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Did you mean a company called Food Delivery Service?

Dine at home or at work thanks to food delivery service in Malta & Gozo

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Ave Maria Farm

Naxxar, Malta | Food Delivery Service

Ave Maria Farm brings you Class A eggs directly from the farm, produced & processed in strict compliance with health standards. We deliver to supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants & other food places all over Malta & Gozo. Order fresh eggs here!

Piccolo Padre

San Giljan, Malta | Food Delivery Service
We Deliver

Head over to Piccolo Padre in St Julian’s for a peaceful lunch or a quiet dinner. You can also choose to eat in your own home by having our food delivered right to your doorstep, or get it for takeaway. Contact us for bookings and any details needed.

Pizza Factory

San Giljan, Malta | Food Delivery Service
We Deliver

We offer a pizza delivery service all over Malta. Choose your favourite taste from our vast variety of delicious freshly prepared pizza. Add to your order one of our burgers, burrito or sausage with sauce of your choice. We open daily till three a.m.



M’Skala, Malta | Food Delivery Service
Daniel Camilleri Fresh Produce

Daniel Camilleri Fresh Produce

San Giljan, Malta | Food Delivery Service


Pieta’, Malta | Food Delivery Service

Dobbin's Healthy Eating

B’Kara, Malta | Food Delivery Service
Hungry Cow

Hungry Cow

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta | Food Delivery Service

Le Mollas

Hamrun, Malta | Food Delivery Service
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Did you mean a company called Food Delivery Service?

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Food delivery service in Malta & Gozo

Do you feel like staying at home, settling back on your sofa and putting your feet up in front of your fireplace? Feeling hungry but no urge to get up and fix a bountiful meal? Back to back meetings? Why not order food delivery from one of the various outlets around Malta and Gozo and take a deserving break from work or house chores?

Whether you're idling at home or at your hotel, you're up to your ears with work at the office and don't have time to go out for a quick lunch, or lounging on the beach, most takeaways deliver to any private or public place which is requested. Too drained to cook? Put your woes aside and find an outlet which offers delivery near you. Food outlets can offer breakfast delivery, dinner and lunch delivery.

A menu specific for deliveries

Whatever cuisine you feel like and whatever culinary delight you have the appetite for, Yellow can provide you with a list of outlets which offer pizza delivery, Chinese food delivery, healthy food delivery, Indian food delivery and sushi and burger delivery. Restaurants may also offer delivery of pasta and rice, grilled meat, chicken dishes, salads, wraps, starters and other takeaway food. If you've totally forgotten your family or friends are coming over for dinner, you can order a couple of appetizing dishes or extra large pizzas to share.

Eateries may offer different menus for lunch and dinner, and some have specific menus tailored for takeaway and delivery, which differ from the dine-in menu. If you have specific dietary requirements, some restaurants may offer lactose-free and gluten-free pizza delivery.

How to book your food delivery?

How do you book your food delivery? Food menus can easily be found on websites and social media pages. When you decide on your order, you need to book it through the methods made available by the respective outlet. A number of food outlets still require you to book by phone, but several joints are introducing online portals where you can order food online. Bye bye to misunderstandings on the phone. Various food delivery apps are also coming into play in the local market to create a more efficient way to place orders. Several take away outlets and restaurants are in fact making agreements with delivery companies to deliver their food.

If you're booking in advance, you can select the time you want it delivered, but if you're booking last-minute, then you need to be satisfied with any time you're supplied with. If it's Friday or Saturday eve we do advise you to book in advance as takeaway outlets and restaurants would be swamped with orders. There's nothing worse than expecting a delivery which never arrives or is way overdue its predetermined time. They usually provide you with a time frame rather than a specific time as weather, traffic and unplanned contingencies may lead to some delays.

What are the various payment methods?

How is payment done? In most cases food deliveries need to be paid in cash and in certain cases, cheques are also acceptable. When booking through online portals, you may be able to pay online by debit or credit card and need not worry about withdrawing cash.


Takeaway delivery fees vary from one joint to the other. Some offer free delivery to nearby locations or if you spend more than the restaurant's minimum order. A number of these outlets also offer free drinks with every specific amount of money spent. Others may charge you a little extra for locations which are more distant or if you spend less than the minimum order.

Some diners only provide delivery to clients ordering more than the minimum order and others may not deliver to all localities across Malta and Gozo. We do advise you to check their website or social media page to avoid disappointment as some also offer delivery to certain areas on specific days of the week.

Explore the various takeaway bars and restaurants on Yellow and have your favourite food delivered to your home or office in no time!


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