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Metro Tyres

Mosta, Malta | Tyre Dealers

Do you want to drive on the road epically? We offer a wide range of tyres for you to choose from, so contact us and we will provide you the tyres that you need. We offer different types of tyres and offer diverse types of tyres for different cars.

EFQ Management Consultants

Mosta, Malta | Business Consultants

Providing businesses with hands-on, pragmatic business management consultancy for continuous growth & success. Contact us at EFQ Management Consultants for tailored advice on HR Strategies, Annual Budget, Standard Operating Procedures & more.

J D Maintenance & High-Up Services

Mosta, Malta | Plumbers

Experiencing plumbing issues? J D Maintenance & High Up Services are the team of professionals you need for the job. We are open 24/7 to rid you of any problems, whenever and wherever you are. Call us today!

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Sciberras Painters & Maintenance Services

Mosta, Malta | Handyman Services

If you require general maintenance services of any type, then we are the perfect people for the job. We guarantee professional and reliable services at highly and affordable prices. Click here for more information about our many services.

JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Accountants-Certified Public

If you are struggling to keep up with your personal or business accounts, you need the help of JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd. Our professionals will make quick work of any financial hassles and show you how to better manage everything!

Vella & Sons Water Supplies (MahMah)

Mosta, Malta | Water Transport

If you are on the lookout for potable or non-potable water, contact us at Vella & Sons Water Supplies (MahMah). We can provide you with a choice of transportation solutions that will provide you with a relatively hassle-free experience. Contact us!

Falzon Garage - Isuzu Parts

Mosta, Malta | Auto Parts & Accessories

Need durable & genuine auto parts & accessories? Visit us at Falzon Garage for a whole range of car body parts, brake system parts, transmission parts & more. We specialise in Isuzu truck parts & provide an efficient repair service.

Metro Tyres

Mosta, Malta | Batteries & Accumulators

Are you searching for high-quality batteries and accumulators for your vehicles? Metro Tyres is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today!

V R C Telecom Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Telephone Equipment & Systems

If you are looking to communicate faster and more efficiently, V R C Telecom Ltd can help with the job. We have changed our performance with upgrades from the old traditional telephones to the more modern VoIP systems which are future-oriented.

JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Accounting Services

Our firm specialises in various assurance and non-assurance services, including audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory services, catering to individuals and small to medium-sized entities.

Sciberras Painters & Maintenance Services

Mosta, Malta | Painting Contractors

We guarantee affordability, high-quality and professional finishing. Specialising in a variety of painting services for homes and businesses, including the painting of interior and exterior walls, ceilings, traditional apertures, road markings, etc.

Digiline Electronics

Mosta, Malta | Mobile Phone-Service & Repair

Does your mobile phone need fixing? Bring it to us & leave it in our hands to bring it back to its top condition. Whether it's about a cracked screen, water damage, audio output malfunctioning, a faulty battery or other issues, we can help!

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Kiton Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Drainage Pipes

For any type of drainage work, Kiton Contractors are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to install, repair, unclog or fully replace your drainage system. Contact them today for a reliable and efficient service.

Britannia Tours

Mosta, Malta ( +4 more locations ) | Travel Agencies

Looking for the holiday of a lifetime? Contact us at Britannia Tours in Mosta today to learn more about our amazing packages, relaxing cruises and adventurous mountain holidays around Europe

Swaey Bros Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver

Swaey Bros is the solution for all your hydraulic needs. Whatever supplies you need for your heavy machinery, we stock all types in an endeavour to satisfy all our customers. Customising parts is also possible with us. We’re available 24/7!

JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Bookkeeping Services

At JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd we provide professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Malta so you can spend more time focusing on your goals and targets rather than updating the day-to-day transactions in your books.

Ta' Rdum Construction Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Building Contractors

Contact us at Ta' Rdum Construction Ltd today for our services including alteration solutions, exterior and interior finishings, building planning and developmental solutions

Kiton Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Plumbers

Whether you need to fix a clogged toilet or sink or require a total installation or replacement of your plumbing system, Kiton Contractors are the people your need for the job.

Swaey Bros Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Cranes
We Deliver

Looking to buy a high quality crane? Our expertise and efficiency enables us to offer you a wide range of machinery and relevant supplies to suit all your industrial needs. We can also conduct crane repairs! Client satisfaction is guaranteed!

Kiton Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Turnkey Contractors

For any form of residential, commercial or industrial turnkey project, contact Kiton Contractors who will take care of your project from start to finish while you go about your life with peace of mind.

PJ Gypsum Works

Mosta, Malta | Gypsum Dry Wall Systems

At PJ Gypsum Works you'll find the experts in gypsum ready to make your ideas into reality. Gypsum walls, bulkheads, fireplaces & more creations in line with your budget. Get a free quotation now!

A1 Health and Safety Consultancy

Mosta, Malta | Health & Safety Consultants

We provide businesses and organisations across all industries with valuable health and safety consultations that will offer employers and employees peace of mind at their place of work.

JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Auditors-Registered

JP Audit and Advisory Services are the go-to auditors for financial forecasting and rigorous financial reports that give our clients constructive feedback to direct them toward avenues that will incur long-term profits.

JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Company Registration

We at JP Audit & Advisory Services Ltd have built a reputation for setting up numerous thriving companies in Malta thanks to our team of professionals who know all the ins and outs of registering companies on our shores. Contact us today!

AGF Turnkey Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Electrical & Plumbing Contractors
We Deliver

We take care of designing & installing the layout of all the wiring & piping needed for functional & safe electrical & plumbing systems around your entire building. Whether it's for the bathroom, pool area, flooring, or others, we've got you covered.

J D Maintenance & High-Up Services

Mosta, Malta | Water Heaters

At J D Maintenance & High-Up Services we can help you install a new water heater or fix up any issues with your current one. Our team of professionals and network of suppliers will ensure your water heaters will last for years to come!

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Mosta, Malta | Motorcycles & Motor Scooters-Dealers

Motomania’s selection of motorcycles and scooters reaches the highest quality of standards whether it is used or new models. We want you to have a motorcycle which fits both your budget and your tastes.

PJ Gypsum Works

Mosta, Malta | Gypsum & Gypsum Products

For all kinds of gypsum works get in touch with us for a 100% free on-site consultation. We do gypsum ceilings, bulkheads, partitioning, wall units & more! Any designs & dimensions for both residential & commercial projects for a stylish finish.

North Side

Mosta, Malta | Handyman Services

Whether you need someone to give your building a fresh coat of paint or to address some plumbing or electrical issues you're experiencing, North Side is the handyman you need for a guaranteed swift yet professional service!

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3 Reviews

North Side

Mosta, Malta | Painting Contractors

Whether you need someone to give your building a fresh coat of paint or to address some plumbing or electrical issues you're experiencing, North Side is the handyman you need for a guaranteed swift, professional service!

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3 Reviews

Swaey Bros Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Heavy Plant Machinery-Service & Repairs
We Deliver

Swaey Bros is your ideal rescuer when you need to service or repair your heavy machinery, be it hydraulic, demolition or lifting equipment. With our technical expertise and advanced equipment we can guarantee safety and efficiency to our customers.

AGF Turnkey Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Property Developers
We Deliver

As a professional property developer, AGF Turnkey Contractors builds high-quality homes, including apartments, penthouses, and maisonettes. We help you make wise selections about your property, helping you save time and money.

Ventur Motor Centre Co Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Auto Dealers

We deal in all kinds of new and second-hand vehicles from cars to SUVs and even construction work machinery. Our cars come with a 2-year warranty and we also offer tailor-made part exchange services.

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AGF Turnkey Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Building Alterations
We Deliver

If you have any building alteration or improvement needs, do not hesitate to contact AGF Turnkey Contractors. We specialise in construction, building alterations and project management.

Pirouette Dancewear

Mosta, Malta | Dancing Gear & Accessories

We are your one stop shop for all kinds of dancing gear & accessories for any dancing genre. From pointe shoes, Flamenco gear, tapping shoes, dancing sneakers, gymnast leotards to costumes, fleecy unitards and much more. Contact us to find out more.

Tiger Brand Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Herbs & Spices

Want to add extra flavour to your dishes? Our wide range of herbs and spices are perfect with any traditional or exotic meal, with a number of products to choose from, including baking ingredients. We have quality, flavourful and affordable products.

Cafe Trulli

Mosta, Malta | Cafes

We have a number of home-made food with special additions during the weekend. Our European cafe is modernly decorated exuding a relaxing atmosphere. Vegetarian options are available. Pet and family friendly. We open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Mosta, Malta | Shoe Shops

Our trendy shoe shop stocks the latest trends for any occasion at exceptionally competitive prices. We have a vast selection of stunning heels, chic sandals and flats. We also offer free delivery. So add to your shoe collection by visiting our shop i

2 Reviews

Minus One Support Group for the Widowed

Mosta, Malta | Voluntary Organisations

We at the Minus One Support Group for the Widowed in Mosta are a team of people who can help you find a new path in life after losing your loved ones. Our aim is that of giving you support and presenting you with hope and encouragement. Contact us.

Mission Fund

Mosta, Malta | Voluntary Organisations

Mission Fund was founded back in 1984 and with the help of your donations our missionaries have been able to provide a healthier and better living through education and healthcare, for these homeless and poor people who surely cannot help themselves.

Action For Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058

Mosta, Malta | Voluntary Organisations

Our voluntary organisation was founded in order to help those suffering from breast cancer or the aftermath of it. We also provide psychological support for patients as well as families and close friends. Contact us today for more information.

Beybet Towing Service

Mosta, Malta | Breakdown Service-Automotive

Put your mind at rest and rely on a towing company who can take care of all the problems you might experience while on the street. Be it a car breakdown, a dead battery, a car accident or any other mishap. We can even transport big vehicles and boats

C & J Bonavia Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Excavating Contractors

If you are looking for excavating contractors for your project, you do not need to look any further, we provide you with hiring of jackhammers, soil transport, trenching, rock cutting, concrete cutting, plant hire & more. Contact us to find out more.

Elaine's Hair Salon

Mosta, Malta | Hair Salons

When you visit our show, you can be sure that we will provide you with a final result that will meet your wishes. From haircuts, colors, curling, balayage and more, we can help whatever your hair needs.

The Art Collection

Mosta, Malta | Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

It is very understandable that when running a restaurant it has to be all in order and running as smooth as possible. We are ready to make sure that we are offering a large selection of equipment and supplies that are needed!

MAIA Psychology Centre

Mosta, Malta | Psychologists

We at MAIA Psychology Centre offer our clients a range of services related to psychology such as psychological assessment tests, personality assessments, psychological assessment for adoptive purposes and educational psychology services.

Joe Auto Dealer

Mosta, Malta | Auto Dealers

At our showroom we guarantee great quality and personalised help. You can choose from our ever changing stock or tell us what you need and we will make sure to get you your car according to your specifications. Contact us today!

Northkey Real Estate

Mosta, Malta ( +3 more locations ) | Estate Agents

Couture - Passion For Fashion

Mosta, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Clothing-Women

Need some shopping treatment? Visit the many women's clothing stores around Malta & Gozo to get your hands on your favourite fashion styles. Dresses, shirts, skirts, bags, & so much more. Enjoy shopping girl!

Malta Dog Training Services

Mosta, Malta | Pet Training

Dog Training is very important once your puppy is growing up it is very good that you will be giving them the training of which they need to grow into disciplined dogs. If you have been looking for dog training contact us today for more information!

The Coin Shop

Mosta, Malta | Stamp & Coin Dealers

Visit the Coin Shop to walk away with great and unique souvenirs from Malta and to complete your comprehensive collection of varied stamps and coins from different parts of the world.

Orbis Opticians

Mosta, Malta | Opticians-Dispensing

Your eyesight is a very important thing that you should take care of. Get that check up, contact us today and we will fit you with the right pair of glasses. In these days of technology we need to make sure our eyes are well taken care of.

Cosmoline Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Soaps & Detergents

Want that fresh fragrance every time you do the laundry, clean the dishes or floor, or take a bath? Discover our wide range of cost-efficient soaps & detergents such as fabric softeners, liquid soap, shower gels & more from the best brands!

ADHD Malta (Support Group)

Mosta, Malta | Disability Services

Helping you turn the negative aspects of ADHD into positiveness! Our NGO is focused on educating, empowering & raise awareness on the support which ADHD persons & their families need constantly. ADHD persons can be successful just like other people!

T A S Car Hire

Mosta, Malta | Car Rentals
We Deliver

If you are looking to hire or lease a car you should contact us today for more information. You can choose from manual or automatic cars, economic cars, 6 seaters and so much more. We boast of highly competitive prices for your convenience.

Hair for Men

Mosta, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Barbers

Feel great about yourself & get some pampering services at our barber shop! Situated in Mosta & Fgura we offer excellent services to boys & men - haircuts, beard trims, hot towel treatments, wet shaves & more. Offering also barber courses! Book now!

Claire's Healthy Lifestyle

Mosta, Malta | Diet & Slimming Programmes

Want to lose weight? Looking to get rid of the last few kilos so you can achieve your ideal size? Look and feel more healthy, thanks to our dieting programmes. We can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, with wholesome meals and adequate exercise.

AF Real Estate

Mosta, Malta | Estate Agents

We can help you find your ideal home. With our passion we ensure that you will find your ideal home at a prime location and an affordable price. If you’re selling we’ll get you noticed. We will constantly advertise your property on our platform.

Aquababies Malta

Mosta, Malta | Swimming Lessons

Bookings for baby and toddler swimming programmes ( two month to four year old children are taken from our office in Mosta. Swimming lessons teach children swimming, breathing and safety skills while enjoying the water in a safe  manner.

Premium Audit Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Auditors-Registered

We at FG Audit Ltd. offer professional and informed business advice, auditing, accounting and tax preparation services for businesses. Outsource your accounting to us, so we can provide you with the safety and security your business needs.

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