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Asian Kingdom Chinese & Sushi
The Flora - Asian Fusion Restaurant

The Flora - Asian Fusion Restaurant

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Restaurants

Wagyu Restaurant

Valletta, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Restaurants

Wagyu Restaurant

Mellieha, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Restaurants

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Sushi in Malta

Discover sushi restaurants in Malta and Gozo. Sort them by location and your preferences. You can check photo galleries and websites of the sushi places, along with menus and possibly prices.


Maltese sushi restaurants offer a variety of different types of rolls. As a Mediterranean country, Malta is rich with seafood ready to be rolled in rice. Popular ingredients are prawns, shrimps, crabs, tuna, and salmon. Apart from seafood, most popular ingredients are cucumber and avocado, but can also include mango or carrot. Japanese restaurants in Malta also often offer sashimi which is fresh raw fish sliced into pieces. If you are not sure what you want to try, check the buffet options and enjoy all you want (and can) eat. For those who have any health objections and are afraid of eating raw fish, don't worry. To avoid the risk of parasites which comes naturally with eating raw fish, the EU introduced a law for freezing raw meat for at least 24h before serving, thanks to which all parasites are killed.

Sushi is usually eaten with chopsticks but if you are not really good with them, no hassle. The Japanese eat it with their hands so you can follow the traditional way of consumption.
Restaurants usually have menus available on their websites, some with prices.

Forms of sushi

Sushi is without a doubt the most popular dish from Japan. Preparation is not too complicated. The base is vinegared rice, brown or white. Then it varies from seafood, fish, vegetables and tropical fruits. As rolls, rice is wrapped in nori, a black seaweed wrapper which is a type of algae. Sushi is served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Despite the common opinion that it's just a roll, it actually comes in many forms and variations. Traditional Japanese sushi can be served as a bowl of rice topped with raw fish and vegetable garnishes (Chirashizushi) or as fried tofu filled with rice (Inarizushi). The most popular kind is Makizushi, in form of rolls and Nigirizushi, in the form of oval shaped balls. In Japan it can come in many varieties differing in thickness, fillings, and preparation, however, the Western world focused mostly on two of them - norimaki and uramaki. Both are rolls but uramaki is prepared as an inside-out roll and doesn't originate from Japan.

Both forms can be found in sushi places in Malta.

Many countries, Malta included, adapted sushi to their own needs and favourite flavours. For example, a very popular salmon roll was introduced by a Norwegian businessman in order to sell more fish. Although the most creative restaurants are the ones in the United States. Many cities introduced their own combinations of sushi rolls such as Boston, Seattle, and Michigan. The most popular style of it is Californian - consisting of avocado, crab, cucumber and tobiko (flying fish roe).

Delivery and takeaway

It is quite popular for sushi restaurants in Malta to have delivery and takeaway options, it can be free of charge upon some areas or amount spent. Find phone numbers and emails on Yellow, some places also offer online orders  via their websites. Sushi restaurants in touristic areas, such as Valletta and St. Julian's, highly recommend booking a table earlier, as during high-season area is really crowded. 

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