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Sceberras Trigona Notaries & Associates

Valletta, Malta | Notaries Public

For comprehensive notary & legal services, book a consultation with Sceberras Trigona & Associates. Our team of notaries public covers various matters, including those related to wills, promises of sale, donations, separation of estates & affidavits.

Paul G Pisani Dr MIM, MA, LLD, Notary Public

Msida, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Notaries Public
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For more information regarding notary services from a professional who will provide you with a professional approach as well as peace of mind regarding your situation. Contact Dr Paul G Pisani today.

Paul G Pisani Dr MIM, MA, LLD, Notary Public

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo ( +1 more locations ) | Notaries Public
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With Dr Paul G Pisani, you can rely on professional notary services covering divorce documents, promise of sale agreements, affidavits, wills & more. Book an appointment today!

Notary Alexia Sceberras Trigona

Valletta, Malta | Notaries Public

Sceberras Trigona & Associates is your trusted firm for professional notarial and legal services in various matters. From drafting promises of sale & wills to assisting you with property transactions, affidavits & other matters, count on us.

Keith Calleja Dr Notary Public

Attard, Malta | Notaries Public
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Book an appointment with notary public Dr Keith Calleja and let him guide you with the legal assistance you require. Specialising in the preparation of contracts, wills, private writings & the authentication of translated documents.

Jonathan Vella, Dr BA, LLD, Mag Jur (Int'l Law), Notary Public

Mellieha, Malta | Notaries Public

If you are in need of a notary public who is well versed in both local and international laws, contact Dr. Jonathan Vella of Mellieha today. He can provide you in services and solutions related to affidavits, loans and deeds of purchase.

Malcolm Licari Dr Notary Public

Iklin, Malta | Notaries Public

Dr. Malcolm Licari offers a range of services concerning Maltese law in English, Maltese and Italian. For affidavits, lease agreements, causa mortis and contract drafting, contact him at his Iklin-based office today.

Nicholas Vella Dr Notary Public

Qormi, Malta | Notaries Public

Click here if you require the services of a public notary to aid you with your legal matters or transactions. Dr Vella assists you with contract explanations, separations, property purchases or leasing, wills, authentication of documents and more.

Maria Vella Magro Dr LLD, MA(Fin Serv) Notary Public

Nadur-Gozo, Gozo | Notaries Public

From issues regarding family disputes, and marriage and property sales to financial-related matters, insurance policies, wills and contracts, Notary Maria Vella Magro can assist you in strict confidentiality.

Nicolette Vella Dr Notary Public

Naxxar, Malta | Notaries Public

As a notary public, Dr Nicolette Vella provides you with an impartial service for various legal matters. Whether it's about buying, selling or leasing a property, marital separations, deeds, loan documents or other, trust in Dr Vella's expertise!

Notary Leanne Bonello Dr

Mqabba, Malta | Notaries Public

Dr Bonello is a certified notary public ready to assist you with legal matters. Ranging from property purchasing or selling contracts to affidavits, drafting of wills & property leasing contracts, among others, you can rely on her unbiased guidance.

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Adriana Vella Dr Notary Public

Naxxar, Malta | Notaries Public

As a public notary, Dr Vella is committed to assist you in various legal matters with precision & impartiality. Get in touch with Dr Vella for professional help on property deeds, family wills, separations, private & business transactions & more!

Justin Fenech Dr Notary Public

Swieqi, Malta | Notaries Public

With Dr. Justin Fenech of Swieqi, you can get a range of notary solutions that will benefit you and those around you. From the promise of sales agreements to affidavits, wills and the issuing of birth and marriage certificates. Contact him today.

Anne Marie Tonna Dr BA, LLD, Notary Public

Mosta, Malta | Notaries Public

She offers various specialised services including contract and legal document explanation, verification of signatures, property procurement, history research and more.

Simon Manicolo Dr Notary Public

Gudja, Malta | Notaries Public

If you are in need of an efficient and fully qualified notary, contact Dr. Simon Manicolo. Whether it’s sales contracts, document authentication or commercial lease agreements, Dr. Manicolo is sure to provide you with the best service possible.

Sarah Scerri Dr LLB, LLD, Notary Public

Fgura, Malta | Notaries Public

Dr Scerri helps in causa mortis, administering oaths, contracts of donation, promise of sale agreements, emphyteusis, lease & loan agreements, passport certifications, prenups, property transfers, wills, letters of attorney, separations & more!

Rossella Soler Dr

Zabbar, Malta | Notaries Public

For impartial & highly confidential notary public services get in touch with Dr Rossella Soler today. She can assist you with various legal issues related to property conveyancing, wills, contracts, divorce, child custody, succession & more. Call!

John Gambin Notary Public

Valletta, Malta | Notaries Public

Dr John Gambi delivers a diverse selection of notary services for personal and commercial purposes, including assistance in non-contentious matters & contracts requiring the crucial involvement of a notary public to ensure the safety of all parties.

Maria Roberta Galea Mamo Dr LLB, LLD, Notary Public

Naxxar, Malta | Notaries Public

Oaths? I specialise in legal research, writing, advice and assistance, and provide services related to litigation, negotiation, due diligence, wills and property transactions. I am also a Commissioner for Oaths.

Rosalyn Aquilina BA, LLD, Notary Public

Sliema, Malta | Notaries Public

Dr Rosalyn Aquilina is the notary public providing reliable & efficient services related to family, civil, property & employment law such as wills, promise of sale agreements, business transactions, matrimonial documents & more. Book an appointment.

Sylvana Borg Dr Notary Public

Attard, Malta | Notaries Public

Services offered by Dr Borg include the notarisation of documents to certify authenticity, private writings to regulate or dissolve obligations, prokuri, witness signature to provide proof of signee identity and passport certification.

Joanne Lia Dr Notary Public

B’Kara, Malta | Notaries Public

If you're looking for a reputable & well-versed notary public, contact Dr Joanne Lia. Through her services, you can get solutions that include contract drafting & witnessing signing. Her services include document certification.

Maria Spiteri Notary Public

Balzan, Malta | Notaries Public

Is a legal matter on your mind? Start by contacting notary public Maria Spiteri today. She assists you with family law, civil law, employment law and property law matters in the most efficient and confidential way. Book a consultation to learn more.

Claire Camilleri Dr Notary Public

Hamrun, Malta | Notaries Public

Are you searching for a notaries public? We serve our customers with a wide range of services for all our clients. Notarial services include promise of sale agreements, contracts of transfer of immovable property, succession and more. Contact us.

Ritienne Bugeja Fenech DrBA, LLD, Notary Public

Ghaxaq, Malta | Notaries Public

Need notarial advice? With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Bugeja Fenech can assist you with a variety of services including promises of sale, affidavits, prenups, separation issues, wills, inheritance, donations & others.

Jurgen Galea Dr Notary Public

Zebbug, Malta | Notaries Public

A wide range of notarial services, including promise of sales agreements, financial agreements, sales contracts, matrimonial regimes and transaction authentication, are available at Dr. Galea's office.

Notary Dr Maureen Debono

Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo | Notaries Public

Notary Debono in Xewkija, Gozo offers expert notarial and legal services including property transactions, wills, loans, and more with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality. Contact her to book a consultation.

Joe Cilia Dr LLD, Notary Public

Paola, Malta | Notaries Public

Book a consultation with Dr Joe Cilia when dealing with a matter that requires notarial or legal intervention. As a notary public, Dr Cilia specialises in property law, family law, succession, private writings, different types of contracts & more.

Antonella Navarro Dr LLD Notary Public

Paola, Malta | Notaries Public

Whether it's a family dispute, a property purchase or a will you're dealing with, rely on the professional services of notary public Dr Antonella Navarro today. As an expert in various matters, she can guide you towards making informed decisions.

Dorita Galea Medati LLD, Notary Public

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Notaries Public

She is a highly experienced notary offering a wide range of services to safeguard you, all involved parties and your assets. Be it authentication of documents, lease agreements, wills, promise of sale agreements or any other legal document, call now!

Charmaine Sant Dr Notary Public

B’Kara, Malta | Notaries Public

Get any pending legal matters sorted with the professional guidance of Dr Charmaine Sant. As a notary public, she assists with family, property & employment-related matters with complete confidentiality and based on an honest work ethic. Contact her!

Notary Ethan Brincat

Naxxar, Malta | Notaries Public

Contact Ethan Brincat to sort out personal or business matters. Since 2021, he has been drafting and overseeing property contracts, leasing contracts, separation agreements, wills & other sensitive documentation. Book an appointment today!

Reuben Debono Dr

B’Kara, Malta | Notaries Public

Get the legal assistance you need by consulting with Dr Reuben Debono. He focuses on civil, family, employment & property-related matters, plus acts as a Commissioner for Oaths. Talk to him today to book a consultation!

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