to get fit but don't have the will to invest in it, do it yourself!

For the tech freaks


We all love our music, especially in the shower, but we all dread the fear of our favourite tech items getting ruined. Buy your loved one a waterproof Bluetooth speaker this year! These gadgets will allow you to connect your phone to the speaker - from a safe distance - while avoiding any chance of your speakers getting ruined.


These things are everywhere! And all for good reason. The trend of instant cameras are back and we love it! Although this gift is on the higher end of the spectrum, their ideal for parents looking to surprise their children or a partner wanting to satisfy their loved one's desires! Make sure you get a roll of film along with this one so you can capture the moment!

Virtual assistant

Siri is what makes the iPhone desirable to most of us. The idea of having a virtual assistant? Sign us up for that one! Buy your loved one a virtual assistant for the home. This will play music on command, switch the lights on and off as desired... All just with a vocal command! People won't even know they'll need it before you get it for them!

Battery charging phone cover

We all know that one person that will never pick up your calls or reply to your messages because their phone is always dead or on flight mode trying to conserve battery life. Purchase a battery charging phone cover for the person in question and watch as your new life unfolds before you. Maybe this will be more of a gift for you after all!

Doesn't this list just fill you up with the Christmas spirit? Don't you just want to head to the shops and feel like Santa himself? Let us know what's on your wishlist, in the comment section below!

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