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Rubber Stamps in Malta & Gozo for business and personal use

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Portelli Rubber Stamps

Valletta, Malta | Rubber Stamps
We Deliver

If you want to give your document a more professional look and touch, consider having a custom rubber stamp made with your signature or company logo. At Portelli Rubber Stamps we design custom rubber stamps of all shapes and sizes.

Gremlins Office Supplies

Hamrun, Malta | Rubber Stamps

Searching for rubber stamps for your business or personal use? We can create tailor-made self-inking stamps so that you can efficiently and clearly imprint your desired information on any type of material. Visit our page to find out more about us!

Giov Muscat & Co Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Rubber Stamps
Repro House Co Ltd

Repro House Co Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Rubber Stamps
Venture Trading

Venture Trading

Sliema, Malta | Rubber Stamps

Did you mean a company called Rubber Stamps?

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Rubber stamps in Malta and Gozo

Originally considered a form of craft, the process of rubber stamping involves ink made of dye or some sort of pigment which is applied to wordings, a pattern or an image that has been carved, engraved with laser or vulcanised onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is then mounted on a piece of wood, brick or acrylic block.

As we are inching closer and closer to a paperless society, you may have thought that rubber stamps are slowly but steadily becoming obsolete, yet they have come a long way in terms of relevance and usefulness and in reality they are still widely used both by businesses and individuals for an art project.

Where can you purchase rubber stamps?

Local suppliers are found across the island and can produce stamps to your specification in just a few minutes. Stamps can be created in any shape and size required, whilst they can also be personalised thanks to modern laser-engraving technology. With many brands to choose from such as the ever so popular Trodat, your stamp is set to last for years to come, however, repairs including the changing of stamp plates and designs can also be taken care of.

Why are rubber stamps still important nowadays?

If you think having a rubber stamp is no longer important for your business, think again. From enhancing your productivity to easing the smooth operation of your business, here are a few reasons why rubber stamps are still crucial:

  • Printed documents remain an office essential and irrespective of the type of documentation, these go hand in hand with rubber stamping. What's more, you may have documents such as contracts that may need a stamp over a signature to add further to its authenticity.
  • With so many options out there to order your rubber stamps from, you can opt to have these customised to your workplace and according to your specifications.
  • Why have all your stationary pre-printed when you can order a rubber stamp with all your company details? Take it a step further by personalising it with an image, logo, some text or even your signature.
  • Rubber stamps are cheaper in the long run since they don't cost that much to manufacture, while it won't dent your budget for essentials such as ink refills.
  • If you operate the kind of business whereby you need to keep track of parcels and documents, a rubber stamp can help you do just that. For instance, you might have a stamp that reads 'approved' or 'received' so recipients will know exactly at which stage of the process the documents are.
  • With such a wide variety of stamps, certain types can enhance your productivity. For instance, if you have a large amount of paperwork that needs to be marked in the same way, using a self-inking stamp will save you more time than if you had to write things out on each and every piece of paperwork.

What are the different types of stamps available?

Suppliers offer a vast variety of stamps and not all are used for business purposes. Some are employed in art for decorating objects, whereas others are used as children's toys, however, what sets each one apart is the stamp mount.

Traditional rubber stamps - perhaps one of the oldest types of stamps, these consist of a pad in a separate container, while the actual stamp has a handle mount which helps maintain a secure grip over it. As a result, these are also called handheld stamps. The separate container is ideal for specialised ink like industrial and washable ink, as well as clear opaque or invisible ink. You can order your traditional stamp mount in a variety of sizes, while you might also customise it with a specific design or message, your address and corporate logo.

Self-inking stamps - ideal for rapid and repetitive stamping, these consist of a self-contained dye pad which inks the rubber just before each impression is made. The number of impressions that you can imprint varies, but as a general rule, you should expect around 800 to 1000 impressions. Once you need to have it refilled, you may either request a refill service or purchase refill bottles. In addition, self-inking stamps may come with movable parts that allow you to adjust the date or the wording of the stamp according to the situation, however, do note that these come in one single colour, typically either blue, black, red or green.

Pre-inked rubber stamps - these stamps come with a pre-inked cartridge which means that the stamp pad becomes part of the stamp itself, while the ink flows through the dye plate so you can make an impression. Highly popular because they offer sharp impressions, with these stamps you have the option to choose between stamps with oil-based ink and those with a raised base.

Wood rubber stamps - similar to a traditional mount, these stamps have a red piece of rubber attached to the wooden mount, however, they typically come without a handle. Although traditionally they were used for business purposes, nowadays they are mainly utilised for art and DIY projects. A separate ink pad is needed with these, while it works pretty well with any type of ink.

Ready-made decorative rubber stamps - also known as art stamps, as the name suggests, these are not used for office purposes as such, but rather, they are used by artists to decorate pieces of art for special effects. Available in all sorts of intricate designs, these are useful to decorate greeting cards and paper or may be combined with other techniques to create other forms of art.

What other services are offered by rubber stamp suppliers?

Whereas some suppliers exclusively supply stamps, others also act as stationers or as printers providing a wider range of products for their office. From paper products like notebooks and envelopes to a range of school supplies, as well as necessities for your printers like toners, suppliers can take care of all your needs. Office machines and accessories like banknote counters, binding machines, laminators, guillotine and shredders are also highly popular, while suppliers can also provide printing for both businesses and individuals. Furthermore, some may have an in-house designer who can offer their services to clients. This may consist of artwork design and other art-related services.

Many rubber stamp stores can take care of your bulk ordering be it for rubber stamps or other products, whereas the majority also have a website where online shopping is also available. Many also offer free deliveries in any locality across Malta and Gozo, while others may provide this service free of charge once a specific amount is spent.

Can rubber stamping be considered a form of art?

Rubber stamping has increasingly built a reputation for being an art form with many aficionados carving their own rubber stamps either on gum erasers or rubber. These type of stamps are usually used in mail art or artist trading cards, as well as in handmade cardmaking, scrapbooking and letterboxing. In effect, stamping communities have become all the more widespread, with numerous forums boasting thousands of members.

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