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General Precast Concrete Ltd

Concrete Precast & Prestressed, B’Bugia - Malta

General Precast Concrete Ltd

Concrete Precast & Prestressed, B’Bugia, Malta
General Information

Precast concrete products are everywhere. They make up the backbone of our infrastructure above and below ground and play a pivotal role in constructing and maintaining a clean and durable environment. General Precast Concrete Ltd (also known as GPC) has been an architectural precast concrete producer for over two decades. We are a leading company for the production and distribution of a vast range of precast concrete elements and have a reputation of excellence in the architectural precast industry throughout the Maltese islands. We provide innovative solutions and strive to be a very responsible partner to developers, architects and contractors.

Our products favourite attributes are quality, strength, durability and lower lifetime costs. We also provide countless design options, production efficiency, hassle-free montage, improved safety and environmentally acceptability. GPC is able to provide all-embracing precast structural solutions that meet specific construction requirements, wishes and budget.

Our vast portfolio includes hollow core panels, precast columns, precast beams, double walls, proprietary fittings, delta beams, architectural concrete, insulated wall panels and other precast elements. Offering an almost endless variety of products for above-ground and underground constructions, GPC has taken part of various projects done throughout Malta: Pendergardens, Seawall and Breakwater at Valletta Waterfront, Smart City, Tigné Multi Storey Car Park, Protective Shelter Tarxien, Camel Brand Food Production Facilities and Tigne Business Centre, to name just a few.

As one of the most reliable precast concrete providers in Malta, GPC enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and workmanship. We continuously improve our facilities to accommodate local requirements and maintain a full quality control procedure including monitoring and testing for all materials and products.

Established in the early 1990's, GPC forms part of the Ballut Blocks Group of Companies and ensures skill and care in the manufacturing of all products. We guarantee all performance specifications and requirements as agreed before purchase and aim to provide our clients with a cost effective solution of the highest standard. Well-equipped with the latest technology, we are able to manufacture all kind of tailor-made precast and prestressed concrete elements. Get in touch and get concrete!

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General Precast Concrete Ltd
Qasam Industrijali, Hal Far ,
B’Bugia Malta BBG 3000
21 653 802
[email protected]
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