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DIY Yarn creations

by YELLOW 481 Days

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With the weather getting colder and the rain secluding you to your room, maybe it's time to pick up those dusty knitting needles and get working on some cute DIY wool projects in your time off.
If you've got the motivation but not the inspiration, check out these 10 projects you could take up this fall!
A chunky scarf has become a staple to have in one's wardrobe. Apart from keeping your neck warm and the colds at bay, a well-made scarf is ideal to compliment all of your favorite outfits. We just love TREASURES & TRAVELS' take on this chunky wool scarf!



Beanies look good on everyone! And they're especially helpful when facing a bad hair day. Making a beanie might not be the easiest project to embark but websites like Envato tuts+ will guarantee you get the sweetest of results!


A pair of gloves 
are a must-have when going on a vacation, especially in winter. You don't want to risk your fingers turning into blocks of ice next time you're abroad. Go ahead and equip your armour with a pair of gloves. We find these Martha Stewart mittens adorable!


Time to get cosy under the blankets and watch a good movie with your significant other. What better than to do this under a blanket you've made with your very own hands? The satisfaction will be irreplaceable.Nourish and Nestle makes it look easy too! Could it get any better?

Mug warmer

Don't we all just love a warm beverage? If you know someone who owns a favorite mug and just loves drinking tea or coffee, how about knitting them a cozy mug warmer?  We're sure they'll appreciate it. Setting For Four gives us a quick tutorial through it.


Isn't it just a pain to wake up after a good night's sleep only to be awakened brutally by the cold floor beneath your feet? A large yarn carpet might be the way to go to avoid disappointment. Purl Soho reveals their secret behind this cosy looking rug.


Fill up the space on your couch with some colourful hand-made pillows. Add your own personality to them and let your imagination run wild when it comes to their shape, colour and pattern. Your guests will love the touch of personality just like we love this pillow by Design Sponge.


If you're looking for some cute little puppets to keep you company, make sure to get knitting one of these. Recreate your favorite pet or get the puppet to resemble you or a loved one. The end result sure will be a keeper. Just like this cute little lamb by Petite Purls.

Let us know which project you choose to embark on and share with us the end result! We can't wait to see what creations you come up with.

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