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A rental skip: Dos and Don'ts that you should know about

by Salina Skips

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Renting a skip doesn't have to be that big of a headache to organise. Whether you want to get rid of century old furniture from your house to give it a makeover, or planning on some bigger renovations, you need a skip for all the cluster.

We're giving you some do's and don'ts to keep in mind when renting a skip. Renting a skip is very beneficial for collecting in one place all the waste that accumulates during your clean up project. You don't need to do any logistics magic or overload your car with bulky waste to transport it to your nearest civic amenity site. No matter how long your project takes, skip rental is typically flexible for both short and long-term hire.

Could be that you're hiring a skip for the first time or perhaps not! Either way here are a few DOs and DON'TS to understand better the use of skip rental services.


  • Rent the right size of skip

Although this might sound obvious, renting the wrong size of skip is still very likely to happen. Skip companies provide you with a selection of skip sizes and types to choose from such as large, mini, open, closed or side door skips. It's important to ask what it's meant with large and mini particularly, as this might differ from one company to another. You don't want to rent a skip that's too big or too small and end up paying more than you need. Think from before what bulky waste you'll be putting in the skip to have an exact idea. It will save you time and money!

  • Get the required permit

Renting a skip in Malta requires a permit from the Local Council. Enquire with your respective town or village's office to know about the permit cost involved. On paying you're given the actual permit document for the skip to be placed where you need it on-site. This is best to be attached at the location at least 2 days before the delivery of the skip. Like this, neighbours can be advised in time to leave that particular space free, if for example it's usually used as a parking space.

  • Think about safety

Safety is certainly an important consideration to make when planning on renting a skip. Although a skip is a noticeable object, don't take it for granted. If you need a skip in a narrow road where cars still pass and its positioning will take some of the road's space, ensure you install visible, reflective signs and lights for everyone to see. Discuss with the skip company you're renting the skip from for the best advice on leaving appropriate access for pedestrians and vehicles passing through while the skip is on the street.


  • Don't put just any kind of waste in the skip

When you rent a skip it's usually to dispose of construction waste, furniture and other objects you no longer need which you consider as waste. It's important to stick to this type of waste when hiring a skip. If all of a sudden you want to get rid of a domestic appliance, such as a fridge or a washing machine, don't dispose of it in the skip. Hazardous waste, such as oil or paint cans, car tyres, electronics, medical waste, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals and asbestos NEVER go in a skip. To get rid of this sort of waste, check with local waste management authorities or seek advice from the skip company where to call to dispose of such hazardous waste.

  • Don't overfill the skip

Having hired the right size of skip you need, supposedly, you still need to pay attention not to overfill it. Ideally, the level of waste in the skip should not exceed the top border of the skip. An overfilled skip is a danger for passer-bys and a danger for the skip company driver when loading the skip onto the loader truck, because of the exceeded weight. Plus, while transporting it, an overfilled skip could also be a hazard on the road, in case some waste falls out of it. Moreover, the skip company may charge you extra in case of exceeded weight.

  • Don't just go for a cheap skip company

Choosing the first skip company you encounter could be the easiest process, but it's best to dedicate extra time in your search. There are different skip companies out there with varying skip rental rates, skip sizes and skip-related services. So, unless you have already worked with a skip company you trust for your next clean up, find the time to compare prices and services offered. Like this, your first skip rental experience will be easy and efficient.

If you haven't found a skip rental company yet, why not consider Salina Skips? With a same day service available 7 days a week and competitive prices on the selection of skips, you can dispose of your household, commercial or industrial waste appropriately.

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