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Craving Carbs? Here Are The 6 Most Delicious Pizzas At Il-Veduta

by Il-Veduta

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Few things on this planet offer us as much solace, pleasure and happiness as a pizza does. This comforting dish is a favourite among almost everyone around the planet, and there's a very good reason for that. Pizza is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Albeit it being one of the most simple dishes in the world, it is one that has become an instant favourite in every country. An adaptable and interchangeable dish that has not only evolved, but became even more delicious over time. To celebrate this amazing and versatile dish, we at Il-Veduta Restaurant have compiled a list of our six favourite pizzas. 

Quattro Stagioni

This famous classic is our favourite go-to when we are looking for a familiar, yet adventurous pizza. Our Quattro Stagioni pizza comes with fresh eggs, delicious salami, peas, olives and mushrooms. It is flecked with specks of oregano. A true representation of the four seasons, this delicious treat is an incredible explosion of flavours and textures. A true classic. 



Pizza Rocchetta

This sophisticated pizza is the ideal choice for anyone who is craving carbs, but does not want to deal with the heaviness of a fully-loaded pizza. Light and delicious, this beautiful dish is perfect for those dewy summer evenings. The Rocchetta was truly created to be paired with a glass of red wine and great company. Creamy mozzarella, plump black olives, fresh rocket leaves and delicious parmesan shavings are the main ingredients of this amazing creation. 

Pollo e Piu'

An amazing crowd-pleaser that is perfect to share with anyone. Infused with a beautiful smoky flavour and juicy chicken bits, the Pollo e Piu is the perfect companion for anyone who is watching a football match or enjoying a cold, refreshing beer. Nothing beats this cheesy blessing, trust us. 



Pizza Funghi

This feel-good pizza is a favourite among both kids and adults. The funghi is one of those staple pizzas that truly offer comfort to anyone that has a bite. Seriously, there is nothing that a pizza funghi cannot fix. Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself.



Parma Ham and Fresh Cheeselet 

This feisty option is an all-time favourite for anyone who is looking for a tangy yet classical dish. A tempting and appetising treat that will have your mouth watering as soon as you lay your eyes upon it. This delicious and flavourful pizza is one that hits all the boxes in our opinion — this fusion of Parma ham and Gbejniet is quite literally a blessing, trust us. 

Il-Veduta (House Pizza) 

This elegant and heavenly slice is one that presents eaters with a rich, lavish and sumptuous experience as a pizza. It is the representation of Il-Veduta restaurant in pizza form. Drizzled with oregano and speckled with olives, peas and bacon, this delicious treat comes with eggs, mushrooms and sausages. A taste bud teaser that will hit all of your senses in one go. Amazing. 



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