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Beautiful Views? Check. Amazing Food? Check. Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Need To Dine At Il-Veduta

by Il-Veduta

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Located a few metres away from the idyllic silent city of Mdina, Il-Veduta provides you with a typical local dining experience. Overlooking a vast and picturesque view of untouched green landscape, the restaurant is immediately associated with magical sunset views which can be enjoyed while indulging on a genuine meal. But, what are the other attractive factors which will bring you here time after time, apart from the view and delicious food? 

Friendly service

Soon as you step in the restaurant you are welcomed by a friendly waiting staff with a smile on their faces. Smiles aren't taken for granted here, but it's with such a simple gesture that we genuinely welcome diners who come for a unique experience at the restaurant. When in a restaurant, you want, and deserve. to be treated with a courteous service and great attitude. You want instant assistance when required or should you need to raise an issue on something. The staff at Il-Veduta is a combination of all these important qualities every diner seeks in a restaurant.


Value for money

The varied menu found at Il-Veduta isn't only suitable to satisfy different taste buds. But, it's also pleasing to your pocket. When you go out for a casual dining experience you want to ideally enjoy a nice meal without spending much. At Il-Veduta you can rely on having this type of dining experience, without sacrificing quality of course! Our prices are a reflection of the overall dining experience we provide you, varying from freshly prepared meals and high level of service to the overall atmosphere at such a reputable restaurant.

Restaurant hygiene

Cleanliness is definitely a major reason why your next dining experience should be at Il-Veduta. The restaurant's hygiene standards are always top, as nobody wants to eat in a dirty and disorganised place. The restaurant's management takes hygiene very seriously, as we believe it's a crucial aspect in providing diners with a top service. All restaurant areas, such as the bathrooms, dining area, cutlery, tableware and also the restaurant's employees' area are kept clean consistently. By remaining truly committed to our restaurant's cleanliness we are able to create a good impression on diners. 

Restaurant ambiance

A successful restaurant is also the one which invests in various resources to create the perfect dining atmosphere at all times. Whether you are eating at Il-Veduta for lunch, want a relaxed romantic dinner, or simply want to enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of homemade cake, the restaurant's ambiance suits any dining experience you're after. The rustic features, which make up the main restaurant's ambience, combined with the right lighting and non-excessive decor, a spacious floor plan and an unparalleled view, will definitely put you in the right mood.  


Thankfully, Il-Veduta is loved by many and this also includes persons with special needs who feel comfortable accessing the place. Our premises are equipped with ramps and a lift, making it very practical for diners who make use of a wheelchair or cannot go up the stairs due to a reason or other. Our restaurant's accessibility makes it easy for diners of all abilities to enjoy a good lunch or dinner in good company. 


Ideal for the whole family

The restaurant is an excellent choice if you're eating out with your family. Kids, especially, tend to have their specific favourites. Il-Veduta provides you with a varied kids' menu that will certainly attract them. Like that, as parents, you have the peace of mind that your children will eat what they love most while you can enjoy your meal drama-free! Being a few metres away from Mdina and the public playground, Il-Veduta makes it even simpler for you to continue your family outing after dining.

Caters for private events

Not all restaurants have the luxury of space whereby you can also make use of it for a private function. At Il-Veduta we boast of the right space for you to hold a private party together with your family, friends or colleagues. Large group events are possible on the third level of the restaurant, where you can undoubtedly, still benefit from the countryside views and the amazing food.

There are surely more reasons to book your table at Il-Veduta. Be tempted by our extensive food menu and enjoy a deservingly complete dining experience.

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