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  • Closed Now

Nargile Lounge

M’Skala, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian
  • Open Now

Shakinah Indian Cuisine

San Giljan, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian
  • Closed Now

Garam Masalaa Indian Curry House

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian
  • Open Now

Grand Hotel Excelsior

Floriana, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian
  • Open Now

Star Of India

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian
  • Open Now

Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Gzira, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Indian

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Indian restaurants in Malta

Discover Indian restaurants and restaurants serving Indian dishes in Malta and Gozo on Yellow. Sort your results by location, available services and your preferences. Check the website, photo gallery, contact information, takeaway and delivery option. With the Yellow app, you can use a routing function and be directed to the nearest restaurant. After a meal, you can leave a review and let others know what do you think.
Indian food is famous for its aromatic and spicy edge. The most important and common spice is chilli pepper - whole or powdered. Indian restaurants in Malta keep the spicy tradition however, it’s possible to find milder tastes, many dishes are constructed in a way where intensive spices are neutralised with other ingredients.

Most common dishes offered in Indian restaurants are curry and samosa. Curry can be prepared in many different ways, with meat such as chicken or lamb, seafood - fish or prawns, and of course vegetables. It can be more or less spicy but always with rich, aromatic flavour. Also, the thickness of the base can differ depending on the time and ingredients cooked. Samosas, just like curry, can be made with meat, seafood or veggies. In fact, Indian cuisine takes care of all eating preferences. It’s good for vegetarians and vegans as there are many meal options created especially for them, vegetarian dishes should be marked on the menu. But it doesn’t mean meat and fish lovers will be disappointed. Indian cuisine just like the country itself is huge and diverse.
Indian restaurants in Malta offer a diversity of all kinds of dishes, especially seafood as it’s so easy to get fresh ingredients locally. Popular snack and appetiser is Naan bread, which can be prepared with various spices and toppings, such as cheese, beef, garlic and chilli, and served with different sauces. Apart from Indian restaurants, many bars and pubs in Malta have Naan bread as an appetiser on the menu.
Usually, restaurants publish the menu with prices on their websites.

Indian takeaway in Malta
Indian food makes a good takeaway option as it’s easy to grab and eat on the way, or at work and home, therefore, some restaurants offer delivery and takeaway options. Information about the delivery, with prices and covered area, can be found on the website, with the phone number and email address.

Most restaurants recommend booking a table beforehand as they tend to be busy, especially during the high season. Some of the restaurants offer online booking, otherwise, you can call or email them. Any additional information, as for example parking facilities or catering service should be found as well. You can also go through the photo gallery to check the interior and seating. The majority of Indian restaurants are located alongside the coast as for example in Bugibba, St. Julian’s, Gzira and Sliema. You can sort the restaurants by locality to find the nearest one. 

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