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Private hospitals in Malta & Gozo for all your medical needs

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Saint Thomas Hospital

Qormi, Malta | Hospitals-Private

We at Saint Thomas Hospital provide our patients with a range of services and procedures while striving towards eliminating the hospital feel and look that so many people dread or hate. We offer tests, medical procedures and more.

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Da Vinci Health

B’Kara, Malta | Hospitals-Private
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Private Hospitals in Malta and Gozo

Your body and mind deserve the very best attention as being in good health will boost your way of living and your morale. The medical professionals in private hospitals have the necessary qualifications to diagnose and treat any physical or psychological condition. Private hospitals also strive to get the latest medical equipment so doctors can offer a better service. Their aim is to provide a holistic service and a specialised healthcare experience for all who visit.

Specialists you can find at private hospitals

Private hospitals provide a vast number of doctors, each with their own specialisations. You can find medical, surgical and cosmetic doctors which include eye doctors, dental surgeons, breast specialists, cardiologists, chiropractors, dermatologists, ENT specialists, general practitioners, gynaecologists, neurologists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, oncologists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, radiologists and speech therapists. Some medical centres may only specialise in a few of these sectors, while others with multiple branches would offer more services in an endeavour to cater for all their client needs.

Regardless of the condition, disorder or injury you're suffering from, be it an allergy, addiction, fracture, cancer, flu, STD, ingrown hair, itching, infection, or any other mental or physical ailment, visiting a private hospital is the solution for adults and children alike.

The services private hospitals offer range from diagnostic services, to medical and aesthetic services. Most hospitals publish the list of services they offer on their website so do check them out to ensure you don't go in vain.

Diagnostic services

Whether you need blood tests taken, allergy or hormone tests, an MRI or CT scan, an ultrasound or bone density test, a mammogram, X-ray, or a general medical check up, you can book an appointment with a private hospital and have any test or scan administered.

Medical services

Most private hospitals can administer common day to day treatments, as well as surgeries. You may need a knee or hip replacement, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy treatment, vaccinations, or any other necessary therapy.

Aesthetic procedures

Some private hospitals also specialise in cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and reduction, facelifts, hair loss treatment, liposuction, plastic surgery, tattoo removal and weight loss, amongst others.

Who can visit a private hospital?

Literally, anyone! Locals and foreigners alike are free to visit any private hospital. You don't need a social security number or health insurance; appointments can easily be scheduled by phone or email or you can just visit if it's an emergency.

Private vs Public Healthcare

Public healthcare is free for people living in Malta and for EU nationals who hold a European Health Insurance Card. So why choose a private hospital over the national hospitals in Malta and Gozo?

Private healthcare is more convenient and efficient than general hospitals. If you don't have time to wait or you need urgent assistance, a private hospital will provide immediate attention. If you need any minor or major surgery or treatment, you can choose a convenient appointment date and have it done within a few weeks or days. Public hospitals, on the other hand, have long waiting lists for certain procedures and you may be required to wait months or even years for an appointment. If you need urgent treatment, booking an appointment with a private specialist is the most feasible option.

Additionally, private hospitals also provide you with the possibility of selecting the attending doctor of your choice and the specialist will be the same one throughout the whole treatment process. They offer a more personalised service and do their best to make you feel comfortable.

Some have in house pharmacies and in house laboratories to analyse samples more effectively and to purchase any required medicine under one roof.

Opening Hours & Emergency services offered by private hospitals

Not all private hospitals offer the same services. A number of them may cater for emergency cases such as open wounds or unbearable pain; some may also offer an ambulance service or even home visits.

Opening hours differ from one hospital to another. Some may remain open till late, while others remain open 24/7 in an endeavour to accommodate more people. Check out opening hours on Yellow.

Medical Costs of Private Hospitals

How much would it cost you to visit a private hospital? It depends on the treatment or the scan being administered. A major surgery would be much more expensive than an X-ray scan. Prices may be published online but they may vary accordingly.

Do note that private health insurance may cover certain medical treatments (not aesthetic ones) so check it out before heading to a hospital.

Discover the large range of private hospitals across Malta and Gozo. Your wellbeing should be your first priority. Tackle any physical and mental concern you may have with no unnecessary delay!

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