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The Family Practice

Audiologists, Attard, Malta
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The Family Practice is an innovative clinic integrating a group of family doctors with specialist colleagues to provide a comprehensive holistic health care service to our clients: you and your family.

What are speech and language disorders? Speech and language disorders cause a person to have difficultly in one or more of the following:


In a nutshell, a person would have difficulty in the area of communication. These disorders can occur due to a wide variety of underlying causes, and may range from a few errors when producing sound to a full inability to use speech or language to communicate effectively.

How can a Speech-Language pathologist help individuals with speech and language disorders? The speech-language pathologist addresses the disorders through assessments
and draws up an appropriate individualised intervention program. Treatment would depend on:

the nature and severity of the problem
the age of the individual
the individual's awareness of the problem

In general, the speech-language pathologist helps individuals with:

articulation disorders to produce speech sounds correctly
stuttering difficulties to increase their fluency
language disorders to improve language comprehension and production

aphasia to improve on all areas of language, namely comprehension of speech and reading and production of spoken and written language
voice disorders to develop better control of the vocal and respiratory systems in order for them to obtain the correct voice productionsevere communication disorders by introducing the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems

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