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Pest control services in Malta & Gozo for a pest free space

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Capital Pest Control

Qormi, Malta | Pest Control Services

Our company is dedicated to helping clients achieve peace of mind by knowing their home is pest free. We use innovative and safe products to ensure killing pests and also for prevention. Contact us to find out more.

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Fort Pest Control

Mosta, Malta | Pest Control Services

Fort provides a complete range of professional pest control services incatering, residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture environmentstogether with more sensitive sites of historical importance.

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Ortis Ltd

Attard, Malta | Pest Control Services

Ortis Ltd employs well-qualified technicians who can handle all types of pest control. Our mission is to make sure eliminating pest permanently such as rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, ants, bedbugs and snails.

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Premier Pest Control

Marsa, Malta | Pest Control Services

We at Premier Pest Control in Marsa can provide you with a choice of pest control services and solutions including fumigation, termite control, flying insect control, pigeon proofing, rodent control and termite extermination.

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Comtec Service Ltd

Paola, Malta | Pest Control Services

Comtec's commitment to professionalism is encapsulated by the qualification of its technical management team and the internal training structures for pest control technicians. Our team is a phone call away to assist you with all your pest problems.

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G8 Pest Control

Ghaxaq, Malta | Pest Control Services

Protect your house, office or other place from invading pests such as cockroaches, rodents, hornet nests & more! Call us professional pest control technicians for fumigation, chemical spraying & other, using eco-friendly pest management chemicals.

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Eradic8 Gozo Pest Control

Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Pest Control Services
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AGM Pest Control Services

Rabat, Malta | Pest Control Services
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Zedco Co Ltd

San Giljan, Malta | Pest Control Services

Zedco Co Ltd provides a myriad of options when it comes to pest control for your home, workplace and more. We will make sure that even when you are outside no insect will dare approach you. Contact us today to find out more.

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Armstrong Woodworks Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Pest Control Services

Eliminate furniture pests with our specialised heat treatment. It is guaranteed to target all types of insects with full extermination each time. It is chemical and gas free, so no further damage to the product is done. Works on all types of wood.

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Salvarti Co Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Pest Control Services
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Odis Pest Control

Sta Venera, Malta | Pest Control Services

Contact us at Odis Pest Control today to deal with your pest infestation problem. Whether you are looking to deal with a current infestation or prevent against a future one, we can help.

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Mosquito Busters Malta

San Giljan, Malta | Pest Control Services

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Pest Control Services in Malta and Gozo

Pests come in all shapes and sizes but unfortunately, they all cause inconvenience, damage and risks to our health.

Is a pest bugging you at home or interfering with your business operation? Check out the wide range of pest control service providers on Yellow to see which one can eliminate your pest problem fast.

What Are the Main Types of Pests? 

Destructive insects or animals are a common occurrence in Malta, particularly during the sweltering summer months when the very high temperatures provide the ideal conditions for pests like ants and cockroaches to breed and multiply. Ants are likely to infest spaces where food (especially sweet food) is readily available. This is dangerous to human health since ants carry bacteria that can contaminate food supplies. Similarly, cockroaches carry multiple diseases and are particularly dangerous to human well-being. Apart from being able to eat their way through food and materials, cockroaches multiply very quickly leading to hard-to-control infestations if the problem is not targeted immediately.

Rodents are another health hazard that affects households, commercial undertakings and agricultural activities. They are carriers of dangerous viruses that can easily be transferred to humans. This is coupled with the fact that rodents are capable of gnawing through many materials with the risk of weakening structures, contaminating food storage or processing facilities and spoiling crops.

Other pests that are commonly found in Malta include woodworms, termites, fleas, ticks and pigeons. Woodworms and termites can infect and spread easily in places where wood is available, whereas woodworms target furniture since it uses it as its habitat and may damage severely if not addressed. Termites are also attracted to wooden items but are also known to dig below ground level, creating danger to buildings and structure.

On the other hand, fleas and ticks feed off humans and animals, making them extremely dangerous. This coupled with the fact that they are able to reproduce quickly makes tackling them an even more serious threat.

With the nickname ‘rats of the sky', it is not hard to see why pigeons are seen as a nuisance; they are not only carriers of hazardous diseases but they can also carry with them several other smaller pests.

Services Available

Pest control experts provide indispensable services that range from consultation to treatment. The treatments vary according to the particular pest and the level of infestation that needs to be tackled. Some service providers sell products (such as sprays, traps and bait) for DIY preventative or smaller interventions against ants, flying insects or rodents. These products tend to be reasonably priced and provide an economical option for small-scaled problems.

More widespread pest problems in domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural environments require consultation and intervention from specialised professionals. Pest control providers offer consultation services to determine the severity of the problem and come up with the best plan of action. Specific treatments are available for different pests and some service providers have experts that tackle particular pests.

The most common forms of pest eradication methods include heat treatments, fumigation, rodent control, pigeon proofing, allergen control and specialised treatments against flying and crawling insects. Nowadays, many pest control companies also offer ecological solutions that are still effective but non-harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

Pricing varies according to the intensity and the type of intervention required, however, many providers are able to offer free quotations so one can decide which option provides the best value for money.

Tips for Pest-Free Spaces

While the assistance of these service providers is essential, there are easy preventative measures that one can take to minimise, wherever possible, troublesome future invasions in living and working spaces. These include:

  • Cleaning the Kitchen: Many creepy crawlers are attracted to food and as the principal place where food is prepared and stored, the kitchen is without a doubt a place of interest. For this reason, it's important to clean surfaces and appliances from residual food after cooking. Moreover, dry food items (such as nuts, cereals and pasta) should be stored in airtight containers in cupboards and pantries to ensure that they are not easily accessible. And don't forget to implement these eight easy tips to keep your kitchen in tiptop condition!  
  • Checking Target Materials: Certain pests are naturally attracted to particular materials. For instance, cardboard and paper are particularly appealing to cockroaches, while wooden items are the natural habitat for woodworm and termites. Monitoring and reducing (whenever possible) these target material can help to prevent infestations.
  • Sealing Holes and Crevices: Routine checks of apertures and walls for possible holes or crevices reduces the number of entry points for pests.
  • Letting Nature Help: While not a substitute for professional interventions, natural repellents can be a useful deterrent. For instance, ants detest vinegar, tea tree oil can help to deter bed bugs, while eucalyptus leaves make cupboards less attractive to various pests.
  • Ask the Experts: Regular inspection by a pest control professional helps to identify potential problems before infestations occur, which in turn can reduce the need for more invasive interventions in the future.
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