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9 Restaurants with Turkish Restaurant found in Malta & Gozo

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Oz Sofra Kebab

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Restaurants

We have been proudly serving our customers with real authentic Turkish dishes for 20 years. Our menu consists of shish kebabs, doner kebabs using 100% real meat. We also offer over a dozen pizzas and burgers. All at exceptionally affordable prices.

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5 Reviews
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A' La Turca

San Gwann, Malta | Restaurants
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2 Reviews
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EDA Kebab Pizza House

Fgura, Malta | Restaurants
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Efe Kebab

Sliema, Malta | Restaurants
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1 Reviews
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Posh Kebab

Mosta, Malta | Restaurants
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Sofia Bar & Restaurant

Xlendi-Gozo Gozo | Restaurants
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Tal-Merhba Kebab

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Restaurants

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Turkish restaurants in Malta & Gozo

Discover Turkish food in Malta and Gozo. Websites and photo galleries are available on Yellow, you can also sort your results by location and check delivery and takeaway options. You won't have problems locating them as there are many Turkish restaurants all around Malta offering specialties from Turkey. Most of them have Turkish chefs, who prepare the food in traditional way.


The most popular dish, offered by Turkish restaurant is kebab. It's slowly roasted lamb, beef or chicken meat sliced from a vertical rotating spit, served as a wrap or a plate with veggies and sauces.
Apart from that, restaurants can offer pizza, including Lahmajoun, a traditional Turkish version of pizza, which is topped with minced meat, vegetables, and herbs.
Vegetarian substitution for kebab is falafel - deep-fried balls made of chickpeas or fava beans usually served in pita bread. Apart from that, some Turkish restaurants may offer other vegetarian dishes, as borek or salads.

Additionally, some restaurants offer options for dessert, most popular is traditional Turkish dessert - baklava, which is a sweet filo pastry with crushed nuts and syrup or honey. Restaurants might also have traditional tea and coffee, which is usually served after the meal for digestion.
Often Turkish restaurant in Malta have menus, possibly with prices, published online on their website, so you can check types of offered dishes.


Turkish places offer fast service so they usually don't require booking a table beforehand. However, in touristic places, such as St. Julian's, Sliema and St. Paul's Bay during high-season planning a dinner in a bigger group might need a reservation.

Delivery and takeaway

Nowadays, kebab became one of the most popular fast food and takeaway meals. Mostly because it's tasty, quick to prepare and easy to eat on the way. That's why there are many Turkish restaurants in Malta and a majority of them offer takeaway and delivery service. That's also why many restaurants are located around the party and crowded areas, such as St. Julian's, Paceville and Sliema. Delivery service might be offered free of charge in specific areas or above the amount of money spent. Restaurants clarify it on their websites. Takeaway options are very popular and provided by most of the restaurants. Phone numbers and emails are available on Yellow, to order a meal or book a table.

Turkish cuisine

Turkey bares the legacy of Ottoman empire, therefore, its cuisine is very diverse and influenced by Balkan, Central Asian, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. Closer to the coast, dishes have more in common with Mediterranean style - they contain a lot of seafood and fish and are mostly cooked with olive oil. Southeast region is the kingdom of kebab which is probably the most famous food from Turkey. There are also many dishes made of veggies alone such as borek and gozleme, pastries which can have various fillings. Turkish people love seafood as well, hence there is always a place for a fish on the menu. It can be grilled or fried but the most special one is slowly cooked in the steam with lemon and parsley.  Another important product is yogurt which has a special place in Turkish cuisine. Both thick yogurt and Ayran - a drinkable form, are consumed widely with all the meals except for seafood and fish. Don't be surprised if you see a Turkish person spreading yogurt all over his meat, veggies, and rice, it's common habit in Turkey.

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