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Action For Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058

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Action For Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058

Voluntary Organisations, Mosta, Malta
General Information

In all instances where cancer is present, one thing that can save your life is awareness. At Action For Breast Cancer Foundation in Malta we want to make sure that we instill the right amount of awareness so that everyone learns to get checked both at the doctor and even more often at home. It is very easy to get checked and doing so can present a huge amount of difference. When you are checking everyday and all of a sudden you feel something that should not be there, you will have managed to catch it early and that will make it easier for you to survive and prevail.

We offer all the education and support needed when it comes to breast cancer. We also seek to influence political entities so that we can make sure that all the people who are currently suffering from breast cancer or the aftermath of it, will find everything they need to cope and live a full and happy life. Moreover, we also do our best to raise funds towards the cause to make sure that we aid in eventually saving lives.

Upon being diagnosed you will be provided with a folder in which you will be able to keep all your medical records so that everything is up to date and nothing is lost. This folder will provide you with all the information needed for your breast cancer journey. 

Since we started we have made big steps and now mastectomy patients are also provided with quality prosthetics that come directly from the government. We want to make sure that your confidence in your appearance is restored and that is why we offer you a brassiere done by professionals that comes with a tailored fit done by the nurses at the breast care clinic. You no longer have to worry about looking like you have something missing, this brassiere will make sure you look good in everything you wear.

Another important part of our voluntary work is the emotional support that we provide. The people with breast cancer and all the people and family around them often need support emotionally as they go through this difficult time. We offer up to 15 free sessions of psychological support for patients and their families. We understand that whether there are changes in your body or your routine because of breast cancer, this will affect you mentally and in turn it will manifest physically, that is why we offer this amount of help. Contact us today for more information about our services, remember that you never know if this could be you, be aware, be prepared and know, we are always there to help.

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Action For Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058
42 Triq Giuseppe Cali’ ,
Mosta Malta MST 4212
99 221 835
[email protected]
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