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Panthera Cabs and Logistics

Paola, Malta | Taxi Service

If you are on the lookout for an elegant and highly professional and timely taxi service, contact us at Panthera Cabs and Logistics in Paola. We provide our clients with a smooth, sleek and enjoyable ride.

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Adrian Demanuele

Msida, Malta | Taxi Service
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Alexander's Taxi

Rabat, Malta | Taxi Service
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Anthony Borg

Hamrun, Malta | Taxi Service
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San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Taxi Service
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Carmel Grixti

Fgura, Malta | Taxi Service
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Charles Darmanin

Zabbar, Malta | Taxi Service
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Charles Paul Buttigieg

Xewkija-Gozo Gozo | Taxi Service
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Christopher Gerada

Luqa, Malta | Taxi Service
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Edgar Bonello

Rabat, Malta | Taxi Service
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Gordon Dimech

Hamrun, Malta | Taxi Service
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Joe Taxi Service

Msida, Malta | Taxi Service
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John Darmanin

Fgura, Malta | Taxi Service

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Taxi service in Malta & Gozo

Stuck without a car for a couple of days? Or coming for a short holiday in Malta and reluctant to use public transport? Then why not book a taxi? Available for locals and tourists alike, taxi services are available all around the island. Whether you're a single person or a large group in need of private transport, a standard 4 passenger taxi or a minivan will get you to your destination in no time. Local taxi drivers are normally conversant in English seeing as it's one of our official languages, so communication will surely not be an issue.

Taxis in Malta are easy to pinpoint as they have specific reserved taxi stands, especially in touristic areas like Valletta, Bugibba, Sliema and St Julians, at the airport, next to popular hotels and near bus stations. If you are unable to find one, you can call to request pick up from wherever you are.

Many taxis in Malta remain conveniently in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Whatever the time of day, a taxi will provide efficient door to door service.

What are the different types of taxis available in Malta?

Local taxis in Malta are white and can be identified through the ‘Taxi' sign attached to their roof. They are commonly found in taxi stands situated all around Malta and Gozo and can be stopped if spotted cruising around.

Black taxis are privately owned but they are not allowed to cruise around. These can be booked online or by phone for pick up. Do check with your hotel about different taxi companies as they will suggest you renowned ones which have the highest reputation around the island. When compared to white taxis, these cabs offer cheaper rates due to the vast competition amongst privately owned taxis.

Eco-friendly taxis are also being gradually introduced but are still more difficult to find than normal taxis. An electric taxi service operates within Valletta for people travelling around our vibrant capital city and it comes at a very small fee.

Water taxis are also locally available connecting the Three Cities, Valletta and Sliema through a small ferry service. It is gaining popularity as an alternative mode of transport to combat traffic in peak hours as it just takes a couple of minutes to travel from one side of the port to another.

Why opt for a taxi service?

This mode of transport can be considered as one of the easiest ways to travel from one town to another in Malta. Local taxis will take you to any corner of the island you wish to explore. Our small size enables taxis to cover Malta's extensive road network efficiently and conveniently. Travelling doesn't need to be stressful! Taxis would know all the hidden shortcuts and side roads to avoid jam-packed roads and get you to your destination quicker and in a calmer attitude. Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to go around the Maltese Islands if you wish to keep road stress at a low level.

Should you rent a car? Depends on how confident you feel on new roads in a brand new country. Seeing as we are a former British colony, we drive on the left-hand side, in contrast to most countries around the world. If you're not arriving from the UK or any other former British colony, you will find it quite challenging to drive on the other side of the road.

Moreover, renting a car may be too stressful as roads in Malta are becoming busier by the minute and locals rarely follow road regulations and signs, making driving a strenuous task. Parking has also become a nightmare as roads are crowded with too many cars for our small island to handle. Booking a taxi will save you much time and stress.

How are the taxi prices in Malta? 

When compared to public transport fares, Malta taxi prices are on the expensive side. They use a fare meter so rates depend on the journey distance. We do advise you to ask about taxi rates or agree on a price beforehand to avoid any surprises at the end of the journey. On the other hand, airport and seaport transfers have set rates according to locality.

When should you book a white taxi?

Airport taxi transfer:

You've just arrived in a new country and trying to figure out the best way to travel after a long haul flight is not practical. Having a taxi driver waiting for you outside the arrivals hall of Malta International Airport is a sight for sore eyes and it's a convenient way to arrive at your hotel or alternative lodging in comfort and without any extra hassle. You can easily book an airport transfer in advance from one of the booths at the airport to save time.

Taxi tours:

Have you planned out a customised itinerary for your stay in Malta and you have very limited time to explore all the must sees? Some white taxis offer private excursions and tours to enable tourists to experience the Maltese Islands in accordance to their personal requirements stress-free. Prices for taxi tours are usually calculated per hour so booking full day tours may get pricey but the time saved waiting for public buses and trying to find your way around make them worth their price. Need some inspiration? Have a look at these 7 underrated Maltese and Gozitan villages worth exploring.  

Night out:

You've planned a night out with your friends but you already know you can't enjoy a glass or two as you need to drive everyone back home in the end. We have the solution! Leave your car at home and book a taxi! Apart from being illegal, it's ultimately dangerous to drive under the influence of alcohol. Don't spoil a memorable evening by attempting to drive as you'll be risking your life and others' life.


If you're coming to Malta for work, grabbing a taxi will guarantee you're not late to any meetings or events planned during your stay in Malta. You can keep calm and remain focused on your work throughout your stay with no worries on transport.

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