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8 Last minute DIY Carnival costume ideas

by Mr. Yellow 310 Days

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It’s that time of year those who love dressing up always look forward to. While some costume lovers would have planned their outfit way in advance, others leave things to the very last minute. 

Whether you’re heading to the celebrations in Valletta, spending the weekend in Gozo, or hosting a house party, here are some creative ideas for last minute, DIY Carnival costumes.

Approachable skeleton

Who says you can’t do Halloween for Carnival? Get your hands on some black and white face paint to create your skeletal look. Look online for inspiring images or follow a video tutorial, unless you have time to go to a professional face painter

As for the outfit itself, wear two different coloured t-shirts on top of each other, preferably black and white for matching contrast, and cut out sections of the top shirt for a rib cage illusion. You can even stick a bright paper heart onto the left side of the under shirt for that final touch.  

Life-size Minion

Yellow t-shirt, suspenders and a banana in case you get peckish - ta-da! Design Gru’s logo onto a yellow shirt and attach black suspenders or straps to a pair of jeans or denim overalls. To recreate the Minion goggles, stick white paper circles onto a black headband, and use more paper to shape the goggle rims. Or else, just wear a bright yellow beanie. 

This is a cute costume option that is easily recognisable and appropriate for anyone to wear - young and old!

Denim on denim scarecrow

If you nail the face paint with a little patience, all you need to complete the scarecrow look is plenty of denim. You might also want to experiment with different straw or denim accessories and pieces of clothing, depending on what you can find in your closet. 

As long as you own a pair of jeans and a denim jacket or shirt, you’re good to go down the yellow brick road! 

Hot air balloon pilot

Ever wanted to travel the skies using a single balloon? Live your dream with this creative costume! Simply cut out the bottom of a wicker laundry basket, and attach a giant balloon to it that you can get filled with helium from any party shop

If you want to be even more creative, you can attach a bunch of different coloured smaller balloons instead, and stick a paper design of a house facade onto the basket. Now you’re the famous floating house from the lovable Pixar movie Up! 

Egyptian mummy

If you’re stocked up on toilet paper, this is the Halloween-gone-Carnival costume for you! Ask someone to wrap you up from head to toe, but make sure you’re comfortable enough to move around once you’re ready to go out and celebrate. 

If you’re heading to Gozo for Carnival, this simple but hilarious costume would be ideal for a night out in Nadur. 

Hogwarts student

Many people dress up as nerds for Carnival, but how about truly channelling your inner Potter nerd? Choose the house you’d want to be sorted in if you really were a Hogwarts student, and customise the colours of your tie and school clothes accordingly. 

Don’t forget to tie it all together with a pair of glasses and a wand! 

Stand out like Sia

The only challenge here is finding the perfect half-black-half-white wig, but you’d be surprised with what you can find at your nearest costume store. If you manage to find the wig, you’re pretty much set to impress. Transform yourself into famous singer Sia with a simple black dress or pantsuit and a colourful blazer. 

Then - of course - create a huge matching hair bow using anything from plastic or fabric to tissue paper or even bin-bags if you want to go for a classic black ensemble. 

Emotional cast of Inside Out

Do you think you can find 4 friends willing to join you in coordinated Carnival outfits? Then get together and emulate the 5 different emotions from the DIsney/Pixar film Inside Out! 

Wear colour-coded clothes, wigs and accessories, and paint your skin that same colour - if you’re up for the cleaning nightmare afterwards. Not to worry though - you’ll have so much fun grabbing everyone’s attention that it would all be worthwhile! 

Get creative and make this Carnival one to remember, even if you’re still not sure what you’re going to wear! 

In case you still can’t decide on a costume, get inspired with an elaborate facial transformation from any of these Make Up Artists listed on Yellow. 

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