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I V Portelli & Sons Ltd

Rabat, Malta | Pumps
  • Marketplace

For over 40 years DAB has been a main player in the pumps sector. DAB offers technological solutions capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency... optimizing energy consumption in residential, commercial, agricultural and irrigation applications.

  •   Agricultural pumps
  •   Horticulture pumps
  •   Farm & garden solutions
  •   Residential, commercial & industrial use
  •   Energy-saving inverter technology
  •   Electronic water pressure system

4H2O Limited

B’Kara, Malta | Pumps
We Deliver
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If you want to ensure quality and an excellent end result when it comes to pipes, fittings, and pumps you should head over to our store in Birkirkara today. We stock from various well-known brands for guaranteed quality.


A Falzon Energy Projects Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Pumps
  • Marketplace

We import powerful and highly efficient water pumps from Riello and Grundfos. With a wide range of pumps for domestic, commercial or industrial uses you will surely find the right type of system for your needs. Powerful, affordable and innovative.

Magnetic Services Ltd

Paola, Malta | Pumps
We Deliver

For a selection of world-renowned pumps, visit Magnetic Services Ltd in Paola today. Our stock includes domestic pumps, drainage pumps, submersible pumps, and other water solutions.

Michael & Gino Muscat

T4B Services Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Pumps

Did you mean a company called Pumps?

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Pumps in Malta and Gozo

Discover the perfect pump to adjust the pressure and flow of your water supply. With Yellow you may filter your results to find a supplier nearby or to view the brands sold. Have a look at contact information, websites and opening hours all available for your convenience.   Types of pumps

Pumps are usually automatic mechanical devices used to move liquids like water or gases. Depending on the method used to move the fluid, these can be classified as direct lift, displacement or gravity pumps. In addition, pumps may be submersible in the fluid they are pumping or may be external, placed next to the water supply. Both have pros and cons which should be taken into consideration before purchasing a new pump. For instance, submersible pumps are more expensive but less noisy, whereas external pumps are easily accessible if they need to be repaired yet are less energy-efficient. On the other hand, immersible motor pumps can be particularly useful when you need to remove water from a location prone to flooding like a construction site or basement.

Automatic water pumps used to move water through a piping system are by far the most commonly used pumps in Malta and they are usually applied to manage the water cycle system in a residential setting. Most homes are equipped with a pumping device that is used to pump water from the main water supply or the rooftop tanks to the rest of the house. Some water points such as washing machines and shower heads tend to require higher water pressure and flow in order to work properly. This is particularly true if a property is large or has a number of floors. Installing a pump will help adjust the water flow throughout the home. Pumps may also be used when a property has a water well or borehole in which case the pump is used to extract water and direct it for use elsewhere. A typical example would be operating a deep well pump to remove water from the well and use it for your garden. Houses that have swimming pools, jacuzzis and ponds also require a pump which is used to filter and circulate the water, while preventing it from becoming stagnant. Depending on their functionality and size, prices vary greatly with well-known brands being more expensive. When it comes to buying one, opt for one that is energy-efficient to avoid hefty electricity bills, while it is important to keep in mind its use, since certain pumps can handle higher volumes and larger amounts of pressure. Commercial and industrial pumps Some pump suppliers offer a wider range of pumps to meet the needs of larger systems like industrial and aqueduct applications. Similar to pumps used in residences, industrial alternatives have identical functionalities but are more heavy-duty and can be used to move a variety of liquids including sewage or wastewater, petroleum and industrial chemicals.     Repair and maintenance Occasionally pumps may need repairing when there is a fault or when the device is old. Look for signs that could indicate a problem such as evident leakages, excessive noise, a pump that is running nonstop or one that doesn’t work at all.    If you don’t have the technical knowledge or experience to repair it, calling a plumber would be the ideal option. Have a look at plumbers and plumbing related services for domestic, commercial and industrial solutions on Yellow. The plumber will be able to check what the issue is and try to repair any damage. However, if the fault is severe, the pump may need replacement. Your plumber should be able to recommend the ideal pump for its required usage and accordingly, he may either ask you to purchase one or he may buy one on your behalf. Another alternative would be to contact the shop where you bought it from or visit the store yourself with pump in tow and let the after-sales personnel guide you.

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