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5 Reasons why customers should always be a top priority

by Mr. Yellow 305 Days

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 ‘The customer is always right’ is probably the most popular yet controversial phrase in the world of customer service. At times customers can be very difficult to deal with, but no company can succeed or even exist without customers.

So instead of looking at when a customer is in the wrong, let’s focus on the original intent behind this famous phrase - customers should always be the number one priority of any business, because businesses exist to serve customers.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should adopt the best possible customer service mindset and give customers their deserved importance.

Loyal customers are crucial


A business without customers is a group of people pitching to deaf ears. If you want them to return, you have to make customers feel welcomed and appreciated. Your demeanour, words and actions need to demonstrate to customers that you are there to serve and understand them. You’re responsible for showing them how much your organisation values them.

Make sure your customers know that you care about them, and do your best to deliver (if not over-deliver) on your promises to them. But above all, create goodwill whenever you interact with them. Only then will your business obtain loyal customers, who will in turn use their own energy and time to spread the word about your satisfactory service.

Customers are not your enemies


Most customers just want to be heard and understood. So the customer-business relationship should never be adversarial. If you think that a customer is wrong, there is no benefit in making them feel that they are wrong.

It’s all about integrity. When facing customers, more important than who is right or wrong in the customer-business dynamic, is your responsibility to always do what’s best for both your company and your customers.

Bonus tip: A single unsolved complaint can permanently tarnish your whole reputation. So don’t take long to react to complaints, because an overly-delayed reaction might not be enough.

Customers deserve empathy

Businesses must empathise with their customers, knowing that they might not get the same treatment in return. Customers do have their own responsibilities, and should be aware of the basics of human decency. But in reality, the responsibility for the success of the customer-business relationship lies on the shoulders of the latter.

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to not validate a customer’s feelings. Adopting a proper code of conduct, which includes respect and understanding towards customers, can definitely do wonders for a company’s reputation. 

Mutual understanding is priceless