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Find the right type of paint for you

by The Colour Centre (Gozo)

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Choosing your paint

When you have finally decided on which kind of furniture you are going to have in your home, you will then find the color that is best suited to go with all of it. After which it comes time to decide which kind of paint you should choose depending on the room. Different paints in different rooms will mean durability and aesthetically pleasing walls.

When choosing paints with a sheen, the higher the sheen the higher the shine, also the higher this is, the more durable the paint will be. You can choose from flat paint, that does not have any shine to, to high-gloss paints that are all shine. There are different types of paints in between, such as eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Each has a different decorative advantage that one can benefit from.

Indoor or outdoor paints

The main thing that you have to decide first off, is whether or not you will be using the paint for the inside or the outside of your home. These two different types of paints cannot be used for that which they are not made for. The paint that you use for the outer walls is formulated differently than those that you use for the interior. These are made to combat harsh weather, mildew, and discoloration while interior paints are made to resist staining, they are to scrub and also to clean.

Rules for different rooms

There are different rules that apply to different rooms when it comes to painting. Each room will be used differently and will, therefore, need different kinds of paint.

    • Kitchen - In the kitchen, there is a lot of heat damage that can be done to paint, therefore, the paint needs to be durable and easy to clean. High-gloss and semi-gloss finished are the most ideal.
    • Family Room - The family, as the name indicates, is the place that gets the most traffic. Even if you have guests, this is the very room that they will be in, therefore, the paint needs to be up to the task. It will also need to be easily cleaned. A satin finish is ideal in this room.
    • Dining Room - The dining room is a non-traffic room and so clean and smooth-looking rooms are ideal. This room does not need to be extravagant and an eggshell finish is an excellent type of finish for this room.
    • Bedroom - This is also a room that doesn't see much traffic, in fact, a high-pigment wall coverage is ideal and what is also an advantage is the fact that it is also money-saving. For this room, you can choose a flat or matte finish for your walls.

These are just a few rules that you can work by, it is also ideal to ask professionals for their assistance. The right paint shop will be staffed with individuals that understand paints and their use. Do not be afraid to ask for advice, these people might just be the reason you are happy with the result when your home is finally ready. 

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