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Yellow in numbers

by Yellow 727 Days

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The ones who know Yellow

Starting with you! You know who we are. We're Yellow Discover Local, the platform that advertises all the local businesses in Malta and Gozo, and we're highly known and used within the Maltese islands. We were curious to know just how many people know about us, so we ran an independent survey conducted by Misco. 1,565 participants were interviewed, and of these, 96% knew what Yellow is.
That's a significant number of locals - but we didn't stop there. We wanted to know what they thought about us and how they used our services. Check out these numbers below:

The ones who use Yellow

Over 77% of participants stated that they have used Yellow when searching for a business. That means that more than ¾ of local searchers turn to Yellow first when looking for a product or service!


When you advertise with Yellow, Discover Local you expand your visibility by being on the book, website and mobile app. In the past year, 60% of the participants preferred using the book, 27.5% the website and 12.5% the mobile version when looking for products or services.

What's more, over half of the participants claimed that they use Yellow first when looking for a business, followed by 17.9% who would turn to Google first. This shows that in Malta and Gozo, Yellow is the most trusted tool when looking for local businesses.


The ones who like Yellow

So - a lot of locals like to use our services, but are they happy with it? That's what we wanted to find out next.
It turns out that locals are very satisfied with Yellow, with over 86% participants claiming to be very pleased with the book and 80% with the website. This is because over 85% of participants have found the product or service they were looking for under the first classification in which they searched.
We work hard to make our service as efficient and reliable as possible - and that keeps users coming back again and again! In fact, 63% of users return to Yellow when looking for a business while the other 37% are brand new customers, waiting to find more businesses for the first time.


The ones who buy after searching on Yellow

What makes a great search experience? Landing exactly where you wanted to be. People are searching for businesses because they want to purchase something, so that's the next titbit of information we wanted to uncover.
The numbers say it all - over 3/4 of the respondents claimed that they have purchased a product or service after finding the business they were looking for on Yellow.


There's one more fascinating factor to consider: When advertising on Yellow, you're not only reaching locals in Malta and Gozo. You're reaching tourists, expats living on the island, people busy at work and the same people looking for products and services while at home. In the past year alone, 920,000 individual users have used the Yellow website when looking for a product or service.


They could find you first. Where will you rank in their search results? Find out!

Time is running out 
so get in touch with our team to discover what we can do to give your business the exposure it needs to grow. Click here to get in touch!