7 tips for your next office clean-up

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There’s no need to wait for Spring to get some cleaning done and dusted. If your office deserves a long awaited clean up, check out these 8 tips that will have your desks shining in no time.

Remove clutter from desks

We don’t believe it when you say those four packs of sticky notes on your desk are necessary. And why do you have more than one notebook laying around? Do you really need those ten pens and pencils spread across your desk? It’s time to declutter your workspace and keep only necessities close by.

File paper

With documents coming in from clients and brochures being delivered to your desk, it might get hard to keep everything organised throughout the year. Grab a file every week and file the week’s worth of paper in order to make your life much easier when looking for a specific document.

Dust off electronics

Dust bunnies can get in the most unexpected of places. When dust gathers on machines and under keyboards, it can become quite a pain and could cause great harm to your general electronics. Dust off your machines often in order to avoid any damage from occurring.

Install compartments

Install compartmental furniture in your office in order to aid your staff keep everything organised. Start with shelves for files and cabinets for stationery. The office will look more organised and clean once you’re done with it.


Although you and your colleagues can do your own part when cleaning up the office, some things you just don’t have time for. Hire a cleaner to wash the floors of your office and keep communal areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, clean.

Pest control

Sometimes pests can infest your office, especially if someone left some panettone exposed in the kitchen all throughout the Christmas holidays. If you’re facing this issue, make sure to contact a pest control team to get your situation sorted.


If you work in an office building, you know the effort that goes behind keeping your windows clean. Hire a window cleaner to clean your glass from time to time.

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Every office needs a clean-up every once in a while. Whatever you do, don’t forget to get the whole team pitching in. The time together will serve for good team building!

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